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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Check-in 1:16 am

DL CSync -- DONE
Email D. -- DONE
Help with yard work -- DONE


ESSENTIALS to figure out a time to do ASAP

1) Work on WB editing 
2) Input 2009 fin. data to excel
3) Fill out ind cont form & copy
4) Learn CSync to transfer files to desktop comp
5) Write cover letter for N job 
6) Write cover letter for S job
7) Upload portfolio for S job
8. Call M&M and schedule meeting next week
9) Call airlines about missing refund 
10) Email C. form 
11) Drop by B 
12) Find B. contest award
13) Car wash
14) Deposit Checks 




9:30 PM for Lark. Success.

Though I haven't had the time to CI here very much, I just completed a good week. My paper check ins usually don't do well, so I kept them short, and it worked. Thought I'd share my good fortune with everyone.

Well done, Lark!

Lucky CI

Wow, HUGE resistance built up after my recent procrastination spree. Just about hauled myself back on the horse today after sitting in chat for a while going 'Okay, I'm going to move now... Okay, this time I'm really going... I'm going to hold my breath until I move...' etc :D

Achieved so far today:

Vitamins :)
Shower :)
Email/facebook/lj/forum - part done
Clear kitchen - part done
Took dog for walk/collected housemate from station :)

Check in :)

Now to make a tasklist for the rest of today and tomorrow... :)


Contact E, suggest 11am for meeting tomorrow :)
Check/fill bird feeder :)
Post :)
Clear kitchen :)
AQ Review :)
Wash face/brush teeth -  floss - clean contacts properly :)
Email report :)
Check in :)
BED straight after check in - by midnight :)


Up by 8am
Check in
Prayer/bible reading time on
Prayer & visualisation over my tasklist & AQ project

To meeting with E for 11am
Singing practice with E

To W for 2
Get conditioner and serum
Get plug unblocker
Get iPhone, screen protector and case
See C

Straighten hair
Cut fringe
Post to LJ and facebook re computer
Meditation tape
Laundry inc towels and tea towels
Clean George Foreman Grill
Take Ebay pics
Take down Christmas decs
List backlog tasks
Tidy table
Paperwork project - Make new tabs for Lloyds, DFH and anything else needed
Creative writing - Post to Fantasmic
Check/fill bird feeder
Look for SIM
Clear kitchen
AQ Review
Tomorrow's list
Wash face/brush teeth -  floss - clean contacts properly
Email report
Check in
BED straight after check in! 

Journey 11 am

Me too Kromer!  I stayed up late and slept til 9:00.  Better get it in gear!  I'm getting dressed now and making a grocery list, then I'll head out to buy groceries and run errands.  Later!


Every time you get up and get back in the race, one more little piece of you starts to fall into place - (from "Stand" by Rascal Flatts)

Rexroth Check In

Decided to take it easy today which explains why by midafternoon I feel bored and fedup.

a bit of clearing up
emails and mail
researched travel insurance which is a waste of time as I haven't decided where I am going to travel
phoned friend and received firm and good advice - equivalent to a kick in the posterior delivered with love

I am honestly not sure...

Rexroth Update

done some writing including journal
bath and washed hair

Decided that taking it easy by doing very little does not work at all well and I need to have something to do as it is nearly the end of the day and I feel tired and irritated.

Night Folks


kromer 9:15 CI

This morning I slept in, which I didn't really need or want to do...oh well, will pick myself up from here. Today I need to:

*Go grocery shopping
*Do cooking for the week

*Finish reading tutorial article
*Set up harambee leader's meeting (have contacted people about this)
*Work 1 hr getting organized for teaching (have done about 30 min of this)
*Work 1 hr on thesis proposal ideas, do a little work on committee choice (almost done w/ this, maybe about 20 min more work to do)

If I have extra time, I'd also like to analyze my old RT results and come up with a plan for doing more RT, and also do some more organizing. (have done about 30 min of organizing)

As soon as I finish breakfast, I'll go grocery shopping, then I'll head to lab. When I get there, I'll work on thesis proposal ideas/committee choice, then I'll read tutorial article.

Update 2:05--working on thesis proposal ideas/committee choice. Here's what I want to do today:
*For my top 3 proposal ideas, I would like to:
a)Write down overall objective + 2-3 specific aims
b)Make sure I have 3 good references, and enter these references into endnote.
*I want to have 4 possible committee members (will do this after dinner)
*I want to set up a meeting with my advisor to discuss my thesis proposal committee
*If I have time, I want to have a well-written half-page (double-spaced) on the fundamentals of spermatogenesis. (not going to get to this today)

OK, starting on this now. 

kromer 9:20 CI

Doing pretty well today.

I'm almost done w/ cooking...still want to make some popcorn as a snack for the week, but otherwise I'm set.

I have a few small tasks left to do. In particular, I want to:
1)Make a schedule for next week
2)Work 30 min--plan for teaching
3)Come up w/ 4 candidates for my thesis committee
4)Clean out inbox+folder

And I'll talk to my friend if he calls. 

All right, coming up w/ committee candidates now! Once I've done that, I'll make popcorn and finish cleaning up the kitchen, then I'll plan for teaching for 30 min.