Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday September 22 2009

Welcome to Tuesday! :)

Or as you Americans like to call it, 'Toosday' :P

Here's hoping that today is not TOO much of a challenge..  just enough :) (Hey, I've had 3 hours' sleep and I can't think of anything better than that!)

 Lucky xxxxx

Recycler CI 9:55pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

This morning I walked to the gym, did additional cardio, did my stretching and ab exercises.

This morning at work went great. Woo hoo! :) Got a nice sandwich for lunch :)

After lunch, ai yi yi yi yi. Phone rang constantly. A meeting wasn't intense, but required a lot of attention. Ended up feeling overwhelmed. Continued to work on stuff. Put it in a pile on my desk at end of day. Didn't get anywhere near updating my assignment list for in the morning.

After work I walked home. Cleaned up, then went to my volunteer activities. Arriving at home, I am having a snack, checking my websites, and need to start getting ready to sleep.

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

e's belated Tuesday ci

I fell right off the log into a deep pool of procrastination behavior yesterday: I was wallowing in self pity because I gave my ticket to U2 away 'cause I wasn't feeling good: my sister-in-law went and had a blast. However.... the concert was out at 11pm, it took over an hour just for them to leave the parking lot, and when all was said in done it took until 3:20 AM for my husband to get home!!!! and that was with me coming out at 2:30 to meet him so his sister wouldn't have to drive an hour out of her way. So, slept not. Then the dog was having wildly loud indigestion last night, so slept not again. Luckily, I wallowed in sleep throughout yesterday, and I was able to let myself sleep in after walking Patches at 3:30 in the morning!

Today has been doctor's visits, and now paperwork, and there is more, more, more to do, and I don't want to waste it in solitaire. MIT has not been done for the 7th day or more in a row: the time is ripe!

However, the desk in a bag thingy is HUGELY helpful, and it keeps papers in order while I work on them, or wait for responses, etc. However, my messy piles still get the better of me, so cleaning up now so I can make supper. oh yeah, supper. I don't want to cook, so raiding the freezer for heat up food.....

asking for help to do the next right thing

e's check back

still grumbly and feeling put upon. silly me.
Child is fed (the child is bigger than me!)
reimbursement account form is printed
yearbook packed up to send back to school
Gideon's bible is in a packet: need an address.
Computer is REALLY irritating me, but then again, I have not been to a meeting for a while and that means I am buggy.
I think a little bit of 12 step literature is in order, along with a phone call....

for help to do the next right thing

e's next check back

called my sister to make amends for not having shown up to help her with her taxes yesterday and found out she is going to Amsterdam tomorrow night. Nothing like living vicariously through your siblings! So, no I have some additional responsibilities and, remembering what works here< I am grateful for her being able to do so.

Now spending five minutes on putting papers away. then 5 minutes on dishes, then five minutes on shifting laundry. What I would really like to do is ignore all of these things and curl up in a ball on the couch and turn on the tv, but, for right now, I will notice that and do what I need to do anyway...

asking for help to do the next right thing

e's end of the night co

not everything got accomplished, but I did spend some time thinking about aspects of my MIT which will help me to move forward with it in the morning.

For now, I am grateful for:
my husband having a job
my son succeeding in high school, feeling good about his work
my older son smoothly transitioning into college classes, feeling confident in the workload.
for the gift of time that I have been given to heal, to regroup, to become the person I wish to be as a human being, not just a worker/academic.
For friends who come into my life from the past, and opportunities to heal old hurts and relish good memories
For my sponsor's gentle guidance.
for program friends who call me.
For a great conversation I had with my son regarding my alcohol abuse and why 12 step programs work for me.
For beginning to see that when I wig out, I have let my program go to far between meetings, a lack of consistency in my program and the new ability for me to notice that without chastising myself: easy does it.

good night, good people. Peace.

asking for help to do the next right thing

Well done e, this is an

Well done e, this is an inspiring read. :)


Thanks! When I remember to be grateful I really feel better the next day - which I do this morning!

asking for help to do the next right thing

check-in (3:00PM)

Hi Fellow Travelers,

I did a slew of stuff needed this a.m. at work and I'm proud of a project that I've done better than anyone at this job before me. Truthfully, most of the other things I mess up, but it still felt good and I didn't need to get it from anyone else. I gave it to myself.!! I'm also still showing up!!

Now, as my indirect way of saying f.u. for a variety of reasons, I'm doing my own stuff and leaving my piles to continue to scream and shout at me!!

I'm very happy that I have you guys and that I'm abstinent in 2 of my other major addictions. Still don't really see this as an addiction? I'm trying.

Hope you all make great strides today in the little and big ways you need to!!

♥"Kindness and truth have met, righteousness and peace have kissed." Psalm 85♥

Showing up is Big!!!

 Showing up is "ground zero"

For some reason I remembered my "

"Theme Song" when I first started recovery T

This Is It Lyrics by Kenny Logins

There have been times in my life
I’ve been wondering why
Still somehow I believed
We’d always survive
Now I’m not so sure
You’re waiting to hear
One good reason to try
But what more can I say
What’s left to provide
You think that maybe its over
Only if you want it to be
Are you gonna wait for your sign, your
Stand up and fight
This is it
Make no mistake where you are
This is it
Your backs to the corner
This is it
Don’t be a fool anymore
This is it
The waiting is over
No room to run
No way to hide
No time for wondering why
Its here
The moment is now
About to decide
Let him believe
Or leave him behind
But keep me near in your heart
And know, whatever you do
I’m here by your side
You said that maybe its over
Not if you don’t want it to be
For once in your life, here’s your miracle
Stand up and fight
This is it
Make no mistake where you are
This is it
You’re going no further
This is it
Until its over and done
No one can tell you what you know
Who makes the choice of how it goes
Its not up to me this time
You know
There comes a day in every life
This is it
Make no mistake where you are
This is it
You’re going no further
This is it
Until its over and done
This is it
One way or another
This is it
No one can tell what the future holds
This is it
Your backs to the corner
This is it
You make the choice of how it goes
This is it
The waiting is over
This is it
No one can tell what the future holds
This is it
You’re going no further

What we hope ever to do with ease, we must learn first to do with diligence.

Samuel Johnson
(1709-1784, British Author

Making mistakes simply means you are learning faster.

Weston H. Agor



I love the Kenny Loggins lyrics. Who knew he had so much wisdom? also love the diligence quote




Hugs & Thanks Vic!!

I love Kenny Logins & this song!! (I believe his son is now a singer?)

You're encouragement (& pictures) are priceless to me!!

♥"Together we could do what we could not do alone.♥

OCz CI day6

Good morning everyone!

I had a really good start today!

  1. A minute to talk with God!
  2. Breakfast at home
  3. Thank you all for being here!
  4. @W. 15m email morning check 213 items (although 15min morning check actually took 45 min I feel good at the results)
  5. @W. Place POs for Ugn & BBFrnk & 12xAAA & Vlcr
  6. @W- Correct PO for Tcl
  7. @W. Close Mry Css
  8. @W. Review CapPj: MngRm, Wb00, VC, Sw&UPs, Prt, MpLs, PbX
  9. @W. Fup on MOP -> Meeting postponed for tomorrow 11:00
  10. @W. Build DL tree -> started but didn't like the tool I was using.
  11. @W. Review RFx Info
  12. @W. Reply about AnFP migration
  13. @W. Reply about NPerAcct migration
  14. @W. Request DispNm changes
  15. @W. Prepare XLS for MMd
  16. @H. Take SS to H T took SS
  17. @G. Attend today meeting?
  18. Thnk God

Boss added a coupl items to F.Up tomorrow: Review BB Css for Ortz.Brgs.Bchrl

rec 9:50 ci

Trying to check in from home to see if that helps me avoid procrastination better. My first goal is to get into office sooner than yesterday, ASAP this morning. I will confess here that I initially went back to bed after getting up early, a bad habit I have developed to avoid facing the tasks of the day. Now I need to shower and get into work. Will post later from the office. I am praying to overcome my morning procrastination because it starts the day off on the wrong foot and I feel guilty before I've done a thing, instead of feeling successful in starting the day on time!


Hi fellow

Hi fellow pro-buddies! 

Have four items left over from yesterday plus

six new today. Will check in before lunch to see how many done.

I erased all my old emails in my inbox (it was thousands) and I have been deleting or filing all incoming emails. I feel much better without the old emails hanging over my head. It was time for me to get rid of them and just admit to myself i was never going to go through thousands of old emails. some of them i was keeping "just in case" i needed, wanted to reread, etc. In three years just in case hasn't come, so I got rid of them.


10:31 ci Babarino

Got one more task done. need coffee.

11:48a, got a couple more things done before lunch.

1:23p, going to try to get a few more things done before afternoon meeting, then working from home

congrats Bab!

I need to do that, too....I have the same overloaded in-box I have not deleted "in case" I might need to refer to them - congrats on getting it done. You have inspired me to try to tackle that soon!


Good luck rec! I found it to

Good luck rec! I found it to be a big relief!-Babs

CL daily overcoming

encouraged today by the phrase "daily overcoming" because it makes me feel not so bad, that, yet again, i have to overcome. I wish, sometimes i let myself think, it should be easy or automatic, but this phrase reminds me what is true, at least for me, and many of us.

did wko already.

DONE @10:35 good - 10:30am check meetings and check DO NOT RESPOND to email (excpet urgent ones)
10:30am quiet time
11 make schedule at work

UPDATE 12:44 -

gack! did some work, but got distracted.

coming up with the "best catch up plan". Is that in my bookmarks? no. now it is. :)

started my quiet time. so now pray til 1pm.
1pm make work schedule / choose tasks. i feel resistance even now. Brother Lawrence would say i need god's help w/ that.

UPDATE (aka confession) 1:17:

i did not pray, i got distracted, again.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Good morning all! Jules K CI


Today is not a big bookend day for me, but I just felt resistance/procrastination to checking in, so I am doing it anyway!

Just regular day job stuff today, plus a meeting at 7.

I also want to do all the dishes in the sink before I go to bed tonight.  That's the big one!

Have a great day,


Spirit 9/22

Okay ready for another day.  Woke up early this morning to go to a training for my company.  Was borderline on time when traffic turned into a parking lot on a major interstate here in Atl.  Two bridges had was out the entire interstate requiring all traffic to be rerouted through surface roads.  All travelers had to find a way around flooded interstates.  It wasn't rocket science that rescheduling that class made a lot of sense and back I came.

I have a plan for the day to continue working on my task list from yesterday which had a two day life for completion.  With the time i get back from the reschedule, I just might make it.

9/21 Daily Tasks
  • Give thought to investor packages
  • Give thought to creating inv club profit center
  • Get current on business profits and losses
  • Create an action plan showing how we can handle the work volume for P
  • Write business plan for follow up with p
  • Start writing business plan 
  • Talk to glen about how he found his investor
  • Call companies still need to get inside  
  • Call all contacts on list and follow up
  • Research –A investors,  make appt, 
  • Bill b for work done
  • Call business owners met at ga procurement center
  • Contact cb
  • Contact company poc from fd meeting
  • Appt with Con
  • put sale items on c list

  • sp check in wonderful and informative
  • steps to conclude con
  • information sent to client


GeorgeSmiley 8:15 AM; 3:10 PM

Morning everyone.

Once again, a huge list.

One thing I have done, is bring my personal time sheets up to date (an Access database I keep to track my time). It's included many entries keyed as "TW" = TimeWasting.

No. 1 goal for today: no "TW" minutes (which are not to be confused with legitimate breaks, which are fine.)

Going to just go through the Outlook task list and touch/advance the ball on as many items as I reasonably can.

Heading to chatbox.

3:10 PM Sign-out/update

 Done for the day. A few balls advanced. Try again tomorrow.



Want what you have. Be who you are. Do what you can. ~Forrest Church

The Hero's Code:

Show Up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Agnus 8:45am

Yesterday was a bust - My Step 10 at bedtime revealed I was feeling angry b/c J's blood sugar soared 250+ after his med tests and left him cynical and unpleasant.  So I'd escaped into frittering on phone, emails, facebook etc. instead of the studying I needed to do.  On the up side, this is the value of the 12 Steps: we learn to spot our slippery places and eventually, avoid them or deal better.  Next time I'm feeling angry and scared about J's health, I will ask my HP for help and then either pick up the phone or get into the Chatroom here and talk it out instead of procrastinate.

  • Participate by phone in 9am meeting
  • Get J's records from Dr R for Dr S appt
  • Chiro 10:30
  • Study Statistics 4.6
  • Stats class 1:40pm
  • Work stuff: resolve the software finale
  • Somewhere in there, make lunch and dinner, 3 phone calls, and do some program reading.

Good awareness Agnus!!

Sending prayers for J's recovery.

♥"Kindness and truth have met, righteousness and peace have kissed." Psalm 85♥

kromer 8:50 CI

Today I have a bunch of little tasks, just need to stay focused on them.

Scheduled are: Lab mtg 10-12, dancing 7-9:30ish, sit in on class 1-2:30

MITs are:
*Edit poster for printing, comments on TE's poster
*Email DR (will do this after dancing)
*Prep for Harambee (email, phone calls, gather games, get money for pizza)  (will finish this soon)
*Get lab nb, document buffers, expt w/ WB, poster stuff (will work on this soon)
*Ask WB about student seminar (will do this soon), start seminar website stuff
*Help EA and GD w/ computational stuff (have made arrangements to talk to GD tomorrow, so I need to prep for that; also need to send EA an email with software recommendations)

Other tasks are:
*Make overview slides
*Make WM schedule
*Photocopy stuff on common lab techniques
*Run out gel
*Finish pathway proj.
*Start reading through papers on staging
*Start Dmc1 expt. plan

OK, I'm going to head to lab now. When I get to lab, I'll check on mice and get lab notebook, then it'll be about time for lab mtg. After lab mtg, I'll work on poster and on email to DR. 

Potential energy 8:31

SmileBelated Happy Birthday GSSmile

Good Morning!

I am hoping to make this a good/great day by doing the things that I really need to make it just that. Turned out to be a pretty good day!!!  It would make for a better tomorrow had I completed this task list- but it was good enough-it was a day.


Work:     Go to work           UP-notes               Q. daily notes    finish a few         sk eval         OK- 3 new evals done-of evals to write up-  plan to complete some tonight- at least 1              


 Z        practice words            practice v             read book                        fm game              gm game                 write in bk.


add:  sched pt,  rem: dent. appt wed!  call D.. about change

Leisure:  hummmm.... I need to figure out how to fit this in, but playing w/my son does count for this section for now

Edge's CI - 3:24pm

Gah, overslept till 2pm -_-; Want to try to make the most of what's left of my day, so:

x ointment
- hmed 1
- bmed 1
- 4pm meds
- room
- laundry
- dishes?
- call T
- work: finish book mats
- bmed 2
- hmed 2
- draw

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Edge's CI - 4:15pm

Head hurts. Need panadol =/

x ointment
x hmed 1
x bmed 1
x 4pm meds
- room
- laundry
- dishes?
- call T
- work: finish book mats
- bmed 2
- hmed 2
- draw

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Edge's CI - 5:00pm

Taking a break to read a bit of manga and wait for the panadol to kick in. Head really hurts. Might eat in a bit. Room is half clean.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Edge's CI - 9:52pm

x ointment
x hmed 1
x bmed 1
x 4pm meds
x room
x laundry
- dishes?
x call T
- work: finish book mats
x bmed 2
x hmed 2
- draw

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Lucky CI

Wow, I'm not sure I'm even going to get round to posting a tasklist today. One of my favourite and most destructive forms of procrastination last night - putting off going to bed! (In favour of surfing the internet.) Hence am functioning on 3 hours' sleep (and another taxi ride!) and everything seems more difficult and more annoying than it is. Lucky's tip for the day: Punching the wall is never a good idea.

 I did come up with my 10 things to be less stressed - and it was really hard to narrow it down to 10! These are going to be guidelines rather than hard-and-fast rules that I'm not perfect if I break :) For instance, the one about eating healthy is going way down the drain on Friday, when I'll be participating in a doughnut-eating competition for charity (I wish I was joking!)

I've thought really hard about what contributes to my stress and how I can deal with it. Some of these are general lifestyle things and some are specific problems I need to deal with, and you'll recognise that these are easier said than done...

 1 - Pray. I'm sure I've read that people who pray have less stress and are happier (not that that's the main reason to do it!)
* Meditative/quiet prayer daily
* Pray over my tasklist for help doing each item
* Pray to be less stressed!

2 - Sleep - At least 7 hours per night, which means at least 7.5h in bed per night.

3 - Eat healthy - less sugar, less caffeine, less junk, less overeating, more water, more vitamins, more fruit & veg.

4 - Exercise - at lunchbreaks and weekends (I love cycling and it's a good stress killer)

5 - Self-respect - bother with my personal appearance, comfort, and safety.

6 - Reduce lateness and rushing

7 - Reduce mess

8 - Reduce financial chaos

9 - Reduce backlog at work

10 - Schedule less - max 1hr overtime at work per day, 2hrs of tasks on weekday evenings and 6hrs/day at weekends.

Okay, floundered through

Okay, floundered through work in a semi-productive way - better than I'd expect from 3 hrs sleep - and am now going to make a mini-tasklist for this evening.

Thought through what I have to do and it's not looking quite so bad - the task for my housemate will take 7 hours - I'll try for 1hr tonight to 'break the back' of it, 3 hours Saturday, and 3 hours Sunday. That gives me the rest of the time to fuss over my finances. Plan for this goes:

 Wed Find all the paperwork I need  15m
  Open unopened post  15m
   Set up my workspace downstairs  15m
   Make a list of creditors' contact details  15m
 Thur  Daytime - Contact creditors re reducing/postponing bill payments.  1h
   Evening - Do maths re how much money I'm left short  1h
 Fri  Pay creditors who absolutely can't wait  30m
  Contact friends re borrowing money 30m

Soooo a slightly scary but not outright unfeasible 4hrs! And I'm left with 6hrs at the weekend to do other stuff or catch up on anything that doesn't get finished.

 Edit: Ack, three job applications just landed in the mix. At 10.30 pm with an hour and a half of work still to do, I have a decision to make. I could attempt to bring forward the finding and opening of post and do that tonight, but I find that so daunting I'm pretty sure I'd just stay up half the night not doing it.  So I'm sticking with the original plan of an hour's work for housemate (and doing said work after she's in bed is enough of a challenge in itself! Sad but true :))

In order to make room for the job apps, I'm going to attempt to move my email checks to mornings before work. This means getting up before the last possible second, which, you may have noticed, is not my strong point :)

Also wondering if I need to start putting 'start times' for my tasks because I'm having trouble keeping track of how long things take... sigh, I think I'm verging on anally retentive procrastinorexia here!


Task Estimated  Actual
Email  30m  1h
 Shower  10m  
 Laundry  10m  
Work for C... hey. what's up with my table formatting tonight? :)  1hr  

Vic 9/22

Happy autumn

show up, written plan (done)

We are what we repeatedly do, excellence is therefore not an act but a habit.-Aristotle

Thanks for being here

digging Aristotle

How amazingly true. Practicing practicing that habbit!

asking for help to do the next right thing

Aw Vic :)

Aw Vic :) :) :)