Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Hi, I'm Glowlite and I'm new to this forum

Hi, I'm new here and at the suggestion of Pro in his registration reply to me I am posting this introduction.


I have wondered for years exactly what my problem is. I am perceived as intelligent and gifted but I am very definitely not meeting my true potential.  My life eroded to the point that I became desperate in my search for answers recently primarily through the internet.  As part of my search to determine if I was a hoarder I came upon the term chronic procrastination as a behavior sometimes linked to the concept of hoarding and OCD.  Although I had a few symptoms of hoarding I just couldn’t relate to the psychological mechanisms described for this condition. However, when I looked up chronic procrastination and eventually this site I knew immediately that I had found a very accurate description of many of my dysfunctional behaviors. For the first time in my life I began to understand not only what procrastination is, but what it isn’t! So often I had made lists upon lists and bought organizers and self-help books about time management, but none of that seemed to work. And now, I understand why it didn’t.

 I feel compelled to understand this phenomenon in my life better. I believe that I would benefit from some talk therapy but alas, my finances don’t allow that just yet (my low income is another byproduct of procrastination in my life). I hope that I can get better over time so that my finances improve to the point that I can invest in talk therapy.  In the meantime, this website and the forums look like an ideal starting point for my recovery.I hope that this site will be helpful for not only me but perhaps others through their interaction with me. A friend labeled me as Glowlite because of my effervescent and constant smile. So, I have signed up with that username and I will try that positive association to reprogram my thinking and to begin my journey into illumination and freedom from the dysfunction of chronic procrastination.


Welcome Glowlite! What a

Welcome Glowlite! What a lovely name :) You'll find a lot of intelligent people here - I don't know if there've been any studies done, but judging by the composition of this forum there's a VERY strong link between procrastination and intelligence.

Stick around and make use of the chatbox and the daily check-in threads - they really work :)

Thanks Lucky!

Thank you for your kind comments Lucky.  After browsing through some of the posts in the forums I would have to agree that many of the posts are thoughtful and articulate, which is a real plus with respect to receiving and giving advice and to sharing experiences. I plan to be on this website frequently as I begin this process. Thank you again for your well wishes and advice!

 All my best, Glowlite

Welcome Glowlite

Yep. Brain the size of a planet  ;) but I can't get my act together. It is a mysterious thing, procrastination, but it certainly isn't about being stupid or lazy.

 Welcome Glowlite, glad you found us. I have only been here a short while myself but it is great to speak with people here who understand how difficult it is to change.



Thanks Helen!

I can certainly relate to your comments Helen! It is so frustrating to have all of the tools to excel but then realize that the greatest impediment to my success is my chronic procrastination! And I would agree that it’s not about being lazy either. In fact, I’m a bit of a workaholic, although I suspect that is a compensating behavior in itself to mask or diminish the perception of others about my procrastination!


As you can see I have much to learn and change. Thank you for reaching out and welcoming me. I look forward to sharing more with you in the future!

 All my best, Glowlite