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Do you think it's better to multi-task or focus on one thing at a time?  I vacillate between the two. 

Pls discuss lol.


multi-tasking is a myth?

i heard it quoted twice now--article in NYTimes about research into multi-tasking. They say it is a myth, what really happens is you switch from one task to another. And each time you switch, you lose time.

i have been thinking about this. I've decided that when there are small gaps of time in task, instead of switching to another task, i just listen to godly music, which helps me anyway with my pa stuff. Then when i'm done waiting, i can pick back where i was.

i have felt the effect of not losing focus on the one task; i feel it does get the one task done faster. Can't tell yet if that means overall productivity improvement.

Also, i have some tasks which are rote and boring. For those i also listen to music. Those tasks might work during a meeting or in other multi-tasking situations, but i haven't tried them.

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agree that multi-tasking is myth

I think multi-tasking is a myth, becuase of the fact of the time lost in switching tasks. I believe that if one had many really short tasks, maybe multitasking would work, but with things that require long periods of concentration, multitasking just doesn't work. I lost time in trying to figure out what I was doing and getting back to the thought process I had before I changed tasks. -Babs

Been there, done that...

 AndI, too, vacillate. I've tried to stay focused on one thing during the day but it often doesn't work out.

But multi-tasking too much feels like I don't get anything done.




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