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Monday 30 November 2009

Monday 30 November 2009

Just Start !




hardware store






mtg/book club

HP give me strength to do Your will Not mine.

So frustrated

I spent my entire day off building a website for my dog-care business. I took a suggestion from a supposed "expert" from my pet email group and used All was fine until picking the design of the website. No dogs, pets, etc. to be found. Obviously I am a beginner and said as much. Stayed on the phone waiting for cusomter support for 12 minutes before hanging up. Now I'm stuck with this site that I don't know how to create. If anyone knows of any ideas, would really appreicate it. Thanks.

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

to hope4meandu ...

as this is getting off-topic from procrastination recovery check-in ... I have replied to you in the "off-topic" forum ... with something that may help.
Look here:

No expert but...

Hi Hope4m&u!

I'm not by all means an expert... but I do own/maintain a couple of websites (non-profit organizations without ebusiness of any kind).

I use the services of wich I have found extremely professional. Until yesterday I had been using their free hosting, ad free plans (I had to upgrade because I needed a second MySQL database for starting a third domain).

So, I recommend you to give it a try:

  1. register into their website and signup for their chocolate plan (absolutely free and really not that limited, at least it's excelent for a single site as they provide you only 1 MySQL database)
  2. Once in their control panel you can but/register/transfer a domain.
  3. Next thing is to install a script that does what you want. I use Joomla 1.5 in one of the sites (I believe this site is joomla or drupal based but PRO could correct me on that and I mention it so you get an idea of the capabilities it could provide)
  4. I went for joomla after testing a few other scripts and have been extremely pleased with it.
  5. As per the support, I have only had the need to open 2 cases and in both times they only took about 5 and 8 minutes to reply with an answer (at no cost)
  6. Oh, one note though, regarding the design of you site: I believe you will have to make a compromise between using a freely available template and creating your dream design...
    1. as of me, I started my website with no preconception of how it should look, just found one that looked nice and started working in the content.
    2. Once I got more familiarized on how joomla worked I started making small changes (such as replacing joomla logo with my own)...
    3. then I went live and started showing the site to my friends.
    4. Only after seeing the website for a couple weeks, getting familiar with the looks and receiving lots of feedback from different people I started making some more changes.
    5. And from time to time I make small improvements or add new functionality to the site.

I know I sound like I was one of their salesmen (hmmm, maybe I should think of charging them about it  =) but it's only because it has worked great for me!

You'll have to spend a few hours with it but I can tell it will be worth it. after the initial 15 days of starting my site where I would spend hours figuring out things I now only dedicate a few minutes a day to manage it and only to post new articles and be aware of new members so I can manualy activate their accounts (that was my decission to do so, since joomla is capable of allowing complete site registration).

Hope this helps and feel free to contact me for further detail!

really feeling stuck so trying to Just Start

I have really been having trouble on a particular project: grading and providing feedback on posts I asked students to do in a college course I'm teaching.  I am so behind that I feel embarrassed to go to the class tomorrow night.  So for a just start step:  I am going to spend 10 minutes writing down the steps I need to carry out to bring this to a better place.


ten minute check in

Well, I did make the list. 

Agnus checking in

Hi friends!  I've already been fairly productive today, thanks to HP and working the 12 Steps this weekend on some issues related to my procrastination addiction. So grateful for recovery, this site and this fellowship!

For the remainder of today I want to take these actions:

  • Find out about possible car insurance claim
  • J call rv store
  • send dr. i. a CPC kit
  • order fruit or fish
  • order cosmets
  • call cbc carried over to Tuesday
  • talk to rr about 4:30 call
  • be prepared and on time for 430 call
  • invite JF to alanon tonight
  • call LW emailed actually
  • read 2 hours on AH carried over to Tuesday
  • Get petsitter actually J took this on: left message
  • Plan the rest of the week carried over to Tuesday
  • on-time dinner
  • on-time Alanon

Rexroth Check In

Still not well an determined not to lie in bed and do nothing so:


Washed hair and me

Sorted clothes for washing and put on one load

Checked on progress of craft order

Sorted bits of mail


Start work on end of month finances

Hang up washing

Supper and wash up and tidy up

and that will do


Done and so am I.

Done and so am I.

GeorgeSmiley 11/30

10:30 AM

Very late start.

Also, very discombobulated task list.

Also, many distractions.

I will have to leave early today for my PT job.

Tomorrow I will be out of the home office most of the day. 

Today: Work on P-02

Work on E-D

Work on cleaning up task list

 Added:  Also, P-H



Want what you have. Be who you are. Do what you can. ~Forrest Church (1948-2009)


The Hero's Code:

Show Up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go o

OCz 30Nov fresh start

They say an image is worth a thousand words... and it is mostly true. But I think in this ocasion these two words from todays starter are worth a million images, thank you Movingalong!

I'm just comming from a catholic retreat... I hadn't done it in years and oh God, I really needed it (please bear a bit with me if non-catholic, i will not preach=).

It gave me the opportunity to think really deep in the current condition of my life, in my mistakes, in my marriage, my relationship with my extended family, my job and, of course, my procrastination. Mostly, it got me into thinking of what is it that I really want in life. I've made a commitment to it. I know now what I want from life so I'll work on it.

So, today is a fresh start for me, and with these magical words from MA I know now what the next step is: Just Start!

Edit - MIT's for today:

  1. A minute to thank God
  2. @W 
    1. Sched VC test Dir-Wed mkt-Fri
    2. aprove Invcs
    3. Send tel reports to MarC
    4. get mob for TDav (P+iP)
      1. request
      2. follow up later!
    5. Attend 16:00 YE mtng
  3. @H
    1. Get haircut!
    2. Get R for T 
    3. Get home early
    4. Attend 20:00 PSA mtng

Thank you all for being here!

Spirit 11/30

Well this is a new work day. Socializing last night left me a bit tired this morning but I am now in action.

Before Noon:

  • Made phone bridge
  • breakfast
  • make bed
  • 3 hook up calls
  • scheduled bookends through out the day
  • made time line schedule
  • websie completion
  • temp ser research
  • cont ext
  • report to client


  • get computer/vitamins-com not ready
  • grocery shopping
  • data entry-rescheduled
  • prep for tomorrow
  • research and post bill due dates
  • 300 into r-fund-reseved



Vic 11/30

show up (done) contact L. and B.

kromer 9 CI

Today I have to get a lab mtg pres done...eek.

OK, here's a basic plan:
1)Get write-up done
2)Get overview slides done 
3)Look at RT data, make slides for RA injection expt. (1 hr) (have made good progress on this, would like to clean up and maybe even do another experiment if I have time)
4)Try to get pictures of sections, make slides for that project
5)Ask MG about injections, try to get cells (30 min) (this will need to be postponed until tomorrow)
6)Make slides for RA biosensor project
7)Send email+make phone call about Harambee (phone call will have to wait until tomorrow)
8)Talk to folks about chip expts (1 hr)
(have made good progress on this, will finish soon--for today, I just need to write up what MG said, tomorrow I'll get input from GD, JM, EA)
9)Make schedule for rest of the week.
10)Clean up disaster that is lab nb. (mostly done, will finish soon)

If I have extra time, I'll work on comparative project. But that's lower priority.

OK, heading to chatbox now. 



clean kitchen Smile

refigerator Smile

fold laundry Cool

book club book Laughing

pick up bedroom and make beds Innocent

Christmas lights front house

dinner KissThanks HP for giving me strengh to get this done!

CL daily overcoming

who procrastinates christmas shopping?

that's one aspect that really gets me down, because i love christmas, but the dread of being behind and the feeling that if i had got my act in gear sooner i could have bought ppl better / more thotful gifts can take most of the joy out of the season.

it doesnt help that christmas falls at the end of the year, and that i am usually get busy at work trying to make up for a year's worth of procrastination there.

well, this year it's not even december yet (barely) so hopefully that's a good omen. HP, i think i need help on this one.

820 10min catch up on pa :)
830 10min ci :)
840 10min emerg email only / ck mtgs - 10min late, but :)
850 30min quiet time
950 60min wko :)
1005 15min rdy :)
1015 10min dailies
1025 10min work / shopping plan
1025 work hard.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Lucky CI

VERY interesting progress on the 'Bert Method'! (For those who weren't following yesterday: 1) Do what you like; 2) Like what you do.)

I got some of the cleaning I planned done yesterday - not all, probably because I planned to do way too much. Had an emotional conversation with my housemate where she told me she wished I would spend less time on housework and more on hanging out with her. She actually thought I was working TOO HARD to make a clean home for her. I was gobsmacked and actually cried with happiness. You know those moments when you realise nobody actually expects the world of you except you. :)

I've decided the only things I 'have' to do each day are prayer and creative writing, and sure enough, I've managed that the past two mornings, even getting up a bit early today to do so. Amazing!

Today, I had a real miserable moment at work (a colleague was crying and snapped at me when I tried to help - I immediately assumed this was because I'm awful at my job and she hates me, and not because she was just upset.) After a bit of staring into space feeling unable to work, I remembered the 'Bert Method' and decided to find something I felt up to doing, even if it was really low priority.

I started sorting some papers for filing, a completely mindless job, so mindless I usually avoid it, but perfect for how I was feeling at that moment. I realised that my boring filing is actually a gift because I can use it to fill the bits of time where I don't feel able to do anything else. As I worked I got a rather strong feeling that all of my HPs were 'in' the work and I got into a rhythm, and was smiling to myself. Hard to explain but made me really happy. Working in this way is a chance to hang out with my loves and I hope I can do much more of it.

I've also realised that I'm actually a person who likes a lot of choice and freedom (like Bert :) ) and I've been trying to crush that for most of my life and it's almost turned my personality upside-down.

Revelations coming thick and fast at the moment! I'm NOT coping perfectly though, still screwing up and wasting time somewhat, but that reassures me that it's real progress rather than a blip of super-duper unsustainable effort.

Oh, and I've also started a 'store computer in cupboard' policy at home - that'll take effort to adhere to so wish me luck!

Welcome, Catherine

Welcome, Catherine :)

Welcome, Catherine!

Welcome Catherine!

There are several ways to check in.

Some people write to-do lists
and then check/tick off each item when done.

Some people cross out items when done.

Some people write one list of tasks "to do" ...
and then move things over to a list of tasks "done".

Some people record "done" accomplishments only.

Some people choose to just "bookend" a single task they are working on, and then give updates telling their progress and their difficulties on this task.

Sometimes, people write a few short sentences about their struggle of the day or their victory of the day.

You can pick the style that works for your recovery.

The mechanics of updating:

If nobody has replied to your original post, you can edit it with your updates. Or you can just reply to your own post.

If somebody has already replied to your original post, you cannot edit it, but you can either reply to their reply, or reply to your original post.

Sometimes people use the option to make a separate post on today's thread -- later in the day with an update.

And ... you don't have to post any updates if you don't want to.

Note: Sometimes there are lots of people checking in throughout the day, and the daily thread gets long. People want to find their original posts quickly so that they can post their updates.

Therefore, it's good to edit the Title (subject) of your post to put your username in it. Putting your username in your post title makes it easier for every person to find his/her own post.

Sometimes people write "Username, morning check-in"
and then reply to themselves with "Username, afternoon follow-up".
Or something like that.

You'll note that I didn't reply to your post, so that you could have the freedom to edit it, if you wish to.


To movingalong, thank you very much! You explained the process very clearly and almost all of it makes sense apart from "bookending."  

I am not sure which style or styles will work for me but I like the idea of either crossing things out (which I have just realised can be done using the toolbars) or of updating my progress using the bookend thing. 

Bookending means ....

Bookends are two solid objects that hold up a row of books on a shelf.

In 12-Step groups, the word "to bookend" means to make a phone call (or an email) ... to a 12-Step buddy ... to get support before doing a difficult task ...
..... And then making another phone call (or email) ... to a 12-Step buddy ... to report what happened after working on the task.

With both phone calls, you are getting the support for your efforts from a 12-Step buddy.

And sometimes you are "checking in" with your buddy because you might feel shaky, and need to talk through your process, as you want to follow the appropriate course of action.

Your two phone calls (or emails) on both ends of the task ... are like Supportive Bookends ... holding up the row of your process of doing the task.

This "daily check-in forum" here at P.A. ... acts in a similar capacity.

So that's what it means!

Dear Lord! I've been here for over a month and never ocurred to me to ask what it was...

I just thougth it was an expression to tell when you have finished reading a book!

It now makes perfect sense to me and is more meaningful!

Thank you Catherine for asking and thenk you moving along for explaining.

Now, I'll get to bed and I'll get back tomorrow for some bookending!



I am not entirely clear on how this check in business works but I will write down 7 things I have to do today. Some are small, others a lot bigger and harder. It is already 3 pm on Monday in my neck of the woods.


edit to end of part 1 of chapter

email J D - 

email g and d

email M Mc


eat some lunch 

pay bills on line 

What happens now? Do I keep this site open and return to my own comments to tick tasks done? I am sure I'll figure it out as I go ...


Movingalong's Monday plans

Hello all.

Monday plans:

Wake up EARLY. Go to 12-Step phone meeting.
Work on project D.
Go to appointment.
Check in with Higher Power.

-- movingalong