Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Monday, November 16, 2009

By seeking an expanded awareness of reality it is possible to experience relief from problems caused by erroneous beliefs. (AA Big Book)



tomorrow's list

I have to make my list tonight b/c I have to get an early start tomorrow & I don't want to stop in the middle of my day to start my daily list. So this is my check in for Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hey, bonus points for me, from me, I'm actually completing one of tomorrow's tasks ahead of time!!! I really hope this list works long term for me! *fingers crossed*

1. Go to Property Class

2. Read: pp 793-799; 806-811; 827-830; 834-837; CS 149 Jury Instruction  (17 pgs)

3. Brief: People v Hernandez, People v Cash, State v Burney

4. Analyze: MPC 2.04(1); 2.09(1) & (2); 3.02

5. Dr. Appt 3:40 pm

 At least complete 1, 2 (book brief) & 5 - May complete full briefs on Wed morning -

Whatever is put off until Wed will only add to day of Civ Pro on Wed!

Hi, love the thread starter too, VIC!!!

It's funny, when I accomplish and things are going well. I don't check in and tell you guys. My mind says, "so what, etc." Also because of the thread starter, I will also try to see the good in myself and others today.

I accomplished a big deal at work: cleaned out the supply room, which wasn't my mess to begin with.

For the rest of today:
-finish 5K
-do attendance

For job hunting/business:
-Did really good, put up fliers over the weekend around my neighborhood!!
-Tonight I will go internet and answer craigslist ads, and start looking into creating a website.

All good things, y'all!!

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

kromer 1:20 CI

Today I'm having a hard time concentrating.

So far, I had prayer time, checked on mice and went to class.

Now I have a lot of boring/admin tasks that need to get done today. And I don't want to do them, b/c they're boring admin. tasks. However, they are boring admin tasks that will help me move my project forward (on to more exciting tasks), so they need to happen.

OK, so I have a schedule mtg 4-5 and dance class 8-10 (cancelled :( ).

Admin tasks that need to happen are:
*Order primers
*ILL requests (will do this soon)
*Organize computer files (have made good progress on this), freezer boxes (have made progress) and lab nb
*Start EdU CAC proposal(will do this soon)

And a somewhat more interesting task:
*Rough plan for RA measurement project(have made progress, will work on this after mtg)

If I have time, I'll spend some time on comp. project and/or read DH's papers

Right now, I'll going to talk w/ MG about RA measurement project. Then, I'll order primers, put in ILL requests, organize freezer boxes and lab nb, and start CAC proposal. 

roses ci

It's been a while since I did this. Hi all.

I was up earlier than usual today to answer the door, hopefully I shall feel tired before midnight and be able to get my sleep at sane hours.

Wrote a to-do list, but ended up completing a bunch of other stuff instead.

Here's what I've done so far:
Showered :)
Cleaned teeth :)
Ate good breakfast (yum!) :)
Vacuumed room :)
Wrote to-do list :)
Ran through songs acoustically :)

Here's my to-do list:
Make important call re benefit claim
Draft daily, weekly and monthly plans/ goals
Draft a weekly timetable factoring in other projects and fun time.
Read articles on PA
Update master plan thread
Think through budgeting
Drink green tea

I'm going to hit the chatbox and attempt to plough through these.

Much peace.

p.s. i love the smiley task completion idea hope-faith and clement!

welcome back Roses!!

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

Thanks hope.

Thanks hope.

1st check in

Hello all, I'm new here. What's right about me today is that I continue to search for and try new methods to break my addiction to procrastination and chronic avoidance despite the fact nothing has worked for me yet. I am working harder than I've ever worked to break my addiction because I am a first year law student and I don't want to fail out of school due to my addiction. I absolutely love what I am learning so that makes it worth fighting for. This should explain why most of my posts will revolve around reading, briefing, and outlining. The jokes about all the reading are true lol. Only in the last 2 weeks I developed the inability to force myself to read my weekly work. Prior to this I have not been able to force myself to outline so now I have 11 weeks of outlines for 3 classes to complete before my exams in 4 weeks. Not to mention learning the material in these not yet created outlines. The sad part is that I would probably not be having much problem at all with learning the material and I would not even worry too much about finals if I had been outlining all along.  

I am grateful to have found this group and I sincerely hope it can help me make much needed improvements in my life.

Here's wishing us all much motivation and an action filled day.

Hugs, rightmeow :)

1. Read pgs 532 -558

2. Brief: Sweeney, Rosengrant, Murphy, Bean



Completed Today's tasks :)

1. Read pgs 532 -558

2. Brief: Sweeney, Rosengrant, Murphy, Bean

 Seems like such a small dent in the mountain of work but at least I did what I said I was going to do for today! This is the earliest I've been finished doing homework for the next day since Week 1 & it's now Week 11 so that's good. I might try fooling around with some outlining techniques but I'm not going to add more work to my list at this point in the day :)


You've come to the right place!! I really liked what you said about loving what you're studying - the law. It makes me so happy that you found us. Wishing you much success and looking forward to hearing more.


i>♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

Thank you for the kind

Thank you for the kind welcome :)

Hope-Faith CI 9:20

Hi all and thanks for the thread start Vic,

Well I had a very successful weekend and so I am going to use the same approach by planning for Monday - Thursday and just keeping that plan an modifying it as needed. This will have to be a work in progress through out the day.


 Task Check Off   T  T
 Swish & Swipe    Smile      
 Dishwasher    Smile      
 Reboot    Smile      
 Coffee/e-mail    Smile      

Task  M  T  W  Task  M  T  F
PPT2 Smile         PPT4 Smile        
Plan2 Smile          Email4 Smile         
Email2 Smile          Game4 Smile        
PPT3 Smile          Plan4 Smile        
Email3 Smile          0degrees  Smile         
Game3 Smile          Desk Smile        
Plan3 Smile                     

 Action When to accomplish by  Check off 
Vaccume Wall 2 Wednesday  
Take Down Bed Wednesday  
Vaccume Wall 3 Wednesday  
Vaccume Floor Wednesday  
Clean light fixtures Wednesday  
Cover Floor with drop clothes Thursday  
Tape Wood Thursday  
Frig Top Shelf Monday  Smile
Frig Middle Shelf Tuesday  
Frig Bottom Shelf Tuesday  

Frig Drawers

Frig Drawers Friday  
Frig Door Saturday  
Freezer Sunday  
Take Pics of house Monday  
Clean Top of Computer Hutch Wednesday  
Clean Middle of Computer Hutch Wednesday  
Clean Bottom of Computer Hutch Thrusday  
Put out Christams on Computer Hutch Thrusday  

Daily Declutter

Task  M  T  F  S  s
15 min clothes organization              
Remove 30 Items              
BS 5 a day              
Fold and Put Away Smile             
Load & Wipe Smile            
Clothes Next Day Smile            

Items to plan -- Type in test


CL daily overcoming

extra focus extra hours this week.
HI to all new ppl :), wish i had time to get 2 kno u this week but i can't :(

7am ci & ck emerg only email / mtgs :)
7am quiet time :)
730 rdy :)
745 dailies :)
755 work plan :)
805 work...

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Agnus checking in - and out

G'morning! Great thread starter challenge, vic, thanks.  Something right about myself that I will celebrate today? Hmmm...well, I am an alcoholic drug addict with an eating disorder who is clean, sober, abstinent and normal body size today by the grace of God. The Weasel (as I call the addiction within) has morphed into procrastination addiction and codependency, so something else I am doing right is showing up here and at all the other meetings I need to keep the Weasel in hibernation.  Thanks for reminding me to congratulate myself on that substantial progress!

I started today by keeping my intent to dress in exercise clothes and go sit outside for my Step 11 (it's 60F where I live so this is not impossible);  Day 1 of 21 days to install this new habit, before taking it to the next step of actually driving to the gym. Then I had sponsor call, meditation, breakfast, pet care, a little housework, and now starting work - 2 hours earlier than usual. Another win to celebrate!

Today I'd like to complete my notes from EMSmile, my workplan for RM not done:rolleyes: , spend 2 hours on Project AP, did not get this done due to unexpected 2 hours on Project AH :rolleyes:(ADDED: Book travel for 2 trips in Dec, talk to boss re Proj EM and AH)Smile, and be on time for meals, conf calls at 3 andSmile 4:30Smile, meetings at 5:55 and 7:25, and bed by 10.  This will fulfill my work deadlines and personal commitments for this full day!  Also I am noticing some anxiety around my bill-paying procrastination so I will try to slide one or two bill-pays between other duties today if I can; and will slot this task in its own time tomorrow to do more.

5:30pm checking out: I feel good that I got this much done despite several unexpected interruptions, the addition of 2 major MITs midday, and I forgot that I had to project-manage a major tree-trimming project in my yard today.  Pretty productive for a compulsive procrastinator - thank you, Higher Power! Now I need to eat dinner and be on time for my meetings. The undones will carry over to tomorrow without shame - it's been a good day.



This day is tax paperwork and filing day.  Whoopie!! Been procrastinating on that one for a long time.  Even woke up in the wee hours of the morning trying to find a way out of it, but program prevailed and I am doing it today.  Nothing else on my list just this one task,  well not much else on my list.

  • send ext
  • send signed con
  • morning phone check in
  • book end
  • dishes done
  • breakfast
  • trash out
  • trouble shoot email attac malfunction
  • schedule start date
  • get info from t ofice
  • locate completed paperwork
  • get software
  • order parts for computer
  • call store
  • order parts for phone
  • submit paperwork
  • pay pc


Vic 11/16

 Showing up (done) One more day My something "right" for Monday

Have been thinking of all kinds of reasons to stop "showing up" here, like calling in to CLA, find different sponsor,etc., etc., etc. all seems so reasonable,all make perfect sense always starts with a thought........uncanny how all these "addictions" are related. 

Loved reading everyone's something "right". I am becoming willing to go to the next level of dealing with my "self management". Consistently showing up here has changed my life. I am going on CLA phone meetings- one toe in the water. Time to connect with real people in a 12 step programs/traditions. Next level of expanded reality and expanded recovery.