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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sunday, 23 August 2009

... and, in order to achieve those big dreams,
remember ...
take little steps ...
and get SOMETHING done.
Progress, not perfection !

Hugs to all undergoing stress today

No time to write personal notes today, but wanted to let you know that I've read your check-in posts and send you all compassion and good thoughts.


Hi movingalong!!

Thanks movingalong, good thoughts, action and compassion coming your way too!! Please share with us soon!!

Welcome to all newcomers, oldtimers & everyone on this loop!! You never know who you might help by sharing!!

♥"Kindness and truth have met, righteousness and peace have kissed." Psalm 85♥

movingalong checks in

Hello all.

Just checking in to say I'm making some progress and some regress. Overall, life is good.

I come here to this site at least once a week. I am truly thankful for this program!

No time to give details. But just wanted to touch base with you all.

-- movingalong

kromer 3:05 CI rough day

Just broke up with bf today.This has been a very rocky relationship (he's broken up with my twice before), but this time it's my decision, so I know it's permanent.

I'm pretty sure it was the right decision but that doesn't make it easy.

I'm also having a lot of doubts about my career grad school is a nightmare for a procrastinator (I'm working toward one deadline five years away), and I don't feel that I'm that good about it. I know that I shouldn't be making any decisions now, but I'm still stressing out :P

For today, my goal is to keep showing up, to take care of myself, to stay involved with my friends, and keep myself from doing anything rash. I've been to church, called a friend and my parents, made plans to go out to dinner with friends, and stopped myself from signing up for dating sites :P 

I'm not really feeling up to doing much work, but I'm also not quite sure what to do with myself. There are some articles I need from the library. I think I'll walk there, photocopy the articles and walk back. That will be useful and will burn up 3 or so hours.

Thank you all for being here!

Kromer hugs

I really identify with what you are going through right now: relationships, career choices and coming up against my character flaws have been the hardest things for me to deal with. It has been my experience that when I pass through those rough passages I tend to come out stronger in the end, having wrestled with those issues. Sending lots of love to you.

asking for help to do the next right thing

Thank you for showing up

Sometimes after I make a big decision, I need to make one more decision:

Step 3 of the 12 steps is "Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood God." 

Then I get sosme peace.

I pray for your peace and continue showing up.

Your friend in reocvery,


kromer support

i feel for ya. I wish you all the encouragement your HP can give!!!! You're taking such good care of yourself.

Also, remember (as i have to remind myself too) that it's OK to have a bad day about this. I think sometimes we get so used to our self-imposed bad days, that we forget that normal, everyday people sometimes have bad days. This seems like one of them for u.

Yes, you're a procrastinator, and i kno u fall sometimes, but you are also a great inspiration to me as an overcomer. Please, carry on !

My thots and prayers are with u. May god hold every tear you cry in his loving hands.

2 cor 4:16-18

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Hi Kromer

Just want to show my support for what you are going through. I've been there many, many times. It's rough, but it got me closer to the person I was really looking for.

Big Hugs,

♥"Kindness and truth have met, righteousness and peace have kissed." Psalm 85♥


Wishing Kromer the best, too



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Recycler CI 2:35pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

In a lot of ways I've been productive yesterday and today, and I'm finally getting a chance to check in! Whew! lol ;)

I've started something to cook, so I am taking a minute to get on the computer.

This morning I helped my dad, and visited with other elderly relatives. Took some bags to the dumpster. Bought provisions for the week, put gas in my car, and dropped off some things at the charity collection site. At home, I started a load of clothes to wash, and have put away the groceries for the refrigerator.

Even though I lol think that the above accomplishments are plenty for the whole day(!), I still have some other things to do today -- whew!!! I'm going to veg for a while, until my food is ready, then eat some of it. I have some other minor projects to work on. I'll putter around on those for a while, too. I hope to update my CI later.

5:05pm. I've boxed up some of the food, to take to work with me this week. I'm getting ready to cook something else.

The rest of the day I just need to do the "basics." Getting those done will be enough. So, taking it slowly here, but trying to inch along ;)

6:55pm. I fixed & ate dinner. The load of clothes has dried & has been put away; I have one more load of clothes in the dryer. I've washed a load of dishes. I've prepared my gym bags for the week. I've put out things to go in my work bag(s) and need to do those. I've listed a couple of things on notes to take care of. Next: phone call to my dad.

7:45pm. The gym bags are prepared. One bag for work is ready. I've put out the lunch bag for in the morning so I will remember to take it. I talked to my dad on the phone. I am prepping to cook yet one more thing. I've started another load in the dishwasher. Next: write a couple emails to friends.

9pm. I finished cooking the food, and have put it in a container for tomorrow. I also prepped some other food for tomorrow too. (I'm taking my lunch & snacks more consistently, to save money). I've sent the emails to my friends. That's it for today! :)

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Vic 8/23

Showing up,(done) did cleaning, weeding- took a long time, did clean kitchen and batroom last nite and movie with hsuband , now almost 1pm. Best thing is go to closest store and walk, i am plannig  too man things. Need so focus on paper wk tonite. thanks. (done) walking really helps, things I did take time/effort, I always forget to factor those things into a task but am happy there are done.Did not react to my son throuwing some things away (called sponsor and walked) so happy today did not say anything to make amends for.

check-in (12:25PM)

Hi Everyone,

I'm feeling pretty positive today because I have an interview for a p.t. job tomorrow.

Because of the inspiring starter wanted to share my vision/dream I have for the future:
-get permanent p.t. job
-start my dog walking/sitting service
-go to restaurant row in my neihborhood to try get p.t. waitressing job

This is what I did get accomplished:
-ordered clothes on-line that I needed badly

Want to do:
-clean bathroom
-clean floors?
-fill in money spent on chart
-write down food
-(maybe) find out where neighbor is in rehab and visit and at least call

Self care:
-hold in stomach for back support
-brush teeth twice
-do back exercises
-look into cheap vacations can take with dogs (interesting that I put this under "self care")
Yoffee (dog):
clean ears if needed


♥"Kindness and truth have met, righteousness and peace have kissed." Psalm 85♥

Good luck, hope4meandu :)

Hi hope4meandu!

Good luck with your interview and other projects! :)

Fingers crossed!!!! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Thank you Recycler - really, really appreciate it!!

♥"Kindness and truth have met, righteousness and peace have kissed." Psalm 85♥

journey 8:30

Good morning!  Yesterday was play day, went to the movies and out to dinner with my daughter.  I did buy groceries and do one load of laundry but today will be major housework day and I'd also like to find time to go over and visit my grandson.

So, first thing: laundry, then dog baths, then check back.  laters! 


"True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country."  - Kurt Vonnegut 

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