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roses master plan

Hi lovely people, as is addiction I am back. I hope you all have fared well whilst I've been away.

I wish I could say otherwise, but I have spent most of my time procrastinating plus a little writing in between. I did some travelling in France earlier this year tho, which took a lot of planning! I couchsurfed and hitchhiked, and it was amazing.

Still, procrastination has brought me back to pa, and my music to this particular forum; I'm working on a record and I need to engage and shift up a gear... or seven. I have my sights on high goals and know I need to plan now before I slip down the easy slide of no-effort into next year and beyond.

A brief outline: rehearse - vocals, guitar, bass and drums - each day; purchase equipment to record; produce, promote and distribute ep; tour with a band (the biggest challenge); budget.

I have little other than this outline at the moment so I think tomorrow I will set about drafting a plan to kickstart this endeavour. Any feedback or advice on such is warmly welcome. This thread will be updated as often as possible, and I plan to start checking in again as of tomorrow. I will also take some time to re-read all pa's articles.

I look forward to being back here, I have missed the kindness of you folk for sure, as well as that wonderful feeling of being supported by others who know how tough it can get.

Much peace and love,

Darn computers and sleep

I am having serious computer problems. I've been running Ubuntu Studio for a while, but today it's begun to play up. First I couldn't log in, then I could. Now a drive's failing disk checks and, when I manage to log in, it refueses to listen to any of my input, doing only what it wants and crashing else.

I desperately need to backup all my current audio projects, which are on another hard drive, but it's proving difficult. I'm barely able to run a plain Ubuntu live disk (which is how I'm writing this). I hoped I could backup the files I need to several dvds, but my cd-rom drive seems to detest the live cd and will not load it. This leaves me with all my project files accessible, and an in-use dvd drive!

As for sleep, the last several months or more my sleeping pattern has been rotating around the clock. I'm currently going to sleep at 6am and waking up about 5pm. This will shift up to roughly six hours over the next week. I hold a pattern for a couple of days, or until I'm seemingly sucked forwrd. Before this started happening I would usually go to bed between 2am & 5am, and wake up around midday. For over five years I've had trouble getting up on time for school or work (or any other early-ish happenings), and if I really forced myself I'd be half asleep all day and find it extremely difficult to concentrate.

For these sleep issuses, I've found - past procrastination - two likely answers:
Non-24-hour sleep-wake syndrome and delayed sleep phase syndrome.

My current sleep pattern meant I was unable to starte my rehearsal schedule today, nor will I be able to continue it this week, as it relies on a 9am start. I also posted the links above as I wondered if anybody had heard of either condition, or even have some similar problems with their sleep.

Anyway, I have done more planning. I will add some of my work to this thread once I've stabilised my computer, which could take a few days. Wish me luck.

agnus to roses re: sleep disorders

My husband has one or both of these - has needed trazadone to sleep, ever since open heart surgery in 1999.  Much worse since a head injury in 2005.  This plus diabetes and liver disease render him incapable of doing almost anything except his personal self-care, and caring tenderly for me and our pets.  :*

I've long since stopped blaming him for it, recognizing that no one would willingly put themselves through the poor quality of life that result from sleeping 5am to 1pm most days.  In that sense it is much like compulsive procrastination and my other addiction problems.  My hugs and prayers are with you!