Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

encouragement slides

 i would love to have a group of PA locally, so i could attend weekly (or daily) for support...

 but in the absence of that, i put together a series of "encouragement slides" to help me encourage myself (how's that for DIY? :)) i read through this site, and took all the encouraging phrases/aphorisms that i could find in the various messages that people have posted and attached pictures to them, putting them in a series of Powerpoint slides.  although i was technically procrastinging while doing this (of course), it's helped me (at least a little bit) have positive phrases and pictures in my head when i start to feel discouraged...i just try to repeat the phrases to myself, and picture the photos in my mind....also, i have a copy on my computer, so when i feel lost or distracted or discouraged when working on something, i open that file and read through them....i've also printed out copies of the slide and put them up in my house, to remind myself to think positively and keep going (a big challenge for me!)

  if you're interested in a .pdf copy of the slides--or tell me how i can post them somewhere on the site--i'd be happy to share them. 




I'd like to have the slides, please.

Thank you, 


Gentlemen, I believe we have much to discuss.
(Robert Lansing as Control, The Equalizer, Trial by Ordeal.)

what a great idea. I'd love

what a great idea. I'd love to be able to see this! but prefereably not by email.

great. maybe the site

great. maybe the site administrator or an experienced member can tell me where/how to share them?

siouxzqueue, you could try

siouxzqueue, you could try asking pro, who runs the site. Or if they don't need fancy extra formatting, (ie paste in just as text or image not powerpoint stuff?)  perhaps you might put them in a new section of the miscellaneous forums, or in the graphics section (daystarters) on miscellaneous)-looking forward to seeing them.

i sent an email to the site

i sent an email to the site admin...hope it went through!

will post as soon as i figure out/receive instruction how.