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Nice article on building habits!

since reading The monk who sold his Ferrary, I have been working around this idea that I should create a lot of new habits to replace my old ones. I know it won't solve my procrastination as it has grown deeper than just bad habits (more like bad attitude about not accepting my responsibilities and the consequences of non doing so),

Yet, I believe that working on some habits to finish those repetitive, non adding value tasks I don't like migth leave me with some time/space to work on those that add value and need some more effort.

I found this article that talks about it:

Installing a new habit and breaking an old one

It's a bit long, but I hope you like it as well and are able to benefit from it. I'll give it a try and let you know how I did!

Thanks for sharing

Great article and thanks for sharing, never thought about breaking the habit down, this will help a lot.



on installing new habits

I like this idea a lot: a positive spin, with real potential to conquer my demand-resistance to breaking old habits. I pay for a gym membership I'm not using, so I'm going to use her technique to get there.

First step: install the new habit of going outside as soon as I get out of bed. I am motivated for this b/c I love nature and can do my Step 11 there.  This requires re-donning the clothes I took off at bedtime, which is adequate for starters. Once this habit is installed I will address the isssues of gym clothes, starting the car, driving to the gym, staying 5 minutes, etc.