Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday September 1, 2009

   Sometimes we need a little hug to get started.

julesk tuesday 9.1 check in


Hello All!  Thank you for being here too!

For the next 4 hours, until I leave for my other 12step meeting, I am going to do gentle work, 15 minutes at a time, with a 15 break eavery 45 minutes.

With my HPs help I am going to:


update and print phone lists for my meeting

pull info for my PRG (mini-meeting that I have tonight

cut binding for some tops I am making (15 mins)

sew pillow forms (15)






Recycler CI 4pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies & cuddly puppies! :)

Awwww, cuddly puppies! :) Thanks, vic! :)

Summary: We are back in our totally crazed regular season at work. I would post more, but need to do something else, too, while on my break.

At the condo tonight, I will see if I can get my home computer issue resolved. Fixing it will let me update my CI from home. Otherwise, talk with you tomorrow :)

8pm. My home computer issue is resolved. While I am glad about that, computer support & the other events of the day have used up my Last Good Nerve. ((sigh))

I've already called one person in my support group. I am thinking about calling one more person, but I haven't decide yet. I think I will brush & floss my teeth, and wash & moisturize my face, and then see if I still feel like I need to call.

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Hope-Faith CI 11:30

I have bunches to accomplish.

  1. Send e-mail for meeting
  2. Set up announcement
  3. Dicuss guidelines with Mr. C




rec check-in 9:27 AM

Made a very early meeting and now in to office and have checked and replied to e-mail. Now I want to:

Call insur. co. re claim
Work on C file; revise draft memo, work on FS
Work on R file; call TB
Work on W file

That is more than enough. Will try to break work down into small, manageable steps...

Thanks for the support!


Journey 10:30 & update

Happy Tuesday morning, I'm working from home today, or rather I should say goofing off from home.   I've been agonizing about taking the afternoon off for a dentist appt. when  I have so much work to do and I'm on vacation next week so what did I do?!   I fretted and worried and goofed off instead of getting to work!  Finally I cancelled the dental appt., and I'm finally making my todolist for the day.  Sheesh!

Update 12:45  Thank HP for this site!  After posting the above I got to work and have been working steadily since . . .thanks for being here guys.


"True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country."  - Kurt Vonnegut 


My country kinfolks call this "smellin' the barn door," based on how a farmhorse trudges along until a certain time of day, when it becomes really hard to keep its head turned toward the field - it knows it's almost dinnertime back at the barn (or in this case, "vacation time") and can think about little else! 

Good working the program, to get back on track so quickly!

Journey 5:30

After a (very) slow start I got a lot done today!  Thank HP for this site and YOU my friends who I could turn to, confess my slip of this morning, put it behind me, and then get to work.  Before PA, I would have agonized over this morning's lost time all afternoon, thus losing the afternoon too.



"True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country."  - Kurt Vonnegut 

thanks ag!

I didn't really realize until you said it, but I am kind of in "vacation mode" and feel like all this work is an imposition!   That really helped.


"True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country."  - Kurt Vonnegut 

GeorgeSmiley 9:11 AM

Yesterday went OK.


1) Decluttering in-box and desk

2) Finish Project E

3) Project M-09

4) Work thru task list; organize as needed




Want what you have. Be who you are. Do what you can. ~Forrest Church

The Hero's Code:

Show Up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Agnus 9:51am, 5:30pm

G'mornin! Hope everyone enjoys these last few days of summer - can you believe it's Sept 1 already? Sheesh. 

  • Study for stats class  DONE some but I did not complete the homework and felt quite lost in today's class. I started 2 classes behind due to late registration, and cannot afford to get <4.0 b/c of the sad 2.2 from my youthful college days (daze!). I need to bring that WAY up to make grad school. No pressure. Much!
  • Prep for noon call with boss
  • eat lunch on time (12:30-1)
  • be on time for class at 1:40
  • organize and prioritize work tasks
  • decide by 4:30 whether to try to make 6pm mtng an hour away, and what to do about dinner if I do; and if I don't, what to do about making a meeting (long overdue) this is just my perfectionism acting up; there's a perfectly good meeting 5 minutes from my house at 7 pm but I'd heard great stuff about the one that's an hour away.  Right now it is storming so hard that I'm considering a phone meeting; will re-assess at 6:30pm.

The latter is a good example of something high-risk for my procras...lots of little decisions freeze me up: "what if I'm wrong?"  So I will decide that just for today, I can trust my Higher Power to inform my mind with inspiration, intuitive thoughts and good decisions - because I asked for this in my Step 11 today.  Yay, God!  It works, if I work it.

Yesterday was a relatively

Yesterday was a relatively good day performance wise,  I got 8 hrs of actual work in.  Showed up made calls and followed thru.  Today I hope to do more of the same.

  • Call follow up on leads
  • Get registered with 2 new agencies
  • Go to SBA office
  • Make finance calls
  • Prepare for 1pm appt
  • Change morning to 8:30-8:45



Good Job Spirit!  Doesn't it feel good to know you have put in a productive day?  Now I need to get off my butt and make today a productive one! 


"True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country."  - Kurt Vonnegut 

kromer 9:25 CI

Yesterday was not very productive. But I need to be gentle with myself about that and just try to be as productive as I can today.

Today I have lab mtg 10-11:45. As a break, I have dancing 7-10:30 (and, at dancing, I'll try to set up lunch with a friend sometime this weekend or next week)

Other than that, my main tasks are:

1)Go to library, research chemicals (toxicity, effect on spermatogenesis) (heading off to do this now)
2)Figure out which of 2 stats classes I should take, email prof about it
3)Emais re: yg, deacons, harambee, seminar

Other tasks are:
2)Finish G's project
3)Send comments on W's paper
4)Figure out how to get synonyms for terms in training compendium. (have made progress on this)
5)Plan for finishing WM

I only have a little while before lab mtg, so I'll start on one of my "other tasks" that seems doable: I'll work on getting synonyms. 

After lab mtg, I'll have lunch with the rest of the lab, then I'll head to the library to research chemicals

kromer 3:30 CI

OK, I'm working on #1 and am making very good progress. What I still need to do at the library is :
1)Determine LD50 for T
2)Skim 2 articles on HU effect
3)Look up symptoms of toxicity for HU and T
4)Quickly look up ordering information for HU (and T if I get time, but this is lower priority)

I hope to be done with this and back on campus by 5:30. When I'm back, I'll send emails re: deacons, harambee, seminar (for seminar, need to email CR, TL, and KM). Then, I'll take first steps on figuring out which stats classes to take (need to look on program wiki and maybe email director). After dancing, I'll go home and look through the course material on my laptop to make a final decision about which course to take.

If I have extra time before dancing, I'll try to finish figuring out how to get synonyms.

After I get home, I'll unpack.

OK, time to finish up chemical stuff!

CL daily overcoming

"daily overcoming" doesnt seem acccurate anymore. i'll deal w/ that later

next right thing is s
9:45 leave for appt

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Vic 9/1/09

Showing up, kids off, signed forms, e-mails(done) 9am this feels so late, ok, start organizing paperwork.

tues evening

Thanks clem. True, I love putting up the starters. I hope I am not taking it away form anyone else.

Cleaned, reorganized furniture.Got to dentist, good report. Got to store (s) pd bill, got stuff for son (some of which I need to return, got to collect rent at our apt. building, got to cvs with 75%off summer stuff, walked,home, cleaned kitchen and dishes.(done)

Not bad.Thanks.

hey vic

you forgot to put "start daily thread at PA" on your list ;)

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb