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Completing stuff

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I have a situation at my college that, I believe, will be resolved soon - a course I took that accidentally got "not" registered, or "un-registered," or whatever the heck happened - I took it and completed it and it never went down on the books.

So, this past semester I finally started haunting the professor about it, and after 4 contacts over two months I am finally registered as having been in the course and am just awaiting my grade.

AND - I am making myself a little nuts. Like, projecting he won't actually give me the grade I earned, having fantasies about having to go to the Ombudsman to get THAT resolved...I mean, like - my head is not in a good place about this. At ALL!

It's not uncommon for me to get a little nuts around completing things. Like, when I'm closest to finishing a paper that's when it becomes hardest to think or write. I go into a fog. And, I have to wonder, if I am doing the same kind of thing with this, as well. 

So, here's my question - do other people get like this when they are close to completing things? It's almost like I get MORE upset when I'm really close to being done! Does this sound familiar?

Any responses welcome.

Thanks so much!


starting and finishing

oh yeah! 

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yes yes


I get the same way too! I think it's the fear of working so hard to get something and scared that it won't pay off, that obstacles are always going to get in the way to cause more work to have to be done. (aka negative thinking --> drives one crazy with worry!)

Of course, I'm horrbile at even following my own advice, but the solution is to let be what you put into motion. If it fails, then deal with it at that point. Spending time worrying about it just fuels the fire, esp. if it turns out you don't need to work any more on that!

So, that's coming from me, severe worrier about all things... heh

Of course, you could always try to cut the worry out completely and just call up the prof and ask him what grade he submitted. Then you'd know without having to wait! :-)