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Weekend Madness 3-21-2010 **** 3/22/2010

Welcome to another Weekend Madness post. Please if you have a very busy and demanding weekend as I do this weekend pop on over and post your goals and then as you reach them come back so that we can all congratulate each other and share in our successes. Good Luck and Have a Great Weekend.

Quotes to Motivate 


  1. This weekend I choose to plant so that I can reap in the future
    • You must get good at one of two things;planting in the spring or begging in the fall. Jim Rohn
  2.  This weekend I put action into my thinking and believing
    • "What we think or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only thing of consequence is what we do." John Ruskin
  3. This weekend I will have the will to conquer 
    • "The will to conquer is the first condition of victory." Ferdinand Foch
  4.  This weekend I will be focused on my goals for the weekend
    • "You have a very powerful mind that can make anything happen as long as you keep yourself centered. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
  5.  This weekend I will be centered on my goals for the weekend
    • "People do not lack strength; they lack will." Victor Hugo
  6. This weekend my wishes will become my will.
    • "Great souls have wills; feeble ones have only wishes." Chinese Proverb
  7.  This weekend is what about me.
    • "Everybody thinks of changing humanity, but nobody thinks of changing himself." – Leo Tolstoy
  8. This weekend I will control my thoughts and actions
    • "He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still." Tao Te Ching

Yay! Started to study !

I am studying for a degree part-time put off my studies to the last minute. As usual I have been procrastinating for about a month but today I have made a study plan and I am tackling the tasks on it. I have 11 days left to the deadline for my assignment and I can and will make it. It is a little tight but at least if I work steadily I will not have to stay up all night to finish on time and get uber-stressed about it. That is a big improvement. 


I have started using mindmaps to take notes using the free download Freemind.



Keep going Helen

I'm studying too & have procrastinated till the last minute so many times.I'm happy that you started. Keep it up and thanks for the Freemind link. I'll see what it is.

Mind maps

They are a creative notetaking tool.


Here are some links about mindmaps. 

An example of a Mind Map

How to use mind maps as a task management tool


YAY super great

I had noticed that you put in your CI yesterday to study/work on assignment and it was due in April. I was impressed that you where planning that far in advance. So super job and you will be so thankful when you do not have to stay up all night and finish.

I love mindmaps and use them all the time with my students.

Keep up the progress on your studies.





Done for the weekend

Well I have accomplished all my task and goals for the weekend. I task is not to the perfection that I would like for it to be but I have a good handle on it. I actually worked about 2 hours Sunday evening on a task that I had not planned on doing but it was well worth it. I completed some paper work that I have to complete every year and every year they have to call and ask for it. It is not due unitl April 16 but I will be turning mine in tomorrow. YAY ME.

Calling it quits for the weekend.



Double Yay! Triple Yay! From procrastinator to proactive! Excellent

Yay, yay indeed! Well done!

Yay, yay indeed! Well done!

Lucky progress check 3 21.3.10

Housemate decided that we needed to take advantage of the lovely weather and go for a long walk, which was lovely, but ate most of my chore-doing time. Then I had a panic about cleaning the rat cage (I was going to do it, just was incredibly stressed and incoherent) and then was saved by lack of cleaning supplies, so doing that on Tuesday now... And then housemate required my assistance bathing the dog and then I was out this evening.... Not the most productive day! Never mind, I'm still over the moon to see what other people have achieved!

It sounds like


It sounds like you had a nice day with housemate and that is just as important. Good time with good people makes for a great day. Everything else will be there later.



I am going for the day.

I have set my task for the day not sure what the outcome will be I really have more on my plate than is reasonable to accomplish, plus I think that I deserve a nice enjoyable day at home, however Spring Break is coming up and I want to make sure that I am in a postion to enjoy it and I want to try and get certain items out of the way so that I can work on some major day projects. So my first task to accomplish today is AM Routine and AM Other Stuff.

So I am off and (flying)


PM Routine


Back on to my routine. It was difficult the last couple of hours found myself floundering because I was determined to not work off of "stuff" on my routine. So I will have to estbalish a list of things that I need/like to do that are not routine.

But for now I am working on pm routine.



PM Routine

PM Routine is 100% done



Woo hoo! Go you!!

Woo hoo! Go you!!

Well done - you've got loads

Well done - you've got loads done today!

Oh and I find it hard when I don't have a plan as well (if I've understood your problem correctly) - I think a lot of us here do. Solidarity :)


AM routine and AM Task are done -- all of them -- everylast one--

15 min break and then on to something that is not routine.




Have fun, you deserve it.

That is soooo Rock and Roll! Well done! Have fun, you deserve it.

feels good to be here

Going to do my long overdue assignments

first up: Power Electronics-#1

hopefully in 1 & a half hr i.e. by 2 pm(GMT)

Progress check

Still on it. 1 answer is getting on my nerves. But your support helps me keep going.

Done #1

Finally did it.

Now onto #2


Thanks guys

Y'all are Amazing

Not much, but better than nothing

Slept most of the day. Feeling a bit under the weather.

wrote only 1 page.

 *I'm alive.I'm here,now,kicking!I'm alive,and that's enough to be grateful for..."


Keep trying you will get through it.


Keep on trucking

Keep going! You can do it! I am doing a similar assignment stint so you are not alone.


Thanks a lot Helen

Drop a line if you want a friend to discuss with.

Progress YES


Keep going



Feels good

I know how hard it is to tackle a "long overdue assignments" (been there many times myself). So come here and post you successes as you work to completing you project. It will make all the difference in the world.

 Good Luck on Project



Thanks for the support

It really feels good when someone is watching you and supporting you.

Warm regards.


Glad to support you I hope that your assignment is going along well. I hate when I put myself in that position and unfortunately it happens more often then not.

You will get through keep us updated on your progress.




Yay! Welcome to the

Yay! Welcome to the craziness :) Go for it and good luck - we're all cheering you on!

Thanks for the warm welcome

I'll remember you guys in my prayers.

Lucky progress check 2 21.3.10

Did half an hour of creative writing in the waiting room, am now dithering about whether I should do more while waiting for the train, but think I'll get on with other tasks. Bit frazzled after a bit of stress on the station when I realised I'd lost my return ticket and didn't have another £2 to buy another one - missed one train trying to sort that and then the man at the ticket office was kind enough to buy me one himself!

Lucky progress check 1. 21.3.10

Thanks for all the encouragement yesterday - and very well done to hope-faith and kromer on your awesome achievements!!

I've made it to the walk-in centre for my checkup, later than planned because I didn't get to bed till gone midnight and wanted a proper sleep. No idea how long I'll be waiting, might be only half an hour. Was going to write a post for an RP board I've been procrastinating on for ages, but had inspiration on the way here when I saw a demolition machine that looked like a dinosaur eating a building (I'm clearly four) so I'm going to write on that instead. I think writing on random inspirations now and again is fine - it would be a poor job if I couldn't - but I need to watch that I don't keep using random inspirations to avoid less palatable writing tasks!

re: Lucky progress check

I use a voice recorder for instant capture.  It used to be jokingly thought that talking to yourself was the first sign of madness. These days everyone thinks you are talking into your mobile so no-one turns a hair. So glad you are having fun with it. 


Brilliant idea, thank you! I

Brilliant idea, thank you! I didn't know you wrote too :)

re: Lucky progress check

I dabble.Embarassed I am trying my hand at poetry just for fun and I am reading my way through "An ode less travelled" by Stephen Fry, a very useful book about how to write poetry.

Lucky progress check 2 20.3.10

Well, I did the kitchen, bathroom, and paper shredding and made it to the station in time to meet my housemate. However, it turned out that I'd screwed up cleaning the bathroom shelves and made them dirtier instead of cleaner, so I need to reclean them and everything on them tomorrow! Housemate's attempt to tell me off segued into giving me free psychotherapy, bless her :) and the long and the short is that it's now late and I'm slightly rattled, so I'm going to potter and do the smaller tasks on my list tonight, and tomorrow working on my post will be post-poned :) in favour of doing the rat cage and the bathroom.

I also need to work on giving myself less to do per day - some of my CIs have way too much stuff in to actually do, and there's no point setting myself up to get demoralised!

On to smaller task

You have worked hard today kitchen, bathroom, paper shredding and writing. Smaller task to end the day is great way to end the day. In an exercise you start with a warm up then build up to increase heart rate ect and then end with a slow stretch to bring that heart rate back down.

I know that I need to make my task less intense but when I am in the mood I have to go at it full force. :grin: 

Good luck with the smaller task. I am going to take a nap and be back later for routines.


3 hours creative writing DONE!

Had a struggle getting started but as last time, once I started it was hard to stop! Finished my little fairytale. Going to have a 5 min break then clean the bathroom.

Good Job

Glad that you got over your writing stuggles to the point that you did not want to stop. I know that you have a super good feeling inside.


So cool!

Well done!

organizing madness!

I have a friend coming to visit, so the apt. needs to be cleaned...and I'm buried in a pile of papers at home and at lab, so those need to be organized.


but it needs to get done!  So I'll post here with lots of silly graphics when I accomplish a cleaning/organizing step.

(I have some non-organizing things to get done, and I'll keep track of those on my regular CI, but this is the hard part)

First task is to deal with my horrible awful dresser (top and inside). Back when that's done. 

Paper sorting all done!

Now the LAST home cleaning task for the day...finish dusting and sweeping. Should take about 30-40 min. 

Well done!! You've got so

Well done!! You've got so much done today!

Lots of organizing progress!

**Cleaned the top of the dresser, changed sheets, did some dusting, organized a bunch of papers and got 400 emails out of my inbox. Yay! **

Next up: deal w/ rest of papers, put away groceries and do dishes, bike tune-up. 


Update: bike repair DONE, groceries away, dishes finish dealing w/ papers

400 OMG


400 e-mails would have been a whole days work for me good job.

You are the King or Queen of e-mail for the day.





Awful inside of dresser done!

Awful inside of dresser is done! Woot! Now take care of top of dresser, change sheets, and dust bookshelf, file cabinet, dresser, shelf. 

Well done kromer!!

Well done kromer!!

WOW your...

WOW your dress looks good enough to take a picture of it.Emoticon. Here borrow my camera.   Great good job Kromer






Remember your friend is not the Housework Police she/he is coming to see you not judge you.