Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday 27 May 2009

Journey 9:30

Good morning, back in the office today!  Yesterday was an "ok" work-at-home day but I'm still more productive when I'm in the office.  

I had a problem to take care of asap when I came in this morning, now that is done, and I'm making my todo list for the rest of the day.  I won't chat today since I'm in the office, so I'll update here from time to time.


Soon you will harvest what you are planting today - Steve Pavlina

Ag thinking ahead

Note for Thursday: synchronize!  I know I put some appts on pda that are not on Outlook, and this makes me anxious. I am work-bingeing - I want to plan all of Thursday now but can't until I synch.  Need to stop the binge and go to bed - signing off now...g-nite.

Recycler CI 7:45pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

I'm shut down at the moment, but tomorrow will be another day.

This morning I walked to the gym, did additional cardio, stretches & ab exercises.

At work, I responded well to a variety of requests & made it through the morning. Had lunch with friends. Did newsletter in afternoon and other projects.

After work, walked home, ate dinner, emailed a friend, and started a load of clothes in the dryer. Next: After the clothes are dry, hang them up, then get ready to sleep.

Serenity Prayer: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

ByGodsGrace todays CI

Hi Everyone!I’ve been living and breathing this deadline – some progress from previous ones – some areas I need to learn from – but its done and everyone is happy! Missed being here – I am getting my house in order today and by tomorrow hope I can return to a more normal routine – or at least a summer routine since dd is home with me now! Grateful to God for progess and for the fellowship here! 

Word and prayer for the day: Psalm 25:4-6 “Show me your ways, O LORD, teach me your paths; guide me in your truth and teach me,  for you are God my Savior,  and my hope is in you all day long.”

My to do list: 

Laundry, dishes, MIT: Job2 mail extras

Post office, Dd st 4:30, store

Catch up on email, return calls

Agnus ci 12noon, 12:20am

Been up and at it since about 8:30 but definitely s-l-o-w today - might be in the air? Lots of us seeming to feel that way today. 

I need to remind myself of the basics: I am powerless over compulsive procrastination and my life becomes unmanageable when I ignore, deny, or try to get around the hopelessness of this fact. I have come to believe in a Power greater than myself that can restore me to sanity. I choose (make a decision) to turn my will (thinking) and life (actions) over to the care of God as I understand God. My concept is a loving Higher Power Who speaks in part through this site, and in part through my prayerful efforts to do Steps 4-12 and use the PA Tools).

OK, thanks for listening while I set the framework for today's tasks:

  • Get decision re Fri event and act accordingly
  • Ask who should follow up w/ main client
  • Itemize and assign rfp parts  postponed pending someone else
  • Research, write my rfp sections postponed pending someone else
  • Reduce Inbox to <10 items by 5 pm well, progress: midnight and <20 items
  • Think through next MITs on main contract postponed pending 2 mtngs
  • Be on time for 7:30 mtng
  • Microburst the bills pile Laughingthat was tough! whew
  • Microburst the ‘08 corp taxes

Onward through the fog! :-)

isabo ci 1030am

so tired today, I have been trying to stay up a bit later to have more one on one with hubby, but it makes me too tired in the am.  

got letter from dentist, saying i was no longer welcome at his practice because I called him a money grubber at the specialist he sent me to.  I remember making a comment about the work being so much money, but not directing it at anyone in particular...good lesson in keeping one's mouth shut.  Have finished letter of apology, need to write it up(printer is broken, could email, but I dont know how to copy it over to email without making it illegible) and send it away.

also up for today is a couple of usuals - kitchen and laundry.  Want to mow side lawn, as the dandelion stalks are far too visible.  Also want to finish three more beds in garden, and plant and water all.  its almost eleven.

I so wish I had a small hand held computer that only this site was on.  It seems so silly to have to log in to my computer world to come here when its also a major procrastination lure.  

Fight the beast!!  Progress, not perfection!!!

and remember....


Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe      !!!

ci babarino

Hi everyone.thanks for being here. Was gone due to being out of town working on project that kept me so busy there was no chance to post on here let alone procrastinate. Will be back in office today where opportunity to procrastinate will abound.I have 9 items on task list for today and tomorrow for work.will take another look at list when I get to work.

kromer 8:35 CI

Have been incredibly tired the last couple days...guess I'm not sleeping well? Normally I can get up before 7 with little effort, but past few days dragging myself out of bed at 7:45 has required heroic effort. I'll try cutting down on caffeine in the afternoon and see if that helps.

*DG's project (so frustrated that I can't seem to get this finished!): Finish compedium, run CLR on it (will do this right after dinner)
*DP background reading: Make background reading plan, 1 hr reading from HHT (will do this after dinner)
*Chores: pre reg for fall classes, buy hard drive, return lib. books, make photocopied, student seminar updates (working on these now)
*MC's project: 3 hrs focused work (haven't done much on this project, so have very little idea what I can get done in these 3 hrs...after today I'd like to have a better sense of how much time it will take to finish) (2 hrs done)

Other tasks:
*DG's project: Make slide on CLR results
*DP background reading:1 hr reading papers
*Chores: laundry, grocery shopping

*Call AG
*Call IA

Right now I'm going to pack up and head to campus; when I get there, I'll finish compedium+run CLR on it, then make BG reading plan. 

Update 10:30--running so slow today! finally got to campus, now I'm going to finish making compendium.  

kromer 7:20 CI

Haven't gone quite as fast as I would like today, but at least I've made progress: did some chores, did 2 hrs focused work on MC's project, made compendium for DG's project. Now I'm going to do an hour of reading HTT, then check back.

kromer 11:40 CO

I have done 30 min reading for HTT but that's all tonight (had 2 phonecalls from friends, otherwise browsed online)

Am owning up to this honestly, now will take some small steps (pick up dirty clothes, pray) and go to bed, try again in the morning. 

Hope-Faith CI 8:10

Welcome today! Today I need to:

  1. Plan class activities 
  2. 6.02 b and 1.00
  3. 6.03 A B C
  4. 6.04 A B C
  5. Exam Review A2 -- Planned
  6. Datebase R & R
  7. Spreadsheet R & R
  8. Movie Maker R & R
  9. Check J & K WP



Right need to get something done today...

After the bummer of yesterday doing nothing, binging on coffee and the playing my game till 2am I didn't get up till noon today - that was only because it was raining and my cacti are outside and needed covering

*dentist (@2pm) -> add next appointment to diary

*get some Japanese done (30mins on SRS)

*spend timelooking at goals and wishes for the month - get this motivation problem sorted

*try and cut back on coffee

Yeah! Deciding to do less and getting it all done is far more motivating than trying to do lots and failing 50%

Journey 7:30 meh

Good morning PApals!  Yesterday was the meh.   I couldn't focus, have no real deadlines right now, and I did a lot of goofing off.  I supposedly worked 8 hours but probably only did three or four hours of real work.   So, yesterday's a wrap, let's see what we can do with today. 

I have a dr. appt. this afternoon, gee whiz I have so many doctor appointments anymore.   Must be an age thing.  I have been to the doc at least once a month lately.  Yearly checkup, dentist, peridontist, today is the gynecologist, and my primary care physician referred me to the gastroenterologist (sp?) and the dermatologist.   I should be grateful, right, since most people in the world don't have the luxury of the level of health care that I have.   It's a bit difficult to feel grateful when you are facing the stirrups though!  Is that TMI?  lol.

Anyhow, I MUST have a shower and dress appropriately for the doc visit, AND I need to get dinner in the crockpot before starting work.   I have 45 minutes.  Here goes!


Soon you will harvest what you are planting today - Steve Pavlina