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climate in Australia

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Milo wrote:
116 degrees... That was where I grew up, not where I live, but it's not much different here, maybe 2 degrees cooler in the day and 3-4 warmer at night (I grew up in the outback near the desert - hot days, chilly nights).

Yes, we have snow in Australia, in the mountains in NSW and Victoria. But we aren't known for our skiing holidays

It sometimes snows at lower elevations but not often and if it does it melts quickly and doesn't build up. And it never snows in the west, the outback (80% of Australia!)or the top end (Qld and NT).

I saw snow for the first time at the Grand Canyon!!!!!!!

ps - you can always go swimming when you're so hot you've resorted to nakedness!

Is all of Australia in about the same climate zone? I've never been there, and I don't know much about it. (Maybe I should put going to Australia on the "dream list" I'm working on.)

Great Southern Land

Australia's climate is awesome and no, definitely not all in the same climate zone - it's too big!!!!! The top half is warm and humid all year round (they have two seasons, dry and wet), the west is warm, the south is cool (Tasmania mainly). The eastern seaboard below Sydney (which is mild) gets quite cool, and Melbourne can have 4 seasons in one day! In South Australia it's actually the driest state on the dryest continent in the world, and is of course mostly desert. But it also has cool bushlands and mountains.

In fact Australia is amazing and worth visiting. The only problem is that most visitors stick to the tourist centres and major cities. Boring!!!! In that sense it's the same as the US!

Go to the NT and Kakadu National Park which is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME, or go to outback NSW and visit a sheep station, or Coober Pedy where most people live underground because of the heat. Some tourist areas are still worth it, like the Great Barrier Reef or Uluru, of course.

ooohhhh - I wanna go!!!!

I miss traveling. Australia is going on my dream list!!

Also New Zealand. My brother went there many years ago and raved about how beautiful it was - something about glaciers (probably all melted with global warming).

book to read about Oz

Check out Bill Bryson's 'Down Under'. Australia from an American's perspective - very funny and he visits some of the off-the-beaten-track places, too.


Yeah, NZ is absolutely stunning. Haven't seen it personally, but know it's amazing.