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Thursday January 14th 2010

A day is made of minutes.      

              Small scraps can make a beautiful whole even if each one is not perfect.

                                             ... I can keep starting and give myself credit for each small step


kromer 9:25 CI

Today is a pretty scheduled day, so it should be relatively easy to stay on track, but a little frustrating because I can't get that much of my own work done :P

OK, scheduled for today are: seminar 9:50-11, lunch w/ seminar speaker 12-1, harambee 6-8:30. (I may go to evening bible study after harambee, depending on how my work goes)

Then, I need to prepare for the lunch and prepare for harambee. I also need to start an experiment (will probably take 3 or 4 hours this afternoon), mail letters and bug YC about getting the microscope fixed.

That will take most of the day, but I also want to move forward on computational work. In particular, I want to make slides on the comparison to the cyp26b1 data, and microburst comparison to the RAR data.

OK, I'm going to microburst comparison to the RAR data now. After the talk, I'll prep for lunch discussion, then work a little more on computational stuff. After lunch I'll take about 30 min and prep for harambee, then I'll do the experiment. After harambee I'll either go to bible study or do some more computational work. When I get home I'll mail letters (and maybe call AG if I have the energy). 

kromer 1:10 CI

OK, went to seminar, prepped for lunch discussion, did a little work on computational stuff (comparison to RAR data), went to lunch seminar. Now, I want to do a little bit more computational work. In particular, I want to:
*Get list of bound genes, and compare to up- and down- regulated genes from my dataset
*Post data comparison graphics on lab wiki
*Post embryonic/adult overlap lists on lab wiki

I'll work on these tasks until 2, then I'll switch to working on my expt. I'll do harambee prep in the breaks during my expt, and also work a bit on organizing during these breaks. 

kromer 4 CI

OK, I'm really frustrated because I managed to mess up my experiment...oh well, it's something I didn't know about, now I know so next time I can fix it.

So, I'll plan on re-doing this experiment Sunday/Monday. (I considered doing it this evening, but I know that if I rush through it I'll mess up, so I'll be patient and wait to do this.)

Now, I have to change plans, because I was planning to do the rest of this experiment this evening, and now I have some extra time. Changing plans is always a bit of a danger zone for me, but I know that I can do it. 

I have a bunch of computational work that I would like to get done, so I can work on that (I made progress on the tasks posted in the checkin above, but didn't get through them.) In addition, I can read an article on analyzing chip-chip data. And I still need to finish prep for harambee. 

two threads, reprise

yep the other is

but i do love the idea that "Small scraps can make a beautiful whole even if each one is not perfect." what a transformational idea!

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

chick CI

morning stuff and mtng: done

one main UT for afternoon

smaller tasks



Rexroth Check In

Good Morning Folks and thanks for starting the thread chickadee.

got up and breakfast

wash up and clean up in kitchen
bath and wash hair
do hospital correspondence

That will do for now


Rexroth progress

some cleaning and cooking
a substantial part of hospital correspondence
dealt with mail and emails
paid bill

continue as in checkin

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth signing off

I've done more of the hospital correspondence and nearly finished it and had my supper and a both etc.

Now to wind down and write my journal and go to bed.

Night Folks