Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hope-Faith CI 5:30

Late I know, I guess it really does not matter when I get started as long as I get started.

Task for the day

  1. Routine
  2. Supper
  3. Pick garden
  4. Clean out van Front Done
  5. Progess pepper and cucmbers for relish
  6. Make plans for the beach
  7. Work on course work
  8. Got to store

Task at hand

  1. routine
  2. Make squash cas.
  3. Clean up kitchen
  4. Find orka recipe
  5. 15 min bill declutter


Recycler CI 5:35pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies & Winkin' Frogs!

Tsunami of projects at work today.

At the gym this morning, I did my full cardio, stretching, and ab exercises.

At work, was going about my business when Lots of projects came in. Treaded water & kept up with requests before lunchtime. At lunchtime I heated something out of the freezer & ate, then had a meditation period in a quiet room.

After lunch, more projects continued to come in. Toward the end of the day, I updated my project list for tomorrow. I think most people will be out of the office tomorrow and I can wade through the details of what came in today.

Arriving at home, I have already fixed & eaten dinner. This evening I hope to keep updating my CI. I am going to try to prepare Area by Area for company visiting this weekend. Now it is going to be 2 sets of company at 2 different times instead of just one. This is something positive I have been working toward. It's been slow; I need to just get tidying and cleaning done to start this re-newed phase of my life.

Area 1: goal: start some clothes to wash & see what else I need to do in that area. 5:50 Area 1 is done. (I'm starting with the smaller areas)

Area 2: goal: a quick wipe-down of another small area, then pre-start on Area 3. 6:15: Area 2 is done.

Area 3: This area has some papers to sort through. I need to go through them without getting bogged down.

Oops, bad thunder & lightning! I'll keep working on things but will be off-line. Talk to you tomorrow! :)

6:50pm. Continuing on. Since the Real Close Lightning Strike earlier, there's only been one (more distant) thunder, so I am trying again. Because PA motivation helps me, gosh darn it! ;)

Area 3 update: Area 3 is done. From the papers being sorted, I put 3 receipts in a collection of things for tomorrow; which is fine.

Area 4. Goal: I need to consolidate 2 groups of items. One or two things need to go in another place, which will require some thought. Maybe it won't take a lot of time. I've thought of another idea. Let me see what I can get done; and maybe pre-start on Area 5. 7:03 Area 4 is done. Usually I work left to right. For this area, I went right to left, and also realized some things could actually go in the trash. Next! ;)

Area 5. some more papers to sort. ((puts trash can in place)). This could be another small try. 7:15. Area 5 is done. I did move one stack to another area. Oh well.

Area 6. Trash can is in place. Now to move my chair into place ;) 7:45pm. There are still some papers to go through, but that's about enough for tonight. I'm finishing updating my CI for tonight; then will try again tomorrow ;)

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Agnus 5:15pm

Urg, really late checking in. I think I'm drifting in my PA recovery. Just ratting myself out.  Also been eating around the edges of my food plan, struggling with blood sugar issues.  I have done nothing on my MIT or MUT list today. 

I need to be at the studio at 6 pm to record some more modules. It takes 25 minutes to drive there and I have always been - ALWAYS been - at least 20 minutes late getting there.  The studio tech and project mgr don't even show up until at least 20 minutes after I set the appt, b/c they know this.  So tonight, I want to leave here by 5:35. That gives me 20 minutes to eat dinner and get going. 

I need to check in again when I get home and get a head-start on those procrastinated MITs and MUTs, but I'm afraid if I even log onto the 'puter after 9 p.m., my past experience shows me that I will putz around until the wee hours.  So I can't really say whether I'll be back tonight.  But I will, with God's help, check in tomorrow before noon.  That alone will be progress compared to the last three days.

Thursday mj perpetual project panic



I did manage to get some more post-hailstorm yard and house cleanup done. Also walked the dogs.

However, the most important thing to get done today is the powerpoint project for tonight's class. Characteristically, I've procrastinated on this until the last minute, now have 4 hours to get a major project done.  

So here's the project breakdown:

1. make a decision about the topic - based on availability of materials and visual impact of presentation.

2. write and organize the ppt.

3. find visuals or scan them.

4. revise.

5. practise.

6. save on flash drive. 

1. pre gym lunch2.

1. pre gym lunch

2. gym

3. shooppers dm

4. pick up clothes




today was a very bad day! i need to make sure tommorow is productive. it hink if i miss the morning cardio session, i hit a very bad depression and start negating on all other duties. i need to stop a/o.... almost the whole day went bad today. if i am not able to attend the morning session i need to forget that and start with my work! yeah in the ideal world i would and mind I should be attending/doing two sessions but if i do even one thats not bad. i need to focus on the bigger picture........

byGodsGrace todays CI

I have been in a bit of a overwhelmed fog lately and realize i fell into the trap again of not putting it all on paper so I can make a clear plan to get it done - why? because I avoid things that i don't have confidence in - bottom line - i even avoid some things I think i'm pretty good at because I worry i won't be good enough at it. I am on a mission to really pray about these root issues - self-esteem and perfectionism issues - they are so out of balance and yet they feel so normal to me that i have a hard time even recognizing them. Actually I do recognize them most of the time now, but have not come up with a new mindset to replace them with. I know for me it will be about believing what Gods word says about me instead of what I have been thinking - so that is where I will start. I have to things routinely and planned out and have never attacked this issue in this way, so I hope I can do this because I think it is the root of all my avoidance.

I commit to pray about and read something in this area consistently.

for today...

Bank, printer, wbill, st 2:30, open email from mom, put work to do list on calendar

Hi Grace

Hey Grace, boy can I relate- Thank you for sharing.

In my procrastination log, I learned that much of my avoidance was due to lack of focus. I tend to not only be a "multitasker", I am a "multithinker", ""multiplanner", etc. Focus on the next thing is helping- I am calling it focus training.

Instead of getting a "routine" and plan things out, which never worked for me permentantly,because some change always seems to come up, I ask God for "focus: on the next thing- and I actually am getting it done. It feels all wrong, but I felt that way about other stuff in my life.

Just a thought. Take care, Vic


thanks Vic!!

Please share thoughts anytime - i love your thoughts!

I got two really important things from your reply - well more - but two i really need to implement - a log or journal - i am so all over the place in my thoughts, responsibilities, tasks, recovery needs - i am overwhelmed with mental to do lists and plans and awareness of where i am lacking in all of them - and lessons that I am learning and Gods word that is helping me.... whew, no wonder my head hurts all the time and I feel so unfocused. Having a journal has helped me in the past and making it more of a log would probably really help!

The other is the routine thing - i have been struggling since May because my routine varies from day to day, job to job and everytime i get a bit of structure, it changes - so if I can get a few constant things going, like ci here, accountability with a few that help me, journal/log and clear/doable list  - and then pray for focus on the next thing...

a lot to pray about and do, but i am determined!!

Thanks for helping me vic :)

focus training! I need some of that.

"The elevator to success is out of order.   You'll have to take the stairs . . . one step at a time." - Joe Girard

CL ci

getting a late start. that's discouraging.

10:30 did facebook instead = 18 min
10:48 workout - 1hr 12:28, so 40 min over. how?!
avoidance/distraction - 15
12:43 quiet time - did 20 of 30 min
1:03 avoidance/distraction again til 1:52 50min. desperately need forgiveness, guess i will pray about that too
1:52 quiet time - rest - 10 min
2:22 start working
update nlp
debug prc

note: changing the time on future tasks when i get behind makes me feel like i was late once, instead of "all day long"

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

good clementip!

<<<note: changing the time on future tasks when i get behind makes me feel like i was late once, instead of "all day long">>>

I like this idea. Thanks, Clement!

just_me checking in 4:24 pm

Hi, it´s so good to be back! I´ve had the flu and was in bed for some days. Even though I just posted my to-do-lists here I felt like I was part of this community. And posting them also helped me. So here´s the one for today:


Call Dad

Call hotel

Order N.

Buy N.

Make changes on thesis (20 pages)

Cut fabric

Sew zipper

Sell tickets

WB Just_me

Glad you are feeling better.   And, yes isn't it great to come here and post your intentions for the day?   It's like having a bunch of very friendly & encouraging coworkers! (or as Dilbert would say, cow -orkers)


"The elevator to success is out of order.   You'll have to take the stairs . . . one step at a time." - Joe Girard

Thank you Journey

Thank you for your encouraging words! It is great indeed. I also like the thought of you all being my coworkers, especially because I don´t have any real ones right now...cow-orkers Laughing - that´s funny...

Thursday Vic

I like the frog. it reminds me of the joke about the three frogs that were sitting on a log and one of them decided to jump into the pond. How many were left?

Three, because all he did was decide. The fact that there is only one frog up there is a good omen for me.

I stayed focused on my tasks yesterday. I noticed my thinking wanting to jump into past/future tasks as well as the judgemental thoughts. But posting here helped me "jump" off the log on the ones I posted. I actually have felt ok about myself at times(it has been so long since I did not feel like a lazy,stupid,slothful,no good...........xxxzzz) person. It seems like others are relating to me differently too, so something must be different.

I am not trying to "rate" the tasks, the fact that I could complete and focus on anything for a whole day is a miracle. I need to do this one day at a time, right now I am feeling like "I did enough" whatever that means and 2 weeks later I find myself at square 0 again.

My biggest fear is I am not focusing on the "real" tasks and the ones I am doing are too easy. I guess it is one of the lies that is related to the "procratination thinking" just like an alcoholic would think "you could have just one".

 It is late for me, but I got up at 7 am, that is late for me, but I hardly slept the night before.So today to start:

I am actually going to a pool party at girlfriend's house, I actually feel ok enough to socialize, now Pray give thanks, ask my HP to show me what the next right thing is, change, papers bills, etc.(DONE-well feeling ok about myself did not last, 3 hrs later, did not get too much done did some wash, downstairs, outside flowers, cleaned steam iron, read paper, my friend said I can't bring my son, so now I don't even feel like going, I thought going would motivate me, instead I am thinking why am I going when I have so much to do here, besides I don't even \know these people and if it rains, I won't even get to use the pool, I feel very scattered and like I can't start anything because I need to leave by 5, being social does not come natural but I am always happy when I even just have the courage to show upl, I think in order to get there I need to drop all other expectations for the day, ) it is now 12:30 fOCUS-STAY IN THE NOW-My room, walk, dinner, Go to friend- need to run errands near her house anyway, so it will be ok. Did room, dinner, errands, did not go to friend's house because it was raining and I did not want to sit in a family room eating and talking. The party did take so much of my focus today- I did not want to start anything, I like planned around it, ????, made me anxious, feel like I failed by not going. I should walk now. but seems to late. focus and go. leaving now. thanks

GeorgeSmiley 8:30 AM...i'm back

I've been away for some weeks. In the second week of July I was going crazy getting a lot out the door before vacation, so my time here was sporadic. Last week I was on vacation with Mrs. GS (we had a wonderful time, thank you!). This week I've been getting back in the swing of things, but not as focused as I'd like to be or need to be.

So here I am today. I've got a lot of specific tasks on my outlook list. I'm going to walk through them. I think I will post again here later in the day to mark my accomplishments. 

I'm uncertain about how I want to use chat today (or going forward). I might decide to go there if I need the reinforcement and accountability of marking each task finished. Or if I find myself in trouble. I'm just going to have to take it one step at a time.

Now to check personal email without getting sucked into it.




Want what you have. Be who you are. Do what you can. ~Forrest Church

The Hero's Code:

Show Up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Update, 9:48 AM +

Done so far:

Phone interview for Project A-S

in the midst of transcribing that now.

10:26 AM

Transcription completed

Need to do more interviews for Project A-S. Several phone calls to make. Starting those now. 




Want what you have. Be who you are. Do what you can. ~Forrest Church

The Hero's Code:

Show Up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.


I was starting to wonder where you were!  Glad you had a good time on vacation and hope you are back freshly inspired!


"The elevator to success is out of order.   You'll have to take the stairs . . . one step at a time." - Joe Girard

hiya GS

Glad you and the Mrs. had a good vacation.  We were starting to miss you around here!

kromer 10:40 CI

Morning, all! Wow, it's empty today.

So far I've had prayer time, gotten to lab, transferred files to server, gotten new computer--yay! and spent about 20 min websurfing--boo!

Today MITs are:
*Deacon notes (didn't get a chance to do that yesterday), call half of mini-parisH
*Run GSEA on all pathways stage data
*Download sequences for randomization runs
*Pack for tomorrow's trip
*Finish reading 2 papers on germ cell culture

Other tasks are:
*Finish lit search shh, write up results for fgfs and nodal
*1 hr work est taxes
*Start lit search on notch
*Call home

Breaks: BBQ 7:30!

Right now, I'm going to work on running GSEA on pathway stage data. 


kromer 8:40 CI

OK, have had one of those days where I haven't actually managed to cross of any of my tasks yet :P (but I'm close on a bunch...)

So far I have done (and need to do):
*Made the phone calls (still need to do deacon notes)
*Formatted most of my data for GSEA runs (still need to format one more pathway and actually start the runs)
*Read 1 paper on culture (still need to read one more)
*Packed work stuff for tomorrow's trip (still need to pack clothers)
*Written script to download sequences (still need to start script)
*Called home

I decided to skip BBQ (lot's to do, leaving on a trip tomorrow, plus it's pouring)

I don't think I'll quite get though everything tonight, so I'll triage. Right now, I want to format 1 more pathway, start GSEA runs, and download sequences. Then I'll go home and pack clothes. Deacon notes and reading I can do  tomorrow if necessary.

Update 10:50--well, I've made some pretty good progress, now I'm going to head home, quickly pack, go to bed since I need to be up by 6am

Journey 9 am & update

Hey, where is everybody this morning??

I was early to work, traffic is still great.  Some schools start back in two weeks, and that will be end of the good traffic, so I'm enjoying it while I can. 

Back in the office today, yesterday was a reasonably productive day, I put in a good day's work, made a nice dinner, did the dishes and a load of laundry too.  

Today, I'm still working on the network problems.  We're working on the last system today so that should be done as soon as we figure this one out.  Then, to do list, quiet time. 

Well, the network guy is not available now so I'll do tdl and qt first after all!  I'll check back later. 

Have a productive and enjoyable day today.   Think about ways to work on your most important goals today, and enjoy the process.

UPDATE 3 pm:  All my "red" or high priority items are done woot!   Now I will spend the next two hours on 3 tasks . . . probably won't complete them today but I can make progress on all three today if I stay focused.   I need to send an email about another project and if I do all that . . . I will be able to say I did everything on my work list for today. If I run my errand on the way home, it will be a VERY good day. 

I'm trying to make a reasonable and flexible enough todo list so that I can complete it every day, but I'm still putting things on the list that I KNOW I won't be able to get to, or  underestimate the time required to do things, so items are left undone.  It feels really good to put that green check mark by all the items, so I'm going to continue working on this.   It's not so much a matter of working that much harder, it's more a matter of realistic planning, and not overwhelming myself to the point of resistance.

If I look at my todo list and think "no sweat, I can do that" I am much more productive than when I look at my impossible list and think "there's no way I can finish this.   I might as well (insert procrastination activity here)"   

One thing I have learned:  If I add a task to the list in the middle of the day, another task must be removed to make time for it.  I know, a no-brainer, right?  But I just figured it out!



"The elevator to success is out of order.   You'll have to take the stairs . . . one step at a time." - Joe Girard

really helpful

Thanks for sharing these insights and tips, journey:

<<<and not overwhelming myself to the point of resistance. >>> This confronts me with the possibility that I do this to myself, not someone else making me a victim!

<<<If I look at my todo list and think "no sweat, I can do that" I am much more productive than when I look at my impossible list and think "there's no way I can finish this.   I might as well (insert procrastination activity here)">>>  Another great jo-gem!     

<<<One thing I have learned:  If I add a task to the list in the middle of the day, another task must be removed to make time for it.  I know, a no-brainer, right?  But I just figured it out! >>>  LOL!  I finally figured out the same thing about my closet, so now I have a rule that nothing new goes in unless at least one thing comes out...or preferably two, to reduce the clutter.  But of course, hadn't applied that to to-do list!

One time when a boss had loaded me up with impossible assignments and deadlines, I went to him (after crying, praying and talking with a friend!), list in hand, and simply asked him to help me prioritize. He seemed surprised when he looked at my list - I don't think he realized how many things he''d sent my way!  But the prioritizing took him about 2 minutes including reassigning some tasks and changing some deadlines - and voila! my dilemma was over.

The PA challenge for me is to be as nice a boss to myself, as he was!

re: really helpful

I'm glad my wandering rambles are helpful to someone!! 

I need to learn the closet rule too.   I still have skinny, medium and fat clothes in there.  I have skinny clothes from 10 years ago.  Even if I get back into them, they are out of style!


"The elevator to success is out of order.   You'll have to take the stairs . . . one step at a time." - Joe Girard