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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

kromer 6:35 CI

I spent most of today hanging out with my brothers, buying a bday present for a friend and catching up on work that I was supposed to finish yesterday.

Now, I have maybe 2 hours left today to work (probably an hour before going out to dinner, then I'll have dinner and spend some time with my parents, then I'll have about an hour before bed.

There's a lot of stuff I'd like to get done, and obviously not all of that is going to happen in 2 hours. So I need to prioritize. I want to:
*Study wavelets
*Create mailing list
*Microburst how to add a new array
*Proofread existing documentation

Heading to the chatbox now to work on this stuff. 

OCz dec30

Been lost on the web almost all morning... yet managed to do some tasks and a bit of email cleanup... overall not a great morning but still better than many others.

I made myself a gift last nigth: a couple nice pens, a monthly plastic wall planner (to use with white board markers. Task for today: Attach it to wall!

As a complement for it, I've been decluttering my studio for a couple of days now ant it's almost done... At least managed to get the desk completely clear, reconnected the lamp and selected a couple books to read/study for January.

I noticed my hwriting is improving noticeably... yet, still not managed to use my agenda... need to keep trying!

Have a great day everyone and thank you for being here!


Vic 12/30

Show up (done)

Showing up is still a majpr accomplishment for me, I don't "feel" like it.

Well done for showing up <3

Well done for showing up <3

HI All

I've been riding on a wave of accomplishing...not perfectly, but I guess good enough. Even though I want to say it's ME, it's not it's you guys and my HP and a little me.

Currently, I'm spending too much time on my personal emails, so I need to get to work!!

At work:
-deadline due today (almost done)
-go over deadline material with boss
-write up instructions for boss
-do attendance for rest of year

-Get Yoffee's stuff ready to fax to Dr.
-order for Yoffee before 3:00PM
-order for us before 3:00PM

Take good care everyone!!

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

10:00 CI for Lark

I have a whopping case of Demand Resistance this morning toward a client. Basically I need to send him elsewhere, but I fear losing the income. So, I just procrastinate at him. If anyone has some suggestions, please post them!
To do:
(X)morning stuff
deal with client
take care of client B
call J
sort work clothing
wash coat


Lark-I too have a issue with client demand resistance.  When I have someone who is really making my life miserable-I try to work with them at a distance, through emails.  This allows me time to process my emotions so they don't get the best of me and I can pray or meditate as the need arises.

Another way I have handled difficult clients is to ask my HP for patience and tolerance for those with a different struggle.  Also look inside yourself and do some step work on demand resistance since that is the true issue here.  Seperate the emotion from the client,  deal with the emotion, then deal with the client.  What we have learned on the phone bridge is procrastination has more to do with avoidance of emotions than the task.  Hope it helps and good luck with your client.




Thanks Spirit

Ah, I wish I could deal with my clients via e-mail, but most just walk into my workshop. Many want things right away, and realize they have to wait. Those that don't are the ones who really frost me, and sometimes I schedule them later or drag my feet (which helps neither of us).Thanks for your kind words.


Good Morning All,

Today I want to accomplish more than I did yesterday.  I have been caught in emotional turmoil which has adversly affected my view of everything.  As I reconcile my emotions and regain my spiritual balance I am looking forward to being more powerful than the first days of the week.

I did not procrastinate thanks to the morning checkins but I know my creativity was adversly affected.  I get to

  • go to my spa appointment
  • begin project e


Emotional turmoil does that!

Emotional turmoil does that! *HUGS* Good luck today!

Mama_Cat's picture

Mama_Cat Check-in

Good morning all!

My to-do list for today:

* Check e-mail

* Write e-mails, especially to A

* Water plants

* Scoop litter

* Shower and dress

* Head out to the house

* Check-in calls 

Thanks for listening!


Rexroth Check In

Thanks for starting the thread Lucky. I like the tree.

Up vacummed cleaned sorted the kitchen and washed up.
Checked emails etc.
Checked I have enough cash to pay him

Vacumme living room and put some stuff away
Check I have stuff ready for computer person
Bath and wash hair
Find a specific web site for downloading info
Put new message on answerphone
Write journal

and a few other bits which I'm not sure of yet

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth update

Done most of above, just answerphone and journal to do. When I wrote my list for today I forgot the fact that I needed to around for 2-3 hours as computer was fixed and I found that very challenging. It is fixed and I have learned a lot and have to make sure I don't forget.

Regards Rexroth

Lucky CI

Before work: 
Up by 6.30 - Nearly,  6.34!
Pack food for work,Smile water bottle,Smile bike lock and lights,Smile gloves, waterproof,Smile hand warmers, cycling clothesSmile
Straighten hairSmile

Prayer timeSmile
Full makeupSmile
Learn some lines
Change trains at Staines,Smile buy bible if it's still there (It wasn't!)
AQ Review Smile Did this in the evening - 25 mins (how?? I hardly wrote anything) 

Pod checkSmile
Calendar checkSmile
Voicemail checkSmile
Outlook tasks - part done
Finish bible changes in time for afternoon meetingSmile
Tidy deskSmile

Borrow bike - GRR, bike place shut
Contact man in Cornwall re postponing holiday Smile
Contact BT - Can't find bill
Check bank account re standing order to Past Due CreditSmile
Contact Past Due Credit Smile OMG PHEW NO PROBLEM!

After work:
Visit E&N for cooking and cleaning Smile 4h 15
Pack towel No need, no bike
All rubbish out Smile 13m (again, how?)
Tomorrow's list Smile
Wash face/brush teeth Smile 13m (...)
Check in Smile