Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Friday 18 August 2006

I wasted an amazing amount of time putting up this graphic. :P

2:25am and pro is still up

I finally have brushed my teeth, etc. Gotta go to bed!!

You wouldn't believe what I've been doing. Can you spell T-E-T-R-I-S?


that is a cool game though!

TL - BE - 12:30 AM

Ta Da - ran, cleaned, money stuff. Not as scheduled, but productive!

Hi Pro, Normy, Milo, Slider, Flexiblefine, (where's Anouk?), Projoy,..
I read your posts but don't reply b/c I would spend hrs here:)
I am so intrigued by the wisdom and insight.

I start working full-time next week at American Eagle Airline (great flight benefits) and then 2 undergraduate and 2 graduate classes the next week. So I won’t be here much. Just wanted to let you know why.

I’ll need to post I’m sure – so I’ll drop in sporadically.


~Endorse for the effort, not the outcome
~A firm decision steadies us
~Every act of self-control leads to greater self-respect
~Be group minded
~Peace over Power
~Move your muscles, change your thoughts
~Extravagant expectations invite disappointments
~Be self-led not symptom-led
~Bear the discomfort, and the comfort will come
~Comfort is a want, not a need

Ah, slap me--slider's BE 11:30

I am not ready for bed. Spent the last half hour cuop and checking email, instead, while DD excitedly went through all her school supplies now that she is home (school starts Monday). However, I promised DD she could IM whoever of her friends is awake, so off I go, to get ready for bed. 'Night, y'all!

good night, slider!

eating routines and bedtimes

If I'd gone to bed by 11pm as is my plan, then I wouldn't be awake and ravenously hunger at 12:30am. :(

I need to eat something small or I won't be able to sleep.

Oh, dear!

Don't worry, that's just a lesson learned for tomorrow night! If you're not going to bed on time, at least have a snack so you CAN sleep when you finally get to bed!!!!

You may as well have your pills while you're at it, now!!!

snacks before bed

I don't like going to sleep with food in my stomach because I wake feeling horrible. I'm eating some cottage cheese and grapes right now, and I'll stay up for a little while until it's out of my stomach.

This is a lesson, though - my routines will not work unless I go to bed on time!

starting bedtime routine now

now NOW ... up up up - AWAY from computer...

That's it, brute willpower!!

Go get 'em!

did my bad behavior discourage people?

No posts today since I posted my "I'm bad". Come to think of it, traffic always slows down on Friday and the weekend. Probably it's not me. I hope it's not me. I don't want people to expect me to be cured, or my having a bad day to be discouraging to others.

I'm going to get ready for bed because if I stay up much longer I'll have to eat something (I'm already hungry) and that would not be in keeping with my new eating routine (three meals a day, nothing in between, and definitely no eating late at night right before bed). When I have an urge to nosh, I ask myself if the pleasure of eating outweighs the discomfort of being fat, and the answer is always no. :)

At least I'm sticking to something.

I've been wondering how I managed to spend the whole day trying to decide where to buy my MacBook, and then managed not to make a good decision. I should have bought it on rather than eBay. The price was the same (after rebate) and is a more trustworthy seller. I haven't gotten any confirmation from the eBay seller yet, though he has my money. Now I'll be waiting on pins and needles to find out if I was scammed.

let us know

I buy books online from both amazon and ebay. Let me know what happens.
Hope it works out:)

I posted--just in the wrong place!

Tee hee--I started to indignantly respond with something like, "Didn't you even notice MY post?" Then I couldn't find it--Ha! Ha! I accidentally posted today's CI in yesterday's forum! But I was being bad, too--didn't want to be held accountable for anything.

But I must do my bedtime routine (loo, wash face, put medicine on eyebrows for rash, moisturize, brush teeth, heartburn medicine, water), and I CHOOSE to be in bed by 11:30! So this is a bookend!

I was unusually bad today

I was totally zoned out today - don't know what was up with that. I just didn't feel like being on earth today, and I lost myself in MacBook shopping (and still made a bad purchase decision).

Like you, I didn't want to be held accountable for anything so I resisted even visiting this forum today. But I made myself do it. 8)

Familiar feeling

I know what you mean exactly!

If I go missing I've either been bad }:) or been too busy...

Not at all!

No, I'm sure you haven't discouraged people, you are human, after all!

At least you have the courage to post when you're 'bad', I have a tendency to just go MIA for a while so I don't have to 'fess up!!!!! :P

I force myself to confess.

I feel it's important to tell on myself - stay totally honest about it. If I'm not honest here, I won't be able to get help here.

I can confess...

Once I'm here I find it easy to say I've been bad. But I tend to avoid coming here if I have been particularly bad. But I should force myself to at least log on, then I'll find I tell all and be more accountable!!!!!

Oh, no.....and here's my opportunity - bad bad BAD Milo! DS has just woken up and I have wasted all my time that DH gave me CUOP and haven't started my proposals (well, I opened the template...but that's all).

I'll get the train set out, that will buy me half an hour }:)

if we can't admit it here...

Where else can we admit to our procrastination without shame? Who understands better than another procrastinator?

I think it's good to let go of the shame. Shame is so toxic.


So is saying we're bad - bad may be how we feel, but I don't think it makes us bad people (that's a separate issue, LOL!).

I did notice you seemed wound up pro but you've already told us you're very affected by demand resistance, and you were getting hot on the trail of contacting those two clients you didn't want to contact, so it's not surprising to see evidence of resistance.

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Oh! Hello, Milo!

Best wishes to you today!

Hi slider!

I am just lurking today and replying to posts rather than checking in. I have already wasted half an hour of prescious no-kids time CUOP so I should get off. I saw two new clients last week so I have two proposals to write. And I really want these jobs, so I need to concentrate. DH has taken one kid out and the other is asleep so I can do some work.

Hope your day went well (is it still Friday night?).

total procrastination today

I've been in total procrastination mode today, and have had great resistance to visiting this forum. I didn't even want to think about what I wasn't doing.

I did finally get dressed and do the rest of my morning routine, and I've stuck to my food routine. But I did no work. What did I do? I bought a MacBook. Yup - I spent $1000 when I can't even support myself because I don't work.

I don't know what's wrong with me today. It's like I'm in a dream world, and don't want to face reality.

I'm very excited about the MacBook. I've wanted a Mac for years. I can't wait for it to get here.

I'm going to an AA meeting in a few minutes. I'm doing a 90-in-90 so I stop isolating in my apartment. So that's another routine I'm sticking to - AA meeting every evening.

great idea

Any DA(s) planned?

I don't like DA

I went to DA for a while, but it wasn't for me. I don't have a compulsive spending problem; I have a procrastination problem. When people qualify they talk about cutting up their credit cards, and "don't debt no matter what". It's irrelevant to me - not my issue.

Same issue

I don't overspend - but I do underearn at times and I wanted somethng for the procrastination too.

Did you start the NY DA for procrastinators?


I don't have a compulsive spending problem

....When it comes to a new MAC ;)

Norm 10.20 pm BE


*Read 'a few more' posts - took me about an hour and a half! :O
*Overrode autoshutdown :O (again!)


*Just go to bed Normy!

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Norm 8.52 pm BE


*Cooked, ate yummy meal, DSO cleared up
*Neither of us wanted to go to the play in this stinky weather so we decided to stay home except for...
*...Ddog walk, for which we all (inc DDog) got well wrapped up in waterproofs
*Spending a looong time CUOP because I've not been able to spend much time here lately (apart from goofing off day today)

I don't even really feel like being on the computer, but I miss my cyberfriends when I'm not!

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*Read a few more posts
*Make bed

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Norm 4.20 pm BE

Not much work getting done around here. I felt really motivated and ready to go this morning, but I had an 11 am social meeting and never got started. I seem to be OK if they're first thing or last thing, but it really puts me off if it's part way through the day.

The play in the park got rained off last night (Midsummer Night's Dream), so we're having another go tonight (Romeo and Juliet) - I've just rung and they've put a temporary canopy over the performance area. I wonder why they didn't just move it to inside the memorial? It'd be funky in there - perhaps it's to do with numbers.


*Cook, eat, clear up
*Ddog walk/Daytime Routine
*Watch DVD?

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TL - BE - 9:30 AM

To Do

10:15 yoga
2-4 PM print pics at school
4 break
5 collect stuff to in-baskets at home :)
6:30 leave for track

I'm being bad

I placed a bid on eBay, and I've been obsessing on that - refreshing the page to see if someone outbid me, looking for other machines of this kind in case someone does. I need to put this down and get dressed!

pro's CI - 9:15am

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Ta Da~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

  • Wake up: 7:35am (goal: 7am).
  • Post first check-in.
  • Morning Routine
  • ----Empty dish drain and wash any dishes from previous day.
  • ----Make bed (convert futon back into couch).
  • ----Take pills.
  • ----Make and eat breakfast.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~To Do~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

  • Morning Routine
  • ----Shower and dress.
  • ----Wash breakfast dishes.
  • ----Review to-do list and make a plan for the day.