Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday 17 Mars 2010 Check-In

tiptree CI

by 3 pm meeting tomorrow:

- 1889 implementation done
- 1889 - document
- diagnose sequence number bug
- work on FA bug - document findings
- comment on res.
- mail real estate tax payment
- 1691

peripheral tasks:

- clean office
- read 50 pp. JF
- work thru pt. of tutorial
- ch. of programming book
- car payment
- budget
- exercise
- 10 items set aside for yard sale
- read Nation
- fix g. c.
- clear out inbox and review follow-up items
- file nails

Vic 3/17

 Show up (done)!!

Well done!

Well done!

kromer 9:35 CI

Yesterday was a sort of cruddy day, so today I'm feeling a bit behind. I want to avoid giving myself an overwhelming list to "make up" for yesterday.

So, MITs are:
*Finish trying out pset
*Ask around lab about comm. mtg
*Look at seq
*Email about harambee, HPLC, deacons, lent devotional, G
*BrdU protocol
*WM bug

If I have extra time, I will
*Ask about next step RS project
*Plan for asking others about comm. mtg
*post GSEA, bug S

And I'd also like to do something social in the evening.

Working on finishing pset now. 

kromer next day CO

Didn't do so well...I exercised, asked around lab about comm. mtg, finished trying out pset and mostly finished looking at seq, but I didn't do the rest of the tasks.


Hi Kromer, looking good. I see you also use MIT's, are you using Leo Babautas (zen habits) system?

re: zen habits

Leo Rocks! 

"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

cl daily overcoming

9:20 10min ci :)
9:35 10min emerg email only / ck mtgs :)
30min quiet time :)
aq :)
10:45 15min rdy :D
10min dailies :)
10min work plan :)
work hard. :)
1pm mtg :)
2pm mtg :)
3pm mtg
lp :)
reg :)
tire :)
pu ds :)
pu jd :)
din :)
dep - tried :)
clean up mail
fb :)

** brother lawrence, whenever he failed, prayed:

"I will never be able to do otherwise, if You leave me to myself.

the utter dependence on god that is expressed by that statement blows me away. When i say this to myself, i can literally feel my sholders relax. It's amazing. It is a reliable perspective changer for me. I am so grateful that it came into my world. Thank u God!

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

hope4meandu check-in (8:56AM) Nice starter David!!

Hi All,

A little zonked today. Work is busy (YAY)(BOO)!! Just spent too much time on my emails, go to do some work.

For me to do:
-balance checkbook
-fill out & mail IRA stuff
-scheduled p.t. appts.

Hope my friend will want to meet here instead of me traveling to the City on ST. PATTY'S DAY!!! Hope everyone has a safe and fun St. Patrick's Day!!

Starting work to do list:
-file unpaid bills
-file statements
-research insurance payments

♥"Prayers for my Yoffee's complete & speedy recovery and prayers for direction & clarity on how she can be healed.♥

Hope-Faith CI 8:20


First set of 3

  1. 1st plans
  2. 1st grades
  3. 1st makeup





  1. 2nd plans
  2. 2nd grades
  3. 2nd makeup

Next set of 3

  1. 4th plans
  2. 4th grades
  3. 4th makup


Hope-Faith CI 6:40


  • Supper
  • Taxes
  • Homework


David, will that eagle attack me...

...if I miss my goals today??? SurprisedTongue outSurprised Talk about motivation!

  • Sears bill
  • email NP about CC
  • 90 min CC work
  • 90 min CC work pt 2
  • email Joe his request & tape
  • call gateway co.
  • call CC re shipping
  • call SA
  • call MAB re SF
  • call WP re SHD
  • withdraw funds
  • 1 hr. filing
  • send BSSB requested notes

No huma you are safe

No huma you are safe. The eagle will support you and if you ask him and are brave enough he will let you ride on his back and fly you high in the sky to a place where you will see the earth and your life as it is. Then you will know how things are.

Love and Peace Rexroth

huma update

Nice answer Rexroth! Smile I was kidding of course, that pic of the eagle David chose is SO COOL! May you soar today too!

  • Sears bill
  • coordinate with LB re HS for Sat & next week
  • email NP about CC
  • 90 min CC work
  • 90 min CC work pt 2
  • email Joe his request & tape
  • call gateway co.
  • call CC re shipping
  • call SA
  • call MAB re SF
  • call WP re SHD
  • withdraw funds
  • 1 hr. filing
  • send BSSB requested notes

Journey 7 am &

Good morning!  I've checked email and calendar, and now I'm going to exercise, then have breakfast and a shower and check back.   I'm working from home today, I guess that's obvious lol.

UPDATE 9 am exercise done, and I'm going to eat my bagel while I make my todo list and grab that shower before my 10 am meeting.

UPDATE OK NOW I'm taking the shower.   This is my "on-call" week which  means I handle any problems or requests that come in to the office, and I had one of each this morning.   Which is fine, I like doing this stuff, I would be happy with doing these tasks full time. 

Needless to say, my planned schedule is out the window so after shower I'll revisit my plan for the afternoon.

UPDATE 3:45 I blew a fuse when I took a shower because I plugged in two space heaters lol, and THEN my internet wouldn't come back up!   Turned out it was a cable that had been frayed forever but I guess the little power fluke finally killed it.   I had another cable on hand yay me.   Then I had to rush to a meeting and after the meeting, with my schedule in shreds, I fell off the wagon for 45 minutes.   Back on track now, with my MUTs in my hot little hand.   I am going to do paperwork for two change requests that came in today.   Today was the last day that stuff could be requested for the weekend so of course I'm being inundated lol.   After that, I need to finish something up today for Project M.   Prolly call it a day after that.


"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

Helen, David, and Lucky

How nice to log in to these inspirational checkin posts!   You guys are really burning up the forum these days  :D

"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

Thanks journey!

Thanks journey! *hugs*

There does seem to be some inspirational weather blowing through the forum at the moment. I think we're all sort of catching it off each other. To mix a metaphor. :)

Thank you, we're doing this

Thank you, we're doing this together. I'm so glad I found this forum!

Lucky CI

Didn't get much done yesterday evening - housemate is back and wanting lots of time with me, which is lovely, it's great to be missed :) so I need to schedule a bit less in the evenings.

My internet is going to be down till at least the 26th - called my ISP and they want rather more money than I've got so it's just going to have to wait till payday! I'll still be around via phone internet but won't be able to use chat or graphics at home, and it also takes ages to type my tasklist into my phone so I may or may not be keeping that offline and just checking in with a general 'here's how it's going'.

This morning, however, I'm at work making a tasklist on company time...includes what I've already done.

Before work: 
Up by 7 smiling
Check in smiling (well, am doing now)
Dress smartly smiling

Full makeup smiling
Prayer time smiling
Read some of book :)
Do some of creative writing book :)

Backlog - part done
Tasks - part done
Contracts :)
Tidy desk :)
Got Everything Check: phone :)
Reset debt payments smiling

Cold turkey update :)
Table for R smiling
Get some fresh air
Email/facebook/lj/forum (can start now and finish later) - :)

After work:
To walk-in centre :) wow, took hours, not goingto get much else done!
Sleep project
Research exercises
Clear table
Check/fill bird feeder
Dog face wash
Clear kitchen
Maintain the tidy room!
Tomorrow's list
Wash face/brush teeth - floss - clean contacts properly
Email report
Check in
Bed straight after check in! 

Rexroth Check In

Up checked emails got ready to see doctor including finding info in notes

Go and see doctor
Be in for delivery soon after getting back
Deal with post when/if it comes/there is any

That will do for now.


Rexroth Update

I'm having most of the day off. Yesterday with the solicitor and today with the doctor have been heavy but I now know what I need to do to move forward.

Doctor - there is nothing wrong and the heart trace which is slightly abnormal is nothing to worry about
Delivery and I put it away and checked the bill and all is in order
Post dealt with
Phoned friend and had a long chat
Replied to email from shop who don't want to exchange faulty goods
A lot of time on the net and resting
Checked travel for the weekend craft show

Wash up
Tidy up in kitchen

That's it for now

Regards Rexroth

Happy for you

So pleased to hear your good health news.


Rexroth Check Out

Done so good night everyone


Helen's Check-in

Helen’s checkin


Yesterday I did 8 hours. Yay!  Today I want to work at least 8 hours. I will check in at 4pm again so I get going.


Decorating 1 hour, Household2 hours, Exercise (Dance, sit-ups) 1 hour, Self-development 1 hour, Creativework/ study 3 hours, Self care 2hours, Admin/ job hunting 1 hour.


My CV, paperwork, job hunting tasks and study plan are the most important today.


  •  CheckinSmile
  • Sort to-do listSmile
  • Eat breakfastSmile
  • Get dressedSmile
  • Brush hairSmile
  • Wash faceSmile
  • Clean looSmile
  • Clean teeth (2 minutes)Smile
  • A bowl of washing upSmile
  • Phone Check inSmile
  • CRB check callSmile
  • Paperwork for volunteerSmile
  • Hypnosis 20 minsSmile
  • Kitchen refurb email Smile
  • Buy food & visit recycling centreSmile
  • LunchSmile
  • BC DD
  • Reply to solicitor
  • Chase steamer
  • Tax return
  • Tidy living room
  • Sow seeds
  • Scrub hall floor (2nd round)
  • Mop kitchen floor (2nd round)
  • EFT tapping
  • Find certificates for CV
  • Sow seeds
  • Tidy living room
  • Read poetry book 40 mins
  • Dinner

Helen's check out

Well I did my 8 hours today again. Yay! I changed my mind and did some food shopping so I didn't get as many tasks done as I planned but even so I am pleased.

I did some job paperwork but need to carry on with CV, study plan and admin tomorrow. Next week I will up the ante to 9 hours.

  •  CheckinSmile
  • Sort to-do listSmile
  • Eat breakfastSmile
  • Get dressedSmile
  • Brush hairSmile
  • Wash faceSmile
  • Clean looSmile
  • Clean teeth (2 minutes)Smile
  • A bowl of washing upSmile
  • Phone Check inSmile
  • CRB check callSmile
  • Paperwork for volunteerSmile
  • Hypnosis 20 minsSmile
  • Kitchen refurb email Smile
  • LunchSmile
  • Buy food & visit recycling centreSmile
  • Unpack foodSmile
  • Read book about procrastinationSmile



wow look at all the ies

Good Job 


Happy hunting

Good luck job hunting! This is also my top priority.

David's Ninja Kick Check-In

Hey guys!
Let's kick some serious work butt today! We're strong, we're focused, we're disciplined. I feel really grateful for this forum, and that you guys are here.

Goal for the day: 4 hours of focused productive work


• do web catalogue work (60 min)
• find sjukgymnast
• call sjukgymnast and book appointment 
• make new to do list

[Update 11:51 pm] 

 • do web catalogue work (60 min) √

• find sjukgymnast √

• call sjukgymnast and book appointment √ 

• make new to do list

[Update 14:16]

My work day is going pretty good. Still no big leaps forward - BUT - I'm heading in the right direction.

 New to-do list:

MITs -Most Important Tasks

• review collected job ads and choose top 3√  
• call företagscenter + book appointment
• write questions for ac√

• write job application and email it 

- process email inbox: once√ twice√
- write tomorrows to-do list√


- call J√
- do mindfulness mediation: once, twice
- walk 30 min in sun with doggy√
- call mom & dad√
- pay leather jacket advert√ 


Tomorrows To-Do List

Goal of the day: write and send ≥1 job application 

• get up at 06:00
• take short walk
• eat breakfast 
• start working at 07:00
• call a-c 
• write 1 job application 
• call 1 company and make first contact  
• mail 1 job application
• pay rent in advance 
• write down goals with mentoring 
• call a: check details for sunday 
• do mindfulness meditation 10 min 

David, your check-ins are

David, your check-ins are AWESOME, thank you :)