Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday March 10 2009



"Never grow a wishbone where your backbone ought to be." 

Clementine Paddleford

Ag ci 11 pm

Just got back to hotel after another travel day and dinner with host. Still need to find the training presentation in my laptop, review for appropriateness for tomorrow, and get at least 6 hours sleep. Host is picking me up at 7am for first meeting at 7:30am - This agenda was my idea, what the hell was I thinking? Must have been in manic mode at the time. Laughing

Ag checking out for now

All done - yay! Going to bed. G'nite!

Falcon CI Tues. eve.

Hi pro buddies,

A lot of stuff that needs to get done tonight:

  • Take recyclables to garage
  • Use face stuff
  • Call L.
  • Tidy the heck out of all rooms for cleaners coming tomorrow
  • Write card for M. 
  • Exercises

Dinner's almost ready.  Going to eat & get started.


Falcon CO

All done.  Got to get up a little early tomorrow, so I'd better not procrastinate on getting to bed.

Good night!


CL mantra day 7

had to use it a couple times today. Grateful for its restorative effect on my mood and emotional state.

look for god in the uncomfortable place, not an exit.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Recycler CI 4:45pm EST


I love the Threadstarter Photo today, too! :) Thanks, Isabo! :)

I have volunteer activity tonight, so doing my CI now. I didn't sleep well last night, so I will probably go to sleep shortly after arrival at home tonight.

I've been very productive today, even though it's been due to continued stress. I did talk with my sponsor last night, and have scheduled an appt with my therapist for Friday.

8pm. I'm back from volunteer activity. I could have stayed longer, but need to transition to be ready to sleep, and also wanted to send an email to a friend (done).

Probably need to have some Serenity Prayer/HP time now.

Have a great night! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

tiptree ci

to do:

- autocomplete
- wysiwyg p issue
- investigate xhtml wysiwyg editor
- pixelmed - test compressed DICOM push
- grid - investigate latest yui vs extjs
- grid - add ability to go str8 to img N in a case
- clock 8 hours
- finish W.
- finish Sp. ot B.
- deposit
- office clean
- bag c.
- read 10 pp AK
- exercise
- clear a p2
- review bugzilla items -> plan work for the rest of the week/plan an iteration
- practice g.
- set up computer


Is anyone else having problems getting the chatbox to load? Mine says it's loading, but then it just never loads.

chat problems solved

i had that today:

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

love that photo!

Ah, nothing like squirrels dueling with light sabres to brighten your day.

Today, I will:

-find info on messaging DONE

-coordinate edits with M DONE

-outline MX avenues of research CANCELED



was tossing in bed a lot last night. woke up in the morning at 9 am and was refreshed but still have the mild headache. watched an interestinng programme on TV and have had my breakfast

agenda for the day

1. work at 3 pm, so need to get ready by 2 am for sure and hit shower by 1:30

2. Iron clothes 10:30-12:00

3. attend a meeting at 12:00/do download .


Journey 9:45 Jedi Squirrels!

That's hilarious Isabo!   I love it! 

Working from home today and getting a late start on work but I've been to the gym and read email.   When I first started working from home I started earlier, now I'm starting later, what's up with that??

Anyway, I have no meetings today except a planned virtual lunch with a friend.  Back in 30 with my to do list for the day.   I know the first thing on the list with be working on the hardware install that I started yesterday.   I will work on that for several hours and get it finished if I can.   

The BIC (Brilliant Intimidating Coworker) gave me a nice compliment on my progress on New Project yesterday!  I was quite pleased.  


Be where you are; otherwise you will miss your life. - Buddha


Great quote, Jo....I copied it to my quotes file!  :)

Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe

kromer 9:25 CI

Last night I caught up on sleep, which was good...I slept for 9 hours and am still feeling somewhat tired, but am no longer feeling borderline sick...

Today is mostly MUTs...I have a paper to finish (due at 11, which is a little tight but doable), I have a meeting with prof. at 2:30 (to discuss a paper and talk about my work). I agreed to help some former labmates with a computer program, which means I need to review the program myself. And I need to do laundry and shovel my walk, otherwise I will be naked and fined by the city :P

If possible, I'd also like to:
*Figure out how to run my jobs on WG's server
*Read 2 papers for nucleic acids class
*Buy plane tickets
*Clean bathroom

Here's my plan for getting my MUTs done:
Right now, finish paper:
->15 min spectral biclustering
->10 min noise sensitivity
->20 min biological applications
->15 min proofread.

Go to class. After class, spend 1 hr reviewing how to use program, and 1 hr prepping for mtg. Go to meeting, go help labmates with program.

Come home around 3:30, start laundry, buy new snow shovel and shovel steps, hang laundry. And then I'll go from there.

OK, heading to the chatbox to finish my paper!

kromer 1:30 CI

OK, I finished writing my paper (still need to email it in, but I turned in the hardcopy). And I went to class.

Tried to review using program, but I'm having some strange problems getting to install on my computer. So I'll have to do my best when I come by lab.

Now I need to spend an hour prepping for mtg...I'd like to have motif results on a few groups of sequences and to review paper, that's very doable. I'll spend 30 min working on motif results now. 

kromer 4:40 CI

All right, had mtg w/ WG, emailed in assignment, dropped by lab.

Now I need to quickly take notes from mtg w/ WG, then print papers for nucleic acids class, then head home to do laundry and shovel walk. 

kromer 7:30 CI

I printed papers, did laundry, shoveled, made a healthy dinner.

I've been feeling really tired lately, and I think part of that is because I haven't been getting any exercise. So I'm going to quickly finish folding laundry, then go to square dancing: I'll plan on reading papers during breaks, and buy plane tickets when I get home (around 10:30--I'll leave a little early)

8:30 checkin babarino

Prep for Thursday project
Prep for friday project
These are top priority!

George Smiley 8:25 AM + Update 3:25 PM

I worked nearly 18 hours yesterday -- 10-11 in my home office and 6 at my part-time job.

Feel like a sour version of the Steely Dan song: "Go back, Jack, do it again, wheels turnin' round and round... " Tongue out

But here I am. No word on the outcome of my second MIT yesterday. Today's are:

#1: Project M-3  DONE!

#2: Project P-5 rewrite DONE!

#3: Project W-M-1 Not Started-MUST DO TOMORROW

One of my clients is offering tickets to a basketball game tonight. I was thinking I'd go but right now I just want to stay home and cuddle w/ Mrs. GS and then SLEEP!!!

 PS -- LOVE that picture! Sending it to my 12-year-old... :-)

PS, and I did decide to go to the basketball game--Mrs GS is coming too...


The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Mansah's CL

Thanks for the starter pic isabo - that was hilarious! And the quote was really what I needed! 

First public to do list - I'm hoping putting it somewhere other than my pocket willa ctually make me follow it:

:smile: Get up at 7 so you have time before uni

:smile: 9-13 Uni - but you didn't read before going so you weren't really prepared

:smile: Call travel agent

:smile: Make doctor's appointment

:smile: Grocery shopping

:smile: Make dinner

:smile: Make CL

:smile: Knee exercises x3 -have done one bout so far and probably will have time for them a second time, but I really need to take this seriously.

:smile: On essay one:

*Read articles 1 & 2 -have read about 2 pages of the first article now, I'm finding it very hard to concentrate

*Write one paragraph


On a positive note:  I was terribly tempted to go see "Confessions..." again today and I managed to keep myself away even if it means I end up seeing it tomorrow instead. The downside was that I spent that extra time surfing the net, sleeping and flicking through books.


Besides: I need to find a way to get started on my essays - time is running out and I haven't even begun on my first - and I have three! 


Though this be madness, yet there is method in't ~ Polonius (Hamlet)

Chick CI

Thanks for the great starter Isabo :)


Start with list  - focus on want to do positive motivation

Starting again

identified some small tasks, doing them.

Mantra: I can rescue the day by starting again.

ByGodsGrace todays CI

Thanks for the photo isabo, I really needed a laugh! :-)

MIT today finish assembly and mail 350 invitations, truck 5:30pm – STAY AWAKE!

Word and prayer for the day: 2 Corinthians 12:9, Philippians 4:13

Help me today Lord where I am still so weak, I know I can do all things through You. I know Christ gives me the strength to face anything. God help me to walk walk in Your strength today and see myself as You see me.

My to do list: 

Read Bible/Pray

Daily CI

dd school 8:20a

bank deposit

items to be cut to printer (wait and work) 


JOB1 Deadline - moved to Wed. client revision, later but not b/c of me, Yay!

     Cut/Tie R x 70                almost done

      Assemble layers / folder     in progress 2/3 done

      Reprint card 1, cut assemble      in progress

     Embellishment x 700               

      Monogram layers & Wrap x 350              next to last thing 

      Stuff,Stamp,Seal   last thing

dd school 2:30p

PAY LIGHT BILL  (first thing wed am)

fINVOICE: figure out charge for revisions, extra work/supplies

dd appt 5:15p

Return client emails as needed

first cl

My very first check list here, I hope it'l help

  • So I got some homework due for monday, I should have started it already but I have not. So tonight I want to at least work an hour on it.
  • clean my room!

( Am I doing this right ?)

Welcome, cando

Hi cando,

A lot of people like to use this forum for "bookending."  That's where you check in before starting on a task, and then check in after doing it.  It can be your whole to-do list, or just one little thing. 

 There is something very satisfying about saying "hey, I got this done!" even it it's just a 10 minute chore (sometimes those are the hardest to get going on!)  Or if you get sidetracked or find yourself goofing off, it can be helpful to check in and acknowledge that; the check-in board can be a good tool for getting back on track.

I hope you will keep posting!


use of chat & check-in

i agree w/ isabo, whatever works for you. For what has worked for many ppl here, see:

And welcome!

coming back to the site greatly increases your chances for recovery.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

no right or wrong way

No worries!  There is no right or wrong way.  You can write yourself a note, or use a briefly worded list....

Glad you are here!

Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe

isabo - the night before...

I want to start to reverse my negative thinking.  I want to use lists, to come back and check them off, however I seem to perceive the lists as demands, and resist them.  Lists are not demands, they are my wishes for accomplishment that day. 

I wish to accomplish:

completing my errands in the morning with time to read before picking up my daughter

vacuuming the first floor and mopping the kitchen

til tomorrow then

Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe