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I love David Seah's idea of making a resolution at Groundhog Day instead of at New Year's!  He explains it here:

Basically, the idea is that it's better to make Groundhog Day resolutions because:

  • Most people break new year's resolutions - it's as traditional as making them
  • At new years, we're mentally tired and backlogged from all the stuff we put off during the holiday season.  Not a good time to start something new.
  • By Groundhog Day, we've had time to get back in the groove & caught up, and really think about changes we want to make.
  • Groundhog Day is 2/2.  Follow the pattern by marking your calendar for 3/3, 4/4, etc. throughout the year.  These dates are check-in points for seeing how you're doing on the resolution, making adjustments, etc.  By 12/12, you have a whole new habit permanently in place!

I did this last year for building the habit of doing a little weight lifting.  Despite major setbacks due to health problems, I eventually did build the habit!  It's not a lot - just 40 minutes a week of lifting, total - but it's a habit that I can actually sustain.

I'll write about this year's resolution below.  Anyone else want to join me in celebrating Groundhog Day with a new habit?



(Didn't see a groundhog graphic, so here's a guinea pig on a bicycle!)


Falcon's GHD resolution 3/3

Well!  My situation has changed since I made my resolution.  Once I started really looking at my financial situation, I realized I had been more careless over the past year than I thought, and my savings were low.

Then I was in a car accident - no one hurt, thank goodness, but the repairs were really expensive.  I wiped out the savings account that I use for such emergencies - and since I hadn't been doing a good job of adding to that account, it's pretty much gone.

So. . . since I have some large bills to pay and I really (really) don't want to get into credit card debt, I need to go into frugal mode big time -- no unnecessary purchases and I'll be eating a lot of lentils.  Wink

So, the adapted Groundhog Day resolution is to:

  • Stay out of debt
  • Replenish my savings account with at least several thousand dollars by the end of the year
  • By the end of the year, come up with an ongoing savings plan so I don't end up in this same spot again.

I'll check in again on 4/4 and we'll see how it's going.



Ag's Groundhod Day resolutions

I like this idea, Falcon, thanks for sharing it!  Here are mine for the year:

  • physically, reduce my osteoporosis T-score by one point
  • mentally, earn at least 6 more credit hours toward my degree
  • spiritually, improve on Steps 10-11-12.

To begin, my goals between now and 3/3 are:

  • daily medication, min 7 hours sleep every night
  • get a guidance appt at university to decide a plan and next steps
  • in bed by 10:30pm to build habit: BB pg 86 "when we retire at night."

Best of luck, Agnus

Hi Agnus,

Those sound like nice concrete, doable steps!

Does getting enough sleep help prevent osteoporosis?  Just curious, 


Falcon's GHD resolution

So. . . this year, I want to get myself in good shape financially.  Not that I'm in bad shape now, but I'm a bit drifty about money - don't really know how much I'm spending, not saving methodically, etc. 

I want to change that, and be really on top of my finances by the end of the year.

So. . . here's my goal for the first month - by 3/3, I will:

  • Find out exactly how much money I have - tote up everything in my bank accounts, retirement fund, those loose coins in my dresser drawer, etc.
  • Keep a running balance in my checkbook.  I got a rough balance today, and will start keeping the running balance now.  If it's a little off, I'll tweak it when my next statement comes.

That's doable for one month, right?  Wish me luck!