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Monday August 24, 2009

fudoshin CI (1:05am)

Please do not leave advice.  Thank you.  Prayers welcome. 


Got way too carried away reading wikipedia.  I must admit that the history of the Tudors is very interesting for me.  But on to brushing my teeth.

Recycler CI 4:50pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

I'm waiting for someone to fax something to me, so I'm taking a moment to Check In ;)

This morning at the gym, I did my stretching & most of my ab exercises. The dr hasn't released me yet for cardio (until we hear about my foot), so I'm just doing non-impact stuff until then ;)

This morning at work I prepped for staff meeting. After staff meeting I updated my assignment list and began working on the new projects. At lunchtime I ate food I had brought from home, then received an unexpected phone call which took most of the rest of my lunchtime.

After lunch, I have continued on my project list. I ordered something so it can be delivered in time for a planning meeting. We had an urgent situation come up, so I'm trying to finish dealing with it by the end of the day.

Next: after work I will stop by the condo & change clothes. I will try to do an errand before the local meeting of my other 12-step meeting tonight. I'm not sure if my sponsor is back in town and if they will feel well enough to get a soft drink after the meeting. I'm not sure if I will get to update my CI later.

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Gwen D CI next hour

Because I've been sitting here for days doing virtually nothing (lucky me), I should break down the next hour. Mondays I have the luxury of mornings at home.


wash all the dishes in the sink

pick up clothes and put them on hangers or in drawers or bin

retrieve white polo shirt and iron it

get myself ready for work day 

eat something


I don't mean to beat myself up. I've done things I needed to do and had some good friend and family connections this weekend. I just need to F O C U S now!

Thanks for being here. I'll be back to tell how it went. 

Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

keep going GwenD!

I know it's easy to get discouraged, but try to give yourself credit for showing up..that's a good start. Maybe start with smaller steps...if you feel you can't do this list now, maybe you can just wash one or two dishes and feel good about that.

Gwen D CI

Not so great.

I have to leave in 15 minutes.

Need to do the shirt and get ready.



Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

Thanks Journey!!

Hi All,

Yes!! It definitely feels like a Monday :rolleyes: . The person who I was supposed to interview with today emailed that he was sick. He’s elderly, so I hope he’s o.k. I was let down, I must admit.

I didn't get any cleaning done yesterday (mad at my laziness).

I also realize that since my girl (dog) isn't feeling well, I am depressed. I can’t fight it or pretend it’s not there (wallowing in self pity?) It's very hard to see her suffer.

So today, I will start looking into homeopathic Dr.'s who can help, since regular Drs aren't helping. I sent an email to this dog/homeopathic group I know naming her symptoms, so maybe this will help.

Very glad that I have this group to share with.

Wishing you all, good thoughts & actions today,

♥"Kindness and truth have met, righteousness and peace have kissed." Psalm 85♥

rec ci

Had a terrible migraine overnight and finally got some relief with an Imitrex injection early this morning. Have been kinda wiped out from that, but now about to go into office.

Need to finalize W file there and go thru Master To Do list to prioritize other work. I feel like just showing up will be some progress for today.

Hugs to Kromer and everyone else here as you take steps today - thank you for being here and sharing your struggles and victories, too.


CL ci

wko - DONE
11:00 10min check email @ 11:20 10 min over, but - DONE
11:20 30min qt - 30 min late, but - DONE

bible verse that was meaningful to me today:

In regard to evil be infants, but in your thinking be adults - 2 cor 14:20

11:50 20min make work list
12:10 work...

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

kromer 10:30 CI thanks so much to everyone!

Thanks so much to everyone--your support is helping me so much.

Was really tempted to stay in bed today, but I'm (finally) out of bed and into lab. If all I do today is show up, that's OK. However, sitting in lab for 8 hours surfing seems kind of dull, so here are some things I can work on:

*Work on G's project
*Start assembling training compendium (working on this now)
*Work on meiotic blocks proposal
*Finish fgf writeup
*Remind MG about dissection practice
*Start pres for mtg
*Email JA about schedule
*Start reading sohlh1 papers (will do this next)

ok, none of this sounds super-appealing, but the meiotic blocks proposal doesn't sound too bad, so I'll work on that (in the chatbox). It doesn't  matter how much I get done, it just matters that I work. I'll start by writing up intro+dmc1 stuff. 

Then, as a break, I have dance class tonight. I'm also going to send an email about joining thursday bible study, so I'll be sure to have stuff to do over the next few weeks)

Update 1:40: Well, I'm not getting a whole lot done today, but at least I'm getting a little done (which, as clem says, is infinitely more than nothing. Right now I'm going to:
1)Look for ES expression set
2)Download Novartis atlas
3)Try to find a couple of development atlases

ci babarino 8.24.09

Need to make list then will check back.

Fresh Start Today

 Today I focus for 15 minutes at a time

  • Troubleshoot email account and correct
  • 45 minutes on fine tuning proposal
  • follow up on no response phone calls with email communication
  • contact pd
  • do the one thing I dread most today

I am greatful for recovery in this program



Journey 9:45 hugz to kromer and good luck to hope4!

Man, this REALLY feels like a Monday! I'm getting a slow start this morning although I did work a bit by blackberry before coming in to the office, so I'll count that as an early start haha.

I stayed up too late last night watching a movie, so I'm tired this morning.  Drinking tea and making a todo list now.  I'll check back in an hour or so. 


"True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country."  - Kurt Vonnegut 

Vic 8/24

Showing up (done) Appt at 9 am, need to leave now, appt at 12, bring some papers.

If I stay focused on one thing at a time, and depend on HP for next right thing,I have ho(e. Thanks

(done) made appt, and store and swam at gym. Now home.

I realized all the things I procrastinate on are things that demand confrontation.

The easiest one is today send an e-mail to school district superintendent that I subbed at last year for 11th grade chemistry. I was paid half day instead of full day. Some of the office staff has been consistently demeaning, etc. I have tried to resolve this since June and no one getting back to me. I did not cash the half day check. I hate to e-mail superintendent, but he helped me once before and I don't know where else to go, I have tried everyone in payroll, human recourses. They also have not given me dates for which I was paid- I think I am missing one. and are taking out for retirement and I am only subing now. When I have to confront- I procrastinate, so this is my 1st. I guess my fear is they will say, why should we pay you?