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Thursday 18 Mars 2010 Check-In

Today you are all determination personified. You are focused. Disciplined at your core. You might feel fearful or overwhelmed but you accept that and keep on moving in the only possible direction: forward. One step, one breath, one task at a time.

Today you are all productivity athletes. 

Vic 3/18

 Show up (done)

Love the starter esp:

You might feel fearful or overwhelmed but you accept that and keep on moving in the only possible direction: forward.

I am still moving forward toawrd task at hand on computer, breathing is irregular, in fact ,I find myself not breathing, I've been here before and need to remember it is not that bad once I start, and I am not alone.


Journey noon

Late check in but early start to the day, had problems at work starting at 4 am . . . now to take a break and figure out what is most important to do with what's left of the day and plan to finish up early and relax tonight.

Remember yesterday when I said I like working on problems?  I take it back  :grin:  well not really this is still my favorite part of the job.   I wonder if I could morph my job so that I do more of this stuff and less of the stuff I don't like/am not good at.  Thinking about that a little bit.   I've expressed this to my team but never really talked it over with the boss.


"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

kromer 9:20 CI

Feeling a bit scattered today.

MITs are:
*Class, meet w/ student
*Organize and hand back psets
*Finish looking at seq. data

*Gather tax stuff
*Prep and give lent devotional
*Prep and give harambee
*BrdU protocol

If I have more time, I want to:
*WM bug
*Work on deacon recruiting  (did a little work on this)
*Organize papers (have made a little progress on this)
*Set up mtg (sent an email about this)

OK, first task is to finish looking over seq. data and send emails, then I'll do BrdU protocol, then I'll organize psets.

kromer next morning CO

For a scattered day, I did pretty well! All my MITs,plus some other tasks. Woohoo!

cl daily overcoming

:) 8:35 10min ci
:) 8:45 30min errand
:) 10min emerg email only / ck mtgs
:) 30min quiet time
:) 15min rdy
:-( 10min dailies
:) 10min work plan
:) work hard.
:) t-r
:) 3pm mtg

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Hope-Faith CI 8:50

Good Morning or Afternoon where ever you may be.

DETERMINATION The ability to see past challenge rather then stare at it.  Great quote for the day thanks GoDavid.

In addition to my structured daily work routine I need to make progress in the following areas

  1. Record glogs
  2. Record Sub
  3. Load Itembank
  4. Study guide 1 & 2    
  5. Study Guide 4

I must be determined and focused must manage time wisely and make decisions that will produce the best outcomes.



  1. Plan 4
  2. e-mail 4
  3. Glogs 30 of 51 done

Need also

  • P Reports
    • G's almost done
    • Sub
    • Q's
  • Information for makeup 
  • Make Q for F Done YAY
  • Create E



Hope-Faith Home Plans 6:00

To Do

  • PM Routine :D
  • Pick up a few AM items:D
  • Finish stack of recipts for taxes:D
  • Make brownies for bake sale:D


Rexroth Check In

I'm checking in. Today I feel exhausted and am not sure I'm going to do anything much. I'm so tired I'm not even wasting time on the web nor listening to the radio. Just lying on my bed looking at the wall.

Will post again when and if I wake up porperly. It is midday and I feel like its midnight.

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Some personal care
Washed up and put rubbish out
Sorted some papers and found a heap of unsorted papers
Friend phoned and we talked for a while which was helpful to me
Sacked coach who was free (i.e. I didn't have to pay for the service) but did not keep phone appointment on Tuesday nor phone until today to say he had been too busy - a phone call is 1-2 minutes! Wondering whether to complain to the service.

Finish writing journal
Go to bed and sleep

Night Rexroth



Thank you Lucky

Thank you Lucky and (((Lucky)))



Thank you for courage and being honest about your feelings, and showing up here. That really counts, at least for me it does if that is worth anything, alot more than if you would have posted a completed 100,000 item task list.

Thank you vic

Thank you vic.

It is great to have a safe space to share what is going on. I don't understand what or why. I suspect it is to do with the stress of doctors and lawers. Also things are changing for me.


That is what making this

That is what making this forum special: we're all humans! I would not feel comfortable in a forum where I perceived everyone as perfect. Honesty is key.

You have my support Rexroth.

You have my support Rexroth.

Thanks GoDavid

Thanks GoDavid,

Very human and glad of it. thanks for support it means a lot.


Hope you feel better soon.

Hope you feel better soon.

Thank you Helen

Thank you Helen,

I think that things are working out in my mind and that's why I'm so tired.


huma CI

Hi everyone :)

I need a good day today. 

  • finish CC
  • call re CC shipping
  • gateway
  • BSSB scripts
  • HS contract check
  • HS promo for next wk check
  • Sat call-ins
  • call Roz
  • call re Harley
  • call SA
  • call MAB re SF
  • 45 min filing
  • 45 min filing

Lucky CI


Before work: 
Up by 6.30 smiling
Check in smiling 

Clear kitchen :)

Recycling out :)

Rubbish out :)
Dress smartly smiling

Straighten hair :)

Got Everything Check: phone, makeup, keys, book, wash stuff, contacts, diary, charger :)

Full makeup smiling
Prayer time smiling
Read some of book smiling
Do some of creative writing book  :)

S archiving :) - took all day so didn't do much else!
Tidy desk :)
Got Everything Check: phone :)

Get some air :)
30m writing - did more like 10!
Call walk-in centre :)
Cold turkey update :)

After work:
Email/facebook/lj/forum - in progress
Visit E - cancelled
Charge phone :)
Check/fill bird feeder :)
Dog face wash :)
Vitamins :)
Clear kitchen
Maintain the tidy room! :)
Tomorrow's list
Wash face/brush teeth - floss - clean contacts properly
Email report
Check in
Bed straight after check in! 

Helen’s CI

Helen’s checkin

Yesterday I did 8 hours. Yay!  Today I want to work at least 8 hours.

Self care- 3 hours

  • Eat breakfastSmile
  • HypnosisSmile
  • Get dressedSmile
  • Inserts
  • Brush hairSmile
  • Wash face
  • CheckinSmile
  • Clean looSmile
  • Clean teeth (2minutes)Smile
  • A bowl of washing upSmile
  • Put washing up awaySmile
  • Lunch (omelette & salad)Smile
  • Dinner (Crisy duck panckaes)Smile
  • EFT tappingSmile
  • CheckinSmile

Exercise - 1 hour

  • Swimming

Study  - 3 hours


Admin/ job hunting -1hour

  • CV
  • CRB form & find paperwork
  • Find certs
  • Finish Education section
  • BC DD
  • Reply to solicitor
  • Chase steamer
  • Tax return issue

Decorating        1hour

  •       Scrape paper off wall

Household - 2 hour

  • Sow seeds
  • Drain unblock callSmile
  • Tidy living room
  • Plant MintSmile
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen floor (2nd time)Smile
  • Hall floor (2nd time)    Smile     

Self-development - 1hour

Helen's checkout

While technically I did my 8 hours (sort of) I dont feel pleased as I mostly spent the day in self-care. Nothing other than that was done and I am still procrastinating about finishing my CV. I hit a wall in the afternoon and felt very demotivated and sorry for myself. 


David's Wingsuit Base Jump Check-In

[09:47 am] 

Morning everyone! Late start for me. Usually this would put my whole day of, but not today. I will focus on the present and the task at hand. I will move slowly. Focus. Focus. And focus.

Goal of the day: write and send ≥1 job application 


• call company A√
• write job application 1
• send job application 1


[Update 10:53]

Been procrastinating for the last hour brushing my teeth and speaking to my sister on phone. Must learn to call back instead after I've finished MITs.

• call company A√
• write job application 1√
• send job application 1√
• call ann-christine (future boss)√
this was one scary task - but I winged it without thinking. Crasy energy boost! :D
• write down purpose with mentoring√   

- have lunch√ 
- make new to-do√

- write tomorrow's to-do√ 
- pay rent in advance√
- mail j√
- reschedule tv payment√
- check email once√ twice√
- help dad with pdf√

- buy groceries√ 

Time Log 
09:47 - 10:54: called company a, had breakfast, talked to sister on phone, idle browsing (60 + 7 min)
10:54 - 11:54:  write job app. (60min)
11:54 - 12:54: finish job app. (60 min)
12:54 - 13:54: finish and send job app (60 min)
13:54 - 14:15 finish and send job app (20 min) Finally done! :D
14:15 - 15:40: celebrate by playing videogames! (60 + 25 min)
15:40 - 16:40: processed email, helped dad, had lunch (60min)
16:40 - 17:40: called future boss ac, wrote purpose with mentoring (60 min) 
17:40 - 18:30: payed rent in advance, mailed j, rescheduled tv payment, wrote tomorrows to-do list (50 min)


Tomorrows To-do
• write 1 job application 
• call 1 company and make first contact  
• mail 1 job application
• call andreas: check details for sunday
• text j, m, m, e circus friday?
• mail t and tell him you're interested in being mentored
• call company a and follow up your app. 
• update tm website 

[Check-Out 19:43] 
Wow, this was one of my most productive days in months. I'm so happy I finished my MITs before I did anything else. See you tomorrow guys! 

Well done David!

Well done David! Job hunting is very stressful. You did well.


Job hunting

Go for it! You can do it! Your perfect job is looking for you.