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Wednesday, November 25

Good morning!

"Never forget: This very moment we can change our lives...This second, we can turn the tables on Resistance. This second, we can sit down and do our work."

~Stephen Pressfield, The War of Art


OCz very late check in!

I was reading some posts before leaving home tonigth... and I was thinking "I had a very busy day today, didn0t even had time to check in at PA"

While this is true, It was quite a busy day: two systems failed, I had to reply a seemingly endless mail chain and also deliver the financial reports I had in my yesterday MUT list (which I did't even started), It doesn't mean the day has to end like this.

So, here I am, late, but still showing up!

Have a great day tomorrow! 

Prosick 3:48 pm check in

Got a few things done b4 getting online. Transferring stickie to-do list since I always lose them...

1) Organzie pills for week -done

2) Input bills -done

3) Pay bills

4) kitten food & litter  -done-ish

5) call Coas.  -- left VM

6) call Chas.

7) check email

8) read forum replies to find out solution to AB prj

9) input 1 folder, the worst dreaded task

10) spend 15 min cleaning up office, another dreaded task

Agnus check-in and follow-ups

well, i suppose it's to be expected. Day b4 Thanksgiving and all. Who can work? Who can focus?  Even my boss called me on her way to the grocery store to buy more food for tomorrow's traditional American binge day!

I want to thank my Higher Power and friends here for something specific: I'm on Day 10 of installing the new habit of getting out the front door in my gym clothes every morning. Someone posted a link here while back that inspired me to try this approach.  I have to do a few subtasks of preparation such as getting my gym clothes and shoes ready the night before, but so far I've been able to overcome the very minimal resistance this generates. After 21 days of this, I plan to step up to actually getting in the truck and driving to the gym. Who knows, I might eventually get out of the truck and go into the gym! LOL

Besides that and a good Step 11, I planned food, wrote some 4th Step, called my sponsor, did pet care, self care, some laundry, replied to some work-related emails, cleaned out other emails, and spent 2 hours finalizing plans for a trip. 

I still need to go to make a trip folder, Smilefind the specialist envelopeSmile, go to the produce store, make banana bread, produce 2 AH hours, check Project EM statusSmile. I also want to microburst one of five scary paperwork piles. SmileI'll check back in this evening to say how it's going. Happy Thanksgiving to those in the States, and an equally warm (a bit too humid, actually! :-)) hug from the Southern U.S. to everyone.

6:15pm - the urgent need to find the specialist envelope generated a microburst on the piles,Smile which itself generated a major sorting Smileand now I am about to log a small pile of medical receipts,Smile then file another small pileSmile, then re-sort a medium-sized pile of bills,Smile and pay the most urgent ones Smilebefore I go to the produce store.  This feels like good progress. Thanks for being here!

vic 11/25

show up (done)

 "I can be changed by what happens to me, I refuse to be reduced by it."

Maya Angelou

CI rightmeow


1. Crim 2-5pm holiday makeup class

Civ Pro

1. Read: 737-755; 25-28; 755-762 FRCP 100-104; 119; 124; 682; 696 (40)

2. Brief: Plant; Mosely; Larsen; Price (4)

Fri - Thanksgiving

1. Make roast 

2. Bake pies

3. B. Casserole


1. Go to Civ Pro holiday makeup class: 2-5pm

Rexroth todo today

Thanks for starting the thread GS.


Last shopping trip for food that I probably don't need anyway.


Cook some food and freeze it

Email solictor and surgeon

Phone friend this evening

Check advice from hospital

Pack kit for hospital

Set alarm clock and radio

Do a last check and remember that I can't be perfect

Have a long bath and soak

Try not to be such a wimp I am really not looking forward to my operation tomorrow

Regards Rexroth

wishing you courage and

wishing you courage and peace of mind Rexroth.

(besides, who would ever look forward to an op.? It sounds like you've done a lot of things to be able to be a friend to yourself afterwards.)


Asking my Higher Power to inspire your medical team to do a great job, and to treat you with dignity and respect...May tomorrow be such that, at the end of the day, your doctor is saying to him/herself, "Wow, this day has been a highlight of my career!" 

GeorgeSmiley 11/25

Another few days of backsliding, fueled by the pileup of stuff that freezes me up and leads me to dither.

Two other things further complicate things today:

1) I might be needed to do childcare for an ill friend who has an important medical appointment. I've volunteered to go to their house, because my own son (the buddy of their kids) is at school today and theirs aren't.

2) It will be a short day anyway.

In the last several days I've let things that are good in themselves -- a personal blog, reading other blogs that are in themselves worthwhile, and a hobby of mine that I've get re-energized about -- take over my time too much. 


Right now I will check personal email. Then business email. Then I will do things on my task list and strive to stay focused.


Update, 4:35 PM

A few things checked off on my list, but not much.

giving myself the rest of the day and all tomorrow off.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.



Want what you have. Be who you are. Do what you can. ~Forrest Church (1948-2009)


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