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Thursday July 30, 2009

Help yourself to love--for others and yourself.Climb those mountains that only appear to block your path.Be who and where you are. Your answers are there too.Let go of fear or walk through it.  HELP YOURSELF TO LIFE.bymelodybeattie 

Edge's Late Thursday CI

Missed checking in on Thursday, but in a nutshell I took my pills, registered to japanese classes, aaand...can't remember... But I registered for J classes and that's good enough.

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Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Recycler CI 5:50pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

I really like the threadstarter, vic! :)

This morning at the gym, I did my full cardio, stretches, & ab exercises.

At work this morning: I knew something important was coming up; even though that distracted me, I kept plugging at my list. Fortunately I had pre-highlighted urgent things on my list, so I did those first. At lunch, I got a salad, then did a couple personal tasks at my desk. After lunch, I did the important thing, and made it through without skirmishes or anything. I worked on other projects in the afternoon; did some stuff for my boss & helped another person. While things are lined up for tomorrow, I would still like to get a good start in the morning.

Arriving at home, I have started a load of clothes to wash. I have a social activity tonight. I may need to go to it before the clothes have finished washing, so I put a laundry hamper in the middle of the entryway, so hopefully I will see it tonight when I get home from my activity, so I can hang up my clothes on drying racks. I probably won't have time to update my CI.

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

CL ci

deal w/ family issue
1:15pm qt done @ 5pm
5:00 co all the other m envs
5:10 ed all the other m envs
write prelim msg
r.l. in progress
ci all m envs
make beta

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Agnus 12:20 pm

Sked call with MG.  Paste MI in SS and reconcile. Break for lunch. Print and fax airline receipt to hq. Bank transfer.

Reconcile and update NC in SS. Paste and reconcile VA. Email SS.

Reconcile #8-#9 timelines. Check 3f$ and synch with contract; email it. Kaufman survey.

4pm massage therapy appt. Prayer break. Next right thing.

7:15pm - I gave away my massage appt to J so I had more time to work.  The detail on this spreadsheet is horribly tedious. I have finished MI and need to do NC and VA tonight. And I suddenly realized I also still need to chase down the 20 new areas added this year - baaah!... I am breaking for dinner. Back after.

mj today Thursday

am routine - add manageable exercise component


reflection, finish, turn in

clean front room

kromer 10 CI

Have been having a hard time getting to lab on time...think I might be getting sick, I've been horribly tired lately.

I have a mtg w/ my advisor tomorrow (and it's the only time he'll be around in two months), so need to be well prepared for that.

So, MITs are:
*Make and analyze expr graphs, finish prelim pathways project report
*Ask about inhibitors/culture techniques
*write up nodal/hh/fgf lit search results

Other tasks are:
*BRIEF presentation on meiotic blocks idea (doesn't need to be perfect, but I'd like to have sth for the mtg)
*write up notch lit search results
*Write up results from G"s project and email

I'm going to start by analyzing the expr graphs for an hour, then I'll spend a little while brainstorming questions about inhibitors/culture techniques so I can ask questions at lunch. 

kromer 1:20 CI

Having a tough time today.

I've made some expression graphs, but they don't have as much information as I'd hoped. So I need to make some more (cb graphs) and see what those tell me. I'm going to do this now.

SInce the pathways project seems to be less promising that I'd hoped, I think that makes meiotic blocks idea more important. So I'll dedicate an hour or two this afternoon/evening to working on that.

Almost everyone was out of the lab for lunch, so need to ask questions about culture later...I'll ask WB when he gets back and he can hopefully help me figure out who to talk w/.

OK, an hour for graphs now. 

Journey 9am & update

Yesterday was kind of a flop for me too.  I had a headache all day and just couldn't seem to concentrate on anything or sit still.  I dunno what was going on with that but I didn't get much work done even when I tried.  But oh well, today is another day.  I'm back in the office today, I've been to the gym, read new email, and checked my calendar.   I still feel stuffy and headachy so I'm going to take a claritin, maybe that will improve my concentration today! 

Making my todo list now, I'll check back when I'm done

UPDATE 10 am: to do list is made, but I don't want to do any of the items on it!  I'll have quiet time now then pick one and get started.   I may just print out my list and throw darts at it to pick the item to begin with.  And I need one more 1/2 cup of coffee!

UPDATE 11 am:  already better than yesterday.  I started by making two phone calls.  I hate phone calls but they still seemed like the easiest thing on my list just because they didn't require thinking :P.   Now I'm waiting for one person to call me back, and while I'm waiting I'll review the issue we need to discuss.  Well, he called  back  before I did that but now he wants me to send him an email explaining the situation. 

UPDATE 2:50  I'm still not setting the world on fire, but I'm working much better today.  

UPE 5:30  yay!  Long day, but I got a lot done.   You know when I am working from home I should just turn off my personal computer, as that is what distracts me the most.   I keep the TV off, so maybe I could keep my personal computer off too.  That will be hard, but i think it is necessary.




"The elevator to success is out of order.   You'll have to take the stairs . . . one step at a time." - Joe Girard

Vic 7/30/09

First of all,I am so grateful there is 1 more day in July!!!!!I thought today was the last day. This is the first time in 5 years that I inspected my car by due date July 31!!!Sometimes they had to give me Aug. sticker, I would always drive with a repair bill in case police stopped me. Still did not get my driver license photo (but that only happens evry 4 years)I need too give myself crdit= I tried, but they closed the photo station and sitll had it on the list.

Last nite I did get to store and gym- did not get to bed til after 12, so although I did not have a productive morning I climbed my mountain at nite. It was actually fun. There were alot of people at the gym/pool. The pool was wonderful/relaxing. I got alot of good deals and items I had procratinated on at store.

Have been doing alot of sharing, writing, etc. I feel like I am taking too much time for my issues, but something happens after, I feel "freed up" like I get to the top of the mountain, so its ok, while I can. What could be more important than my recovery?

things seems to go in cycles for me, I am on an "up cycle" now, so I hope it lasts for awhile.

tody.1. change, mk bd, some wash, loop post (done)almost 9am, pray, do the on-line course, send 3-mail. ck later (done) Starting to feel shame, and self critical, like how could you think this is ok? Need to know I am in enemy territiry (my head) and get out. so 1. Gratitude 2. phone calls (done)3. walk 4. clean ck in 5. more calls

I just had an epiphany today. I feel like “If I am not making money, no matter what I do, it is nothing”. Right now I am between careers. I receive an income from former investments, and some consulting work,  and although I am grateful, I still have the feeling that “If I am not making money, I am nothing”. Most of the women in my area are homemakers. I was walking with one friend and when I asked her if she ever had a job, she said “oh no, I never “had” to work”. I remember thinking “What does that have to do with anything?” She does loads of volunteer work and I have helped some, but that doesn’t cut it for me. I am kind of stuck now and I thought I was “above” that kind of thinking, but I guess the truth is I want to feel “above” others  or some other shallow way of defining my self worth.

Hope-Faith CI 8:20

Working on the routine.

Yesterday was a flop. Did not accomplish a whole lot. List from yesterday plus some.

  • Get pool water checked -- it is almost green -- to much rain is messing with my chemicals.
  • Run by work and print two diplomas
  • Go to dads and show him how to operate the vaccume packer
  • Pick up DS's playdate and drop of DD at her playdate 
  • Check status of floor replacement /box up any necessary items
  • Grocery Store
  • Make homemade salsa (2 recipies and decided which I like best to mass produce)
  • Make homemade spgettie sauce
  • Pick blueberries to make blueberry jam
  • Pick last round of field peas and process  
  • Stop by aunts and get squash
  • hope-faith

    Hope-Faith CI 12:05

    Accomplished Task

  • Go to dads and show him how to operate the vaccume packer
  • Pick up DS's playdate and drop of DD at her playdate 
  • Am Routine
  • Plan new routine 
  • Afternoon routine done 
  • Make homemade salsa
  • Bananna Pudding
  • 5 quarts of tom's done
  • To Do for Tomorrow done
  • PM routine done
  • Off to bed


    working on routine

    I, too am working on expanding/establishing my am routine. As an adult with ADD, establishing routines is critical. As a chronic procrastinator, also critical. As a teacher, very helpful.

    I already take care of my and my pet's basic needs, and maintenance housework, in mine. I juI just need to incorporate exercise, stretching, and setting goals for the day. Checking in here is definitely a part of that.

    Good luck with your routine!

    Yes routine has helped me

    Yes routine has helped me so much, but I am at a point where I need to make chagnes to my routine so that it can be more effective and I can come out of my complicant place that I have fallen into. I do have feeling of accomplishment 9 months go I did not have any routines in place. I now know that there is hope.

    Off I go to continue on in hope. Good luck with you task today.


    ditto, me too, & good luck, everybody! :)


    Me too! :)

    Good luck, everybody! :)



    Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)