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A request re: starting day's thread ...


I would like to request that specific names of deities not be mentioned in the group daily check-in thread-starter.

I have no problem with "god/God" or "higher power/Higher Power". That terminology is understood and accepted for 12-Step programs, as each can be interpreted individually. Those who are not "deists" may interpret "GOD" as G.O.D. (good orderly direction).

What I am requesting is that references to God or Higher Power would be fine in a group daily check-in thread-starter. But I would request that specifc NAMES for a deity NOT be mentioned in the group daily check-in starter. Why? Because the group daily check-in thread-starter acts as a daily welcome to ALL readers of the P.A. website, and needs to be inclusive of everyone.

By the same token, it would seem fine to mention one's own person beliefs in one's own personal check-in. In our own check-ins, we can each feel free to express Higher Power as we see fit.

Very good point! I just

Very good point! I just edited the name of Jesus out of yesterday's threadstarter. (The really daft thing is I hadn't even NOTICED that the quote mentioned Jesus, so I was like: 'Who could have named a deity... OOPS, IT'S ME!') :D Sorry!

Thanks and hugs!

Much appreciated.   Hugs!