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In other news...

DD0 just started crawling this week. :jawdrop: That's pretty exciting.

Hey Pro

Was wondering if you could fix something for me.


You were waiting for me to say "Yeah, what?" before telling me what you need? :)


I posted a poem earlier today in a new thread I created and someone pointed out to me that I had a typo. Didn't give me the option to edit to fix... Can U fix it?


Sure - just give me the URL. You don't want to make me hunt for it, do you? :P




Whizzing by...

Time, that is. They grow up so fast!!!!! My youngest just turned 2. My baby is growing up! Whenever I call him my baby DD tells me "he's not a baby, mum, he's a Big Boy now."

neat! how old is she?

I noticed the DD0 (zero?). How old is she? Is she your first?

8 months old

She's our second. DD3 is 3 :P

little babies are unbearably cute

...from an evolutionary standpoint, this is to keep their exhausted parents from tossing them out the window. ;)

I hope you don't have two children in diapers.

I think you're on to something

"...from an evolutionary standpoint, this is to keep their exhausted parents from tossing them out the window"

Very funny way to say it. The objective, scientific tone is perfect.

I always say "God made babies cute so we dont choke the life out of them."

If the audience is female, I say "babies and women."

Btw, for some reason I have never had a woman argue this point with me.

I don't think babies are cute

I think I must've skipped an evolutionary step.

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you don't?

I find babies exquisitely cute. I love holding them and playing with them. But when they cry, I'm very happy to give them back to their parents.

Whenever I see a little kid having a tantrum on the street or in a store, I think how glad I am that I never had kids. I can't stand the screaming and noise. I have nephews and nieces, and that's as close as I want to get to being a parent.

Ha ha!

I was in the supermarket the other day and there were this very young couple with 3 kids - looked like 2-year old twins and a baby. The twins were BOTH throwing massive tantrums. I felt so sorry for them, but gave my angelic DS (who had earlier asked for some chocolate and when I said "not this time" she said "okay, mum") an extra big cuddle!!!!! My kids are normal, so they chuck wobblies every now and then, but gee, I see a lot worse and am very grateful!

chuck wobblies?

I usually follow Australian English with no problem, but "chucking wobblies"? Translation please!


I'm not sure where 'wobbly' came from....might look it up one day.

Translation coming up:

Chuck = throw
Wobblies = tantrums


Chucking a wobbly is one of my favourite coloquialisms (I have NO idea how to spell that and couldn't be bothered checking, but I'm sure you'll know what I mean) and it's done by children and adults alike!!!!!

Colloquialisms (and I can't spell it either)

We use that one here too.

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No, try not to touch them. I'm quite happy for other people to have them, and I'm an advocate of children's rights, but if someone wants me to hold a baby I have a tendency to run away!

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Lucky you don't have kids then

Or they would have been chucked out the window in the first week! :lol:

You aren't the only one, all the women I work with bar one have chosen not to have children, and squirm at the thought. That's 4 out of 6 of us!!!!!


It was a conscious decision - I didn't think I'd make a very good parent for one thing, LOL! (Perfectionist? Moi?).

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So, so true..

We often used to tell our youngest (who was what is commonly referred to in parenting circles as 'A Screamer' for the first 3 months of his life) "Gee, you're lucky you're cute, mate". Even now, when he's being precocious (luckily he turned into a pretty great toddler) we still say that :).

That line's been used in our house!

One night within the first couple of weeks after our first daughter was born, DW was up for a middle-of-the-night feeding. She ever so gently came and woke me up and spoke these words: "Honey will you please take over before I throw her out the window." She was as serious as I've ever heard her. I've never gotten out of bed so quickly.

#1 is mostly out of diapers.

being a parent

I didn't have it in me to be a parent. I'm too selfish, and too protective of my freedom. Such a difficult and important job is best left to people more self-sacrificing than I am!


It's a great growing experience, especially if you're selfish :P

So true