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Compulsive Time Debting Concepts

Here is a flyer from a Time and Money DA group that has brief concepts of time debting on the bottom of it.

Time Abundance Workshop (Oregon)

Blurb from bottom of flyer (added by pro)

Learn how the concepts of time record keeping, surrender, commitment logging, commitment moratoriums, time “currency,

time debting

I made the link Teri posted hot, and added the blurb at the bottom of the flyer to the message.

The tools are interesting. I've done time record keeping (time logging) in the past and found it helpful. I've never done commitment logging - that's an interesting idea. The idea of a commitment moratorium is also interesting. I could do with one of those. I'm feeling overwhelmed and trapped by my obligations.

I went to DA meetings every day for several months - stopped because I'm not a compulsive spender and that's the main focus. I've heard the term "time debting" in DA meetings, but no one ever expanded on this to talk about tools for dealing with it. It would be nice if there were literature about this somewhere.

DA started in New York (since everyone in New York is broke), and there are the most meetings here. You'd think there'd be at least one devoted to this topic, but I've never seen it. I'll look at the schedule again.

Time debting

This is the first thing I've ever read about time debting. Wow - I'm going to do more reading!!!!!!

Same here!!!!

And the description fits me to an iota. Wow. I'm not sure I can completely wrap my mind around the concept of time-debting, but the characteristics of a time-debtor's life are all mine. I have often added more commitments and further burdened my schedule with the offhand thought, "I bet I can just fit that right in there..." I KNEW that was gambling! I hadn't thought of it also as debting!

Hope it helps :)

BTW: I have 5 out of 20 summaries for a class done. And they are not due until Nov or Dec!!
Being ahead instead of behind is a nice feeling :)