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sort of my first post


I'm mostly new here, I did make an introductory post  a while ago, but I changed my username because I started to fret about the fact that I was using the former one elsewhere and wanted a seperate one for this site.  I think I need to really make an effort to come here more often.   Things have been really bad lately.  The "timebinging" (I've heard it called this, and it seems very apt to me) has gotten especiallybad lately, because so many tasks and deadlines are piling up.  I am juggling two jobs, both fairly unstructured and deadline oriented, and tonight I received an angry impatient email from a client about a task I should have started on at least a week ago. When I went to attempt said task, or at least the bare minimum of said task, I went to look at my notes and couldn't remember much of what my notes meant ..argg. 

I had to ask my housemate to proofread the email reply I wrote, and while she was helping me I just started sobbing uncontrollably for a few minutes.  It all seems so much bigger than me, and like i'll never ever catch up, and never ever get past this.  The worst part of what happened this evening was that I kept forgetting/remembering/forgetting that this task (which the client most urgently needed done) needed doing/existed at all.  In spite of writing it down on my list yesterday.  I just couldn't face the list at all today.  Instead I ran some errands, and then prepared for a dinner party my friends were giving me for my birthday tonight, and then, suddenly, the time was gone.  Well, I guess you all know the feeling(s), so I won't go on and on anymore here.  The less apocalyptic thing I meant to say here is - i'm glad this community exists and I hope I can manage to keep coming back here regularly :)  I'm going to try to post a list of things to do in the check in area. 

PS - I noticed someone mentioned Mark Foerster in a post - does anyone have any experience with the autofocus system?  I was reading about it on his blog the other day and it sounded like it might be good but I couldn't quite understand a few parts of it.. (ever notice how easy it is to procrastinate by reading productivity blogs!? slightly less guilt!) 


Welcome back.

:). Yes make the effort to come here more often, as I've found that this forum has helped me and is very supportive. The Check in has been working out for me very well and I hope it is for you. 

Stay strong Pro buddy! Everything will be alright!!

Sammy to Suddenly

Happy Birthday, Suddenly. :-)

I wish you many happy celebrations. And cake.

I'm glad you're here with us. I know what you mean when you say "it all feels so much bigger than me." Take little steps. Put one foot in front of the other, and before you know it, you'll be catching up again.

Hope to see you keep coming back (something I need to work on, too!)


Glad you found this site too!

I really am suprised that relatively few people have found this site, it is so incredibly helpful!!

Keep posting!  And maybe a doctors visit is in order?  I know all to well the uncontrollable sobbing.....

Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe


Here is the link to Mark Forster's blog where he talks about autofocus. I've never heard of it before maybe I'll give it a go.


Hi suddenlythenight. You are among friends who are committed to being on the path of change. Much power and positive energy to you.

Welcome here. You've taken a

Welcome here. You've taken a really positive step by posting. I hope you'll come back, keep sharing and find hope and solidarity.

thanks everyone

for being so welcoming :)  i'm going to go make some coffee and then try to come back and "check in"

 also, thanks for posting the link, sunflower.  I read a lot on his blog about it, including the faq.. but i was still confused about the method.  I was sardonically amused with the part that suggests putting only 35 things on a page - I can come up with way more than 35 to do items!  (part of the system also seems to be that you get it "all out of your head and onto paper" so.. yeah, that could be a lot of to do items) 

anywayz, thank again.