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Tuesday, 5th January 2010

e's very long time away check in

Hello to all and Happy New Year! I haven't been here for a good month or so and it shows! I lost the past 2 weeks with an illness that won't go away (probably some pig thing) and I can't walk more than a block without panting. I have a part time job now, which is great, but it is taking me a while to get up to speed on work after having not had any for so long. To that end, I have certain goals for this month that I want to put down in print so that I can realize them.

I want to get my sleep schedule on track so that I am up by 7 and doing my bed routine before midnight.

I would like to move my body in some way every day.

I would like to get back into doing my morning routines thoroughly on a regular basis.

I would like to finish organizing my papers.

There are more goals, but this is enough for now.

In terms of this evening, I would like to
take my evening meds
prep the bread machine
do some 6th step writing
brush my teeth and wash my face
set out clothing for tomorrow
gather things to take to the consulate.

have a good day/night/time everyone.

"There are two different kinds of people in this world: those who finish what they start, and"
---Brad Ramsey

welcome back!

We've missed you, good to have you!

Congrats on the job :) and hope you are fully recovered soon. 

E! welcome back hugs ((((((e))))))

How you spend your days is how you live your life - Edge

Welcome back! Hope you feel

Welcome back! Hope you feel better soon.

Welcome Back E!!

Prayers of complete health coming your way!!

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

check-in 9:00PM

To do:
-order Yoffee food on-line
-order LIRR ticket

Thank HP my computer is working!!

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

Mama_Cat's picture

OK, PM To-Dos

* Call Kim (DONE) Cool

* E-mail AM (DONE) Cool

* Clean for 20 mins (for mah cleaning spree! YAY ME!!!)

* Make and eat din-din 

* Check-in 

*Gather up computer and stuff to go while checking-in

* Leave for last client's of the night


Thanks guys - MC 


Your 20 minute cleaning spree has inspired me to try it tomorrow night.

Take care!!

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

Late-ish check in :)

Have avoided finishing up a report, but am going to sit myself down gently and work steadily and calmly.  My commitment is to work on it from 7:30-8:30 pm and turn in by 10 pm.


late check-in and tasks by 12am

Have avoided taking care of some "asap" paperwork for a week! Will finish the 4 high priority things by bed so can mail tomorrow morning. Also organize my remaining bills.

Clean kitchen -- dishes, counters, item storage, etc.

Sort clothes for morning: Dry cleaners, tailors, laundrey.



Made my family dinner. Sometimes I wish they didnt have to eat everyday. 2 carpools and I like the read a book. I think I am going to give myself a break and do just that.

Have a nice evening



staff meeting,grading,make supper,read a book.

jkl/check in


Need to back on  track after holidays.

3OO-5:00 make dinner

email pat



ask hp for help.

tiptree 1:45 PM CI

k, yesterday was a wash. So rebooting: day 1 of 31 days where I complete at least 95% of the items on my daily check-in list.

to do:

x pay bills
- dcm anon: code to generate UIDs and store aliases
- dcm anon: all fields anonymized or using aliases
- dcm anon: create zip from a case
- dcm anon: integrate with case exporter
- read 50 pp. of novel
- email g. and l.
- clean office -> desk and floor clear
- work on quiz bug
- track expenses/budget
x practice guitar
- cull 3 items
- exercise/stretch
- section of Catalyst tutorial
- get weekly 2009 data
- laundry
x quality time with pooch (have to put him down this week :(
- clear out inbox
x complete time sensitive certification
- review bugzilla items: pick 5 small bugs to get out of the way
- work on one small bug item

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Good Morning All!

No check-in this a.m. really.

Just wanted to say "Hi" and I'm glad to be in such good company! :)

Hugs - Mama 

Aw, hugs back again!

Aw, hugs back again!

Vic 1/5

Show up (done)

walk, I need to do this action (done)

Agnus checking in

I can tell when I've been gone too long: I have to Log In to my PA homepage!  lol It's nice to be missed (thanks Journey). And yes, it's colder than HECK here in the SE US!

PA has given me an appreciation - even a certain fondness - for routines (amazing, when I think where I started).  Now that December's disruptions are over, I'm struggling to regain even the routines I checking in daily. But now is now, and here I am. Yay, God!

Today I started with a sleep deficit from compulsive gaming until 1 a.m. :-(But I still did my Step 10-11 at bedtime, and got up in time to enjoy a good sponsor call at 7:30, a nice Step 11, pet care, breakfast, and even an adventure! A neighbor's  runaway dog (HUGE redbone coonhound) tried to paw through our bay window about 9 a.m. to play with TJ (our Cavalier spaniel). ::jawdrop:: Quite the ruckus!  I walked Redbone home  in my bedroom slippers and sweater (more like, he walked me, the lead broke, I chased  Heckuvan adventure!

Now I need to buckle down on my Project AH which is due Thursday.  I'll awaken, medicate and feed J about 11:30, have some lunch, and get back to it. Then break around 3 to study Project EM for a 3:30 conf call. 

By last evening, I had worked my Inbox down to 17 emails that still needed action - lowest it's been since summer! :D I'd like to make more progress there today, or at least not let it build any higher.    Have a great PA day, y'all!

Welcome back, Agnus!

Welcome back, Agnus! ****hug**** Well done - I know what you mean, getting back into routines is hard.

Being a BRITISH dog lover, I had to google 'redbone coonhound' and found out it's one of these:


D'AWWWW! That can wake me up pawing at my window any time!

Oh, and 'Yay, God!' is the most wonderful expression I've heard in a while :)

yeah, that's him!

...just replace that cute, well-mannered face with the slobbery grin of an untrained, hormonal 1-year-old ... !  :grin:

cute doggie Ag!

How you spend your days is how you live your life - Edge

kromer 9:40 CI

OK, in a little bit late this morning. I would like to start getting up earlier, but I'm trying to focus on making one positive change at a maybe next month I'll work on that, this month I'll just muddle through.

Today is a pretty busy day.

I have meetings 10-11:30 and 12-1.

Then, I have some high-priority tasks:
*Finish IHC (this took FOREVER! I forgot what I difficult task this was)
*Figure out format of RAR data, do any needed pre-processing
*get list of mitotic and meiotic cohesins
*budgeting (quick)
*proofread existing WM doc
*Dancing (this IS a high priority task, I need the exercise and the break)

Lower priority tasks:
*Get webcam working
*Work on learning microscopy, 30min (up to 1 hr if I'm motivated)
*Package gifts (so I can mail them tomorrow)
*thank you and condolence notes

OK, I have meeting soon, but I can start looking for a list of meiotic and mitotic cohesins. After first meeting, I'll start next step of IHC, then go to 2nd meeting. After that, I'll take about 3 hours and finish up IHC. There is an hour waiting time in this procedure, and during this waiting time I want to finish getting the list of cohesins. After I've gotten these things done, I'll check back in with a plan for finishing up my other high-priority tasks. 

kromer 6:10 CI

OK, finishing IHC took forever, so it looks like I won't get to most of my high-priority tasks.

This doesn't mean I was lazy or inefficient...I simply hadn't done this type of task for a while, so I forgot how long it took. I could have done a better job planning, but now I know for next time. Unrealistic planning doesn't make me a failure.

So, now I need to re-adjust my plan for the rest of my day.

I still want to go dancing at 8. 

I'm exhausted right now, so it's a little hard for me to do tasks that require a lot of thought. Which is too bad, because most of my planned tasks require not being a zombie :P. However, parts of the "meiotic/mitotic cohesins" task are pretty mindless, as is gift packaging. So, I'll plan on working on cohesins task for about an hour, then working on gift packaging for about 30 min, then I'll go dancing. After dancing. I can go to bed, or just relax, or work on whatever task seems most appealing.

OK, heading to chatbox now. 


Newcomer Checkin 9:30 am EST

Ugh, I'm procrastinating on posting this, of course. I often work on projects independently. I used to not procrastinate on work like this, but now I procrastinate on pretty much everything. I like the idea of microbursts. Unfortunately even 5 minutes is overwhelming to me, I've done that a number of times in the past. It used to work but no longer, maybe because I didn't do it consistently, and my stress is much worse right now. So I'm going to try an even shorter activity and try to build up from there. Since writing this my chest and neck hurts and I feel almost panicked.

9:45 woke up late, get around

10:20 leave for appt

11:00 appt

12:00 leave to spend time w/ friends (which I’m not going to enjoy as much as I would if I hadn’t put so much stuff off)

1:15 meet friends

4:15 leave, v 

5:00 home- dinner, v

5:30 do one small thing to start project (I know what it's going to be), but don't do anything else. I feel extremely stressed even thinking about doing this much. 

5:40 check in w/ PA


Welcome! Best username I've

Welcome! Best username I've seen in... ever. :) I hope the stress gets better. You're doing great by breaking it up into tiny tasks, definitely the way forward when things get scary.

Good luck today! I hope you stick around here because it makes me smile every time I see your name. :)

Welcome worthwhile!

How you spend your days is how you live your life - Edge

welcome Imworthwhile

Some of us use Chat for those dreaded beginnings, and bookend them. For example, I'll chat: "I'm going to start my dreaded project now, ack!  I'll open the folder and read the top piece of paper, then check back here in 5 minutes. Setting my timer now."  Then when my timer sounds, I chat again: "Got into it a bit, going another 5 minutes," etc. etc.

Hope that's helpful. Pulling for you!

GeorgeSmiley 1/5/10

Back again.

some stuff got done yesterday but not much.

Trying again today.



Want what you have. Be who you are. Do what you can. ~Forrest Church (1948-2009)

The Hero's Code: Show Up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Catching up - (sorry really long)

Well the weekend was a bust, my computer got sick and I thought I did it, turned out it was the mouse. Didn't use the computer, when I could have - not easily - but I could have - so much needed to put up my website. Then instead of using it as an opportunity to clean and do other things I fell into a depression.

Feeling out of control. Money flies out of my account faster than I can make it, I have been procrastinating about submitting to insurance for me and my girl.

A 14 year old boy might be staying with us for a year, because he studies in our area. I hope this isn't another thing I fail at.

Have get started, feeling overwhelmed. Don't know what to do first. Am so behind at work, as well as at home:

-matching gift
-pipelines for Lynn & regions
-board members
-stock donations
-bank leumi

-call Aunt
-find Aunt R
-Yoffee bath
-clean bathroom
-clean kitchen floors
-get stuff on windows
-order Yoffee stuff?
-go to Jacks?

Was lost without you guys over the weekend. Feeling like a failure today, but this voice inside me keeps saying good things are this a voice I can trust?

Good day y'all!!

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

Oh Hope, trust it

Oh Hope, trust it *hugggggggggggs* I'm sorry to hear about the sucky weekend - we all have them! Great to have you back and I hope you end today feeling more positive and in control. *hugs*

You're the best Lucky - THANKS (big hugs)

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

Journey 8 am & update

It's FREEZING down here in the South.   I've been to the gym brrrr it was cold out there.   I read email, checked my calendar, had breakfast, and now I'm gonna make my todo list before I just in a VERY warm shower, or maybe a nice hot bath with lots of skin-so-soft. 

I'm listening to A Prairie Home Companion, I had forgotten you can listen to the full shows online because it's blocked at work, but I'm working from home today yay! 

Right now I'm gonna make todo list, journal, have quiet time, then check back.

UPDATE 11:30 Well, I don't know where the morning went but I have my todo list and I'm dressed.   I did the items I listed above plus a few quick things that I found in email and in my todo list that needed attention.  Now to get to work on my projects. 

UPDATE 3:45 Man, vacation is really over!  I've had two loooonnnggg tedious conference calls this afternoon.  I did work on Project V a bit before the conference calls, but I had time between conference calls that I didn't use very well, so I'm frustrated that I didn't get as much done as I thought I would so far today.   I would like to just stick my head in the sand and waste the rest of the day but INSTEAD I will just keep going 8) .  So back to Project V for the next hour.  I'm still on the second conference call but I'm gonna multitask a litle bit while my boss goes on and on about some stuff I'm not interested in . . . :)



How you spend your days is how you live your life - Edge

Rexroth Check In

Those are warm flowers on a cold day in London. Thank you Lucky

check emails
out to buy fruit and veg
possibly walk
work on hospital complaint
sort and photocopy papers
deal with mail and whatever arises

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth progress

Found I could walk a long way and did, 6 and a bit miles. When I got back I had a bath, and a long rest. I've cleared up a lot and had supper also sorted mail.

Hospital complaint and it's too late to copy any papers. this is beginning to drag and I want to finish it.

Lucky CI

Still tired today, only managed 6 and a half hours' sleep, so when I get home I need to crack through my tasklist and not get too distracted by hanging out with housemate, so I can get to bed before midnight. Preferably well before! 

Edit 8.18 pm: ooooooh, we're probably going to have a snow day tomorrow!

Before work:
Up by 6.30Smile
Check weather - prepare to leave early if snowingSmile
Check in Smile
Prayer/bible reading time on Smile 8m - rushing a bit!
Prayer & visualisation over my tasklist & AQ project Smile 13m
Dress smartly Smile
Straighten hair  Smile

Affirmation while walking to station Smile
Get cash - need £31 Wink Got 20, there's still not effing enough!
Full makeup Smile (no time for eyeshadow but I'll give myself that)
Affirmation while doing makeup Smile
Learn some lines Smile
Continue reading script Smile 

£20 to V Smile
Backlog Smile
Email - part done
Paper Smile
Contracts - part done
Outlook tasks - part done
Filing Smile
Tidy desk Smile EPIC desk tidy, is why some of the rest didn't get done - so worth it! 

Get payday loan Smile (waiting on their response) 13m - Huh, didn't work out, need to try another one tomorrow
Email/LJ/facebook/forum Smile 35 mins, really fast!

After work:
Creative writing - work on (pref finish) Fantasmic post Smile token again
Ask C for more money!! Smile
Vitamins Smile
Check/fill bird feeder (making this daily - cannot believe how fast they're eating!) Smile
Clean fridge Smile
Start work on budgeting Smile Big achievement!
Stewarding form
Talk to C re trousers and ebay Smile
Clear kitchen Smile
AQ Review Smile
Tomorrow's list Smile
Wash face/brush teethSmile -  floss Smile- clean contacts properly - Wasn't wearing them!
Email report Smile
Check in Smile
BED straight after check in! Smile