Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday, JULY 21, 09

Giant Panda Cubs Give Hope to an Endangered Species as Procrastinators Anonymous gives Hope to our Endanged Opportunities.

thanks for the good wishes

Surviving a natural disaster (what I and 50,000 other Coloradans survived was more like a natural big humongous pain in the ___) does help to keep things in loved ones and I are safe and sheltered, fed and warm. Probably the world's homeless, refugees and people living under dictatorships of all political stripes wish they too had time to worry about whether or not they procrastinate too much.

Recycler CI 7:45pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Wow, I love the threadstarter! :) This month on my trip to Washington was the first time I had seen Real Panda Bears in person. I really like Pandas :)

This morning at the gym I did all my cardio, stretching, and ab exercises. I had to wait/take turns a little bit on some of the equipment, but I just coped & went back to the equipment when I could ;)

Wow, was that me at work this morning -- I actually followed the assignments I had highlighted yesterday and also replied to all my email before lunch? lol. OK, while that is always my goal, somehow I stayed on track this morning ;) I must not have had as many interruptions as usual or something! ;)

At lunchtime I went for a walk, did an errand, bought a salad at a fast food place, ate, and had a little meditation time in a quiet room.

After lunch: ok, I had a non-work-related phone call that went on A Lot Longer than expected (business). While that isn't ok with me, I very rarely have personal phone calls at work, so I'm just chalking it up to that. I will need to have some similar follow-up phone calls over the next few days, but they shouldn't really need to be that lengthy. (trying to have a non-perfection attitude). Actually in working 20+ years, it's the only time I can remember have a personal phone call that long, so I guess I should cut myself some slack.

During the afternoon, I got right back on the next highlighted section of my projects, and was turning something in for a boss in another dept at the exact moment they were asking me about it, which was pretty cool ;) I've already highlighted tomorrow's project list, too.

After work I cooked some corn that someone gave me. Surprisingly it was really good. I wrote an email to a friend. Next, it's time for me to brush teeth, wash & moisturize face, and read a little devotional literature. I need to make a Support Phone Call before bed, too.

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

mj tuesday hail-o

Hail Ohhhh!!!

Last night, we got hammered with golf ball size hail. 5 windows and two skylights, plus the roof, plus all of the plants we had outside and the leaves on several trees, were damaged or destroyed. My car was already a beater, still has its glass intact, so all is well with the vehicle. My dogs were traumatized. The little one won't go into the scary "skylight room" anymore.  It was a moderately terrifying time. 

So today, my priorities have been on clean up, temporary repairs, calls to the landlord, contractors, helping neighbors, reassuring pets. After 8 hours of that, I'm now ready to tackle some less urgent priorities:


volunteer work on health care



Glad you and your family including the furry ones are ok!   Good luck with the cleanup and repair effort!


"The elevator to success is out of order.   You'll have to take the stairs . . . one step at a time." - Joe Girard

Wish you a speedie clean up

Glad that everyone is ok.


glad you're OK mj!

And good luck dealing with the cleanup, sounds like you're doing a great job.


Ditto, mj! Take care of yourself!



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Sam- 12:30 pm

1. lunch before 1

2. gym

3. letter to susan

4. confirm alik

5. study tr


kromer 10 CI

Did really well yesterday, but today I'm having a rough start (in lab almost an hour late)

MITs for the day:
*wrists are starting to bother me again (blargh), so I want to order a better keyboard and print out list of wrist stretches and keyboard shortcuts.
*Finish QC/basic proc of VAD data
*1 hr work on est. taxes
*write up lit search res wnt,bmp
*Basic runs for G's project, start work on randomization runs

Other tasks:
*Deacon notes
*GSEA on all pathways
*work on animal faciliy access
*buy hard drive
*write up lit search res fgf, nodal
*Plan for finishing WM

Breaks: Harry Potter!

I'm going to start by finishing QC/basic proc of VAD, then I'm going to write up lit. search res for Wnt, then I'll start basic runs for G's project.

Update 11:30--working on writing up lit. search results now. As a first step, I need to read a couple of papers. Back when those are read. 


kromer 12:30 CI

OK, getting really badly distracted now. Re-focusing...back when I've finished the 2 papers.

Update 2--finished 2 papers, now I need to skim 2 more, then write up my research on 1 pathway. Then, I'll need to start of G's project...first steps for that are to get Weeder running on the cluster, and to read about repeat masking in motif discovery.

Update 4--skimmed 2 more papers, now working on writing up my research on 1 pathway. I'm running into some resistance here, so I'll break it down a bit. I need to write about:
*role in PGCs
*role in devel
*role in adult
*interact w/ RA

I'll cross off each of these sections here as I finish them.

Update 5:05--done w/ writeup on BMPs! I'm thinking I can get the Wnt writeup done by 6, so I'll work on that (so I can nail another MIT).

Update 6:30--finished writing up Wnt stuff and had dinner, now I'm going to spend 5 min reading about repeat masking, then I'm going to head out (to Harry Potter!)

Constance 3 pm

feel kind of lost the last few weeks. Should go see a psychologist on picking up my good study habits again. Don't think I can ever get back on track on my own ...

Missed 3 great job opportunieties within the last few months because I can't get myself to take my final master's exam. Next possible date for this exam: Somewhen in September, havn't even asked my prof for a new date ... well i have, but he hasn't answered my email, probably a fellow procrastinator, my prof ;-)



says "sorry for my silly English, not a native speaker here :-) "

"Failing to plan is planning to fail"


Journey 8:15 & update

Good morning!   I have a "quick" dr. appt this morning to get blood drawn.   I need to get ready for that at 9 am.   Before that I should be able to read new email, check my calendar, and make my todo list.  

Have a productive and enjoyable day everyone!

UPDATE 11 am  I've been back for 20 minutes or so but haven't really started back to work yet . . . going to have quiet time now, straighten my desk, and the bed which is now an extension of my desk lol.  

Then email the network guy to ask when he wants to work on fixing the stuff he broke yesterday  ;-) and then work on Project TF for an hour or so, or until he calls.



"The elevator to success is out of order.   You'll have to take the stairs . . . one step at a time." - Joe Girard

Tuesday Vic

I am so happy and grateful to have gotten done what I did yesterday with God's help amd this program. Today I have hope that my HP wants to help me with this problem of procratination. First I want to get on my knees and pray. I hope to leave the house by 8am and go to library, store, meeting, gym. Task to focus on is make dental appts for cleaning for boys and myself. Need to fax letter to indsurance about dental bill, fill meds. I don't "feel" like doing anything, but that's ok.

Vic Tues nite

Did alot- library, meeting, store, went to store 15 miles past meeting because I had a $100 gift card from 2 years ago, my husband did not return the boy's skies back on time, so instead of giving back our deposit, we got a gift card.(we were lucky to even get that because the contract said if the skis were not returned by a certain date, we lose our deposit- we lost part of it) This was from 2005-2006 ski season. The closer branch store near us closed- I found out today, but I got 2 patio chairs that were on sale. They were doing road work, so I got stuck in traffic, but I stuck it out and completed the task. So I ddi something today that I procrastinated on for 3 years wih the gift card (always in the back of my mind) stopped at gym to swim, bank, food store, home. It was after 4 when I got home. Felt HALT/ I was angry that things took longer than I thought, but I need to be gentle with myself. I wrote and worked through a resentment took a couple hrs) My left rib hurts and I check web md and now think I may have a pulled muscle, then it talked about an infected rib, so my imagination is going crazy. And now I think I must be dying. I feel disgusted with myself. Like how could I be proud of taking care of the gift certificate when a normal person would have done it 3 years ago. I need to change my attitude and be grateful that I did it at all and did not have to lose the $100.

Tomorrow I will deal with dentist apts. planning here does help me stay focused enough to complete tasks. If I had not committed to redeeming the gift card today, I know I would have said forget it - I am not going to sit through the traffic- I will go another day, but the roadwork is going to be going on a long time, so now it is done. Thiis took focused effort, focused time, focused work, and it was not much fun- and I wanted a chaise longe and they did not have what I wanted-but it was still better than crrying it around in my head all this time, I just could not do it before without this group.

My car needs to be inspected by July 31- so I actually remembered- usually I don't do it until Aug 31- driving guilt and fear of being pulled over. I still need to take my driver license photo - I renewed it on line but photo is past due (was due June 8). Well one thing at a time. Progress not perfection. What I did so far is still a miracle. Thanks for being here.  



Congrats on gift card and you should feel very proud of yourself for getting it done, sitting in the traffic, and sticking to your plan.

So many times I am so proud of myself for to what some would think is the simpliest craziest accomplishment and then I start to put myself down with negative self talk, but the reality is that when I accomplsh a task it is real accomplishments and best yet it is my accomplishment. Life is not a matching game and there is not another card in the deck like me so who can I compaire myself to. (Not that I do not do it, but the concept is good)



Elina, tue 21st

To do- list, Tuesday: :)

I just started my PC and cooked some fresh coffee, and feeling good.

Thank you fellows, for being here for me.  


- eat moderate lunch

-go to post becuase of this important letter

-attend online OA- meeting

-open, read, and reply e-mails


All done! I also talked with bank (they called me) and I was buying food and diet cola. Walking everywhere, not taking tram. What a grace today.... :)  



When I look into the future, it is so bright it burns my eyes ~ Oprah Windfrey