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Saturday, January 9, 2010

kromer 3:15 CI

Happy purple elephant day to all :)

Just went to a wedding for a friend, which was awesome :) I love seeing my friends so happy.

Now I am full of delicious food and a bit sluggish, but I want to get some work done nevertheless. In particular, today I want to:
1)Do laundry
2)Work 1 hr on organizing computer files
3)Finish reading about cohesins

4)Split cells
5)Extract RNA
6)Deal w/ email and papers at home (made some progress on this)
7)Microburst getting list of cohesins

OK, right now I'm going to get a soda and finish reading about cohesins and microburst getting list, then I'll split cells and extract RNA, then I'll work on organizing computer files, then I'll head home. 

kromer CO 11:30

OK, my focus was kind of cruddy this afternoon/evening, but I got some tasks done and make progress on others. I seriously need to get my websurfing more under control, but other than that it was a decent weekend day.

Journey 12:30

Wow, yesterday was a rough day.  I still feel like hiding under the covers but better then yesterday.  Had to get up and out this morning for a vet appt.   If I had known it would be 14 degrees (that's -10 for you Celcius peeps) I would have scheduled it for later in the day.  DH drove me to the vet and then to the grocery store as the roads are still icy.  It's supposed to warm up tomorrow! 

I did not invite the kiddos over for dinner tonight, they don't need to be getting the babies out in this freezing weather and I didn't want to do big grocery shopping with the hubby and doggy waiting in the car for me either. 

Here's a video from last weekend of the littlest munchkin learning to say dada.  She's a cutie.

Anyway, this is a good day to crawl back in bed and stay there all day catch up on the laundry.  I'm going to give myself 10 more minutes to goof around on the computer, then sort the laundry and start folding the mountain of clean laundry that I washed up last week, but never folded!  

Have a great day that ends with a feeling of being satisfied with your accomplishments for today!



How you spend your days is how you live your life - Edge

Oh, she's great! The

Oh, she's great! The sibling kissing her hand repeatedly was a high spot for me :)

Good luck today!


How you spend your days is how you live your life - Edge

Rexroth Check In

Not a good day and I'm checking in even if that is all I do it is better than nothing.




Falcon CI Saturday

Yay!  It's Purple Elephant Day!  Laughing

I need to do a lot of things this weekend.  Writing them down so I keep my priorities in mind.  Got to work these things around two dinner dates, a class and a lunch date, so I will really need to use odd bits of time to get things done:


  • Check financial stuff/pay bills
  • Vacuum
  • Clean bathroom
  • Clean kitchen floor
  • Dust
  • Take books back to library
  • While at library, copy insurance stuff
  • Take insurance stuff to store to fax
  • Send note to M 
  • Check list of people to contact
  • Do calendar
  • Use face stuff
  • Drop off dry cleaning & pants to be hemmed 


Yikes, that's more stuff than I realized. I'd better get hopping!

Have a great weekend, everyone! 


Edited to add. . . hmm. . . better do a load of laundry, too. 

Lucky CI

Up by 8 Smile
Check in Smile
Prayer/bible reading time on Smile
Prayer & visualisation over my tasklist & AQ project  Smile
Put Angela's number in phone and set alarm for 10.10 Smile
Ready to leave by 8.40 - No, but I was ready by 8.45, which was when I NEEDED to be ready!
Buy button Smile & marabou - No, changed mind when I saw it
10.10 - Call Angela Smile
Fringe trim - No, hairdresser not doing them free any more!
Buy groceries - list in diary Smile
Mend trousers
Look for costume for E
Look for blue towel
Laundry inc towels and tea towels
Clear bag
Balance bank account
Write the above two tasks in my diary for the next few Saturdays Smile
Reset direct debit to D, with end date Smile
Add tabs in post files for Lloyds, FLM and DFH
Text British Gas - electric & gas Smile
Start Lovefilm Macbook project
Creative writing - work on Fantasmic post
Ask C for more purple Smile
Email/Facebook/LJ/Forum Smile
Vitamins Smile
Check/fill bird feeder Smile
Post Smile
Rubbish Smile
Clear kitchen
AQ Review
Tomorrow's list Smile
Wash face/brush teeth -  floss - clean contacts properly Smile
Email report Smile
Check in Smile
BED straight after check in!