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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

mj tuesday ci

clear one box

make dinner

get mail

put clothes away

tiptree CI

to do:

X 1806 testable
- 1702 testable
- merge bug testable
X call dr.
X library
- read 50 pp
- practice guitar
- clean for 1/2 hr
X investigate performance (I fixed the performance issue)
- soak beans
- listen to an LP
- exercise

Agnus 11:06am

Hi, PA friends!  It's good to be back. I took some needed time off work for the holidays. Even opening my computer can feel like work, so I just stayed off. But I'm smiling as I read your shares today because it feels like being back among friends. And I love the beautiful photo starter; thanks, Lucky!

I'm struggling today with getting started: Step 11 planning, self-care, pet care and J care, has stretched out now for 4 hours. My OA sponsor wants me to start putting start-and-end times around my planning (like a meal) but I'm resistant today. 

Possibly still processing yesterday's J crisis (OK now thanks to great emergency responders).  I love that 12 Step recovery helps me not make a BFD out of everything, but I find I do still need a couple of days to process true emergencies. 

Today I want to produce at least 3 billable hours, and complete at least one section on my volunteer assignment.  I also want to learn how the kids' ski trip went, make 2 more phone calls, and attend a 12 Step meeting today.

I am resisting the "shoulds" about my banking errands. I should close out the credit union accounts, the defunct business account, and consolidate the money in our personal checking account. But for some reason I very strongly don't want to do this!

I also am resisting completing my 2008 corporate taxes from the defunct business, which is accruing costly penalties every month I delay.  I am pretty sure my resistance here is based in resentment that my accountant is not doing this FOR me.  Why the F even have an accountant if he can't do this?  I really resent the reality that he needs me to actually do bookkeeping, which I detest, before he can file my taxes.  I further resent his policeman role (which I am paying him for!).

This is so unpleasant that even thinking about it creates physical symptoms: tightness in my chest, shortness of breath, angry spikes down the insides of my arms like fingernails on a blackboard. (I know it's not a heart attack because I got checked when this happened before and it is "just" stress - lol).

"The joy of living is the theme of Step 12, and action is its key word." (AA 12 Steps and 12 Traditions)  So...if I don't want this crap to keep stealing my joy, I need to get into action. Right now.  Bookending this: I am going to get in my truck, drive to the bank, and close the old corporate account. It's a beginning.  Will report back here when that's done.  Thanks for being here and for listening!

2:06pm Ag check back

Didn't go to the bank. Didn't do much except answer phone calls, visit neighbor, pull a few weeds in the yard, and fix lunch for me and J. Now going to bank.


glad J is doing OK now. I really admire how you're keeping going, my prayers are with you and J

Ag 3:40

Corporate bank account closed at last - 363 days after I closed the company. Sheesh.  YAY!  Also took 5 things to post office that have been sitting by the front door (no stamps) since November. Also deposited 2 checks that have been sitting on the counter 2+weeks. Still can't get past my discomfort about closing the credit union accounts, so will let that wait.

Awesome, well done!!!!

Awesome, well done!!!!

*massive hugs* Praying

*massive hugs*

Praying for you to find the strength to face the banking and bookkeeping, and to experience one of those 'why was I dreading this so much? I can totally do it!' moments that we all LOVE...*more hugs*

kromer 9:45 CI

Woke up way late today...oh well. Have alredy had breakfast and started doing some cleaning.

Since it's vacation, I don't really know how much I'll actually have time for. 

My parents would like me to do some cleaning, cook dinner and bake cookies. I want to call 3 friends and spend a little times with my prothers

Now, as for my own work, I'll post a few tasks at a time, that seemed to work well yesterday:
1)Prayertime+come up with list of potential new years resolutions
2)Finish organizing lab notebook
3)Finish QC on arrays

Rexroth Check In

Thanks for the beautiful photo Lucky.

Cleaned and cleared
Paid bill and checked bank account
Put all info from old laptop on memory stick for transfer

List what I want computer person to do
Find bits for computer
Phone him and arrange meeting
More cleaning and clearing

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Good night

Sorted computer and person is coming tomorrow afternoon and price agreed.

No bed, journal and read.

Good night everyone


Vic 12/29

Show up (done)

Lucky CI

Change of format: I'm not doing predicted times any more because I can get demoralised when things take longer than predicted! I'm just going to put how long things DID take.

Before work:
Get up by 6.45 Smile
Check in Smile 13m
Straighten hair and dress smartly Smile 8m (Not as smart as I'd like!)
Prayer time on sacredspace.comSmile ?
Spend some time in prayer and visualisation over my tasklist Smile about 25m
Pack bag including totes for shopping Smile 2m
Leave house by 7.35 - NOT

Full makeup Smile?
Learn some lines Smile 9m
Write down everything I need to do and make a plan for achieving it Smile - I did this this evening - about 2hrs!!

Work: (leaving plenty of space for unexpected stuff here!)
Pod check Smile?
Calendar check Smile?
Voicemail check Smile?
Catchups with bosses Smile?
Catch up on all emails from holiday Smile?
Separate all backlog-stuff from current-stuff Smile?
Outlook tasks Smile?
Work on bible changes Smile 3h
Tidy desk Smile 2m

Call debt management company Smile?
Get shopping: porridge oats, fruit & nuts, cabbage, rice, lentils, 2010 planner! Smile 1h

Email/Facebook/LJ/forum - 1 hour max Smile - I think a tad over an hour but not much!
Cook and freeze a job lot of dinners Smile 1hr + about 5 mins putting in freezer later
Plan morning, evening and work routines and post in Special Projects
AQ Review Smile
Tomorrow's list
Wash face/brush teeth Smile
Check in Smile