Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Monday 26 January 2009

Journey touching base

Thanks to everyone for the prayers and good wishes.  Dad is better and the hospital is arranging for him to go to rehab for a few weeks while has back heals. 

We're still arranging shifts to watch him 24 hrs a day but we're doing ok

Thanks and love to all


"It is never too late to be what you might have been."
- George Eliot

tiptree 5:24 PM CI

next 8 hours:

- O. munge -- get it working and get cases into m.v.c
- return DVDs
- practice guitar
- acr sample case thang
- read 25 pp.
- tidy 1st floor and/or office

hugs to *you*! :) yes, you! :)

Hi Pro Buddies!

It sounds like a lot of people have various issues going on today, so I'm sending a group hug to everyone! :) Take care of yourself, Buddies! :)

(((Big hug))) Talk to you later! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Recycler CI 4:20pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

The re-organized format for my assignment list at work is really helping me prioritize! I changed it into 3 columns, one for each boss. It got compliments at staff meeting this morning, because they can now see a lot more quickly the status of what I am working on for them :)

I did my full routine at the gym this morning :) They have my quiet room open again upstairs, so I get about 30 minutes of stretching in there and have the place to myself :)

At work: as mentioned I've prioritized on my project list better than usual. I've kept plugging away through the day. I'll try to knock out a couple mini-MITs before 5pm!

Am I going to support group tonight? My sponsor won't be there, so I kind of feel like "taking the night off." ;) We'll see what happens! ;)

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

CL ci

confession: got in late after doing stuff online. It seemed important and was interesting, but took too long and was not my MIT.

Also, i was late for an appt today, and i could not find the xrays, so i had to cancel. sigh.

I'm very grateful that altho i am very disappointed with myself for these failures, i still kno that the best next thing to do is continue on with my recovery one task at a time.

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb

procrastinating by studying procrastination:

note to Clem

Good for you, following that Japanese proverb on your posts! :-)

isabo 310pm

Had a good playdate this morning - conversation flowed easily and children were happy all morning.  Then had lunch and a nap.  stomach feels uncomfortably full although I really didn't eat much.  Back hurts from fall this am...its my butt that should hurt though!!  need to get some things done today, in the next two hours

wipe down fingerprints

shake and bake chicken

reboot and fold laundry

check on fire

program evening tv into dvr

10 minutes garbage gathering in disaster room

heres to it!  

isabo 420 doing pretty good ....need to peel potatoes as well, get compost to bin, throw out garbage bag from disaster room(I finally started it!!)

isabo 520

first time in a long time that supper is minutes away from being ready when hubby got home - and I am still in a good mood!!  Yah me!

Hope you all have a good evening, talk to you tomorrow!!

Agnus 10:45am and later updates

Hi. <sheepish smile> Missed you all. I faded outta here over Christmas - warm thanks to Clement for the personal reach-out to remind me what's good for me (you-all!). Why would I stay away so long? Um, addict behavior ( doing what hurts/not doing what helps).

Been dealing with more family crisis - add Mom's inoperable brain tumor to the saga - plus my job change, being injured in a car wreck, closing down my business, and a class that consumes 6 hours a week. Seemed like there was no time to post - but now really feel the need for this fellowship and these tools. A big-picture goal is to discern if I'm being or doing something that's attracting all this damn drama, and stop being/doing that!  But for TODAY, I can prayerfully tackle:

  • DONE-Commit food
  • DONE- verify that toolkits were shipped
  • verify timecard and submit final billings
  • DECIDED to do this tomorrow due to sharing 1 car today - banking
  • draft a play-by-play for baltimore 
  • pack, print boarding passes
  • DONE - verify pet-sitter
  • DONE-11am conf call
  • ADDED: Empty Outlook Inbox
  • ON MY WAY - 3:50pm leave for chiro appt
  • homework for class
  • 5:30 leave for class
  • 11:30 bed

Monday 8:10 AM

The usual long list of stuff.

No school today so my sons are home with me. Well, No. 2 is. No. 1 is at swim practice. Then he needs my help in getting his car towed to the mechanic to be fixed. Plus I hope to be able to give him some personal time and attn.; his g/f broke up w/ him over the weekend. :-(

My MITs are largely covered by my task pad list. Big priorities are 

1. Wrap up Q-C Update 8:55 AM: Finished

2. Project Q-I

3. Project T

4. Project G

5. Project F-S

6. Project D

But it will be impossible to complete them all, so I'm going to focus on advancing the ball on each as much as possible by following the steps I've laid out in my taskpad.

I'll be in the chatbox.

Update end of day

I ended up taking the afternoon off because No. 2 son was off from school and friends who we had hoped could come over to play were not available. We had a good time going to two local museums. 





The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

e on monday

 Up earlier than i expected: had a really nice social weekend. I am relieved that my son pulled his grades up (not as much as he is capable of, but my perfectionism is not his problem. So, today things are more relaxed in the house. The living room is in decent shape and I am making some headway on paperwork: a huge relief. 


Today: doctors appointments, 12 step meeting, resume, application, kitchen floor, dishes, laundry, medicine, shower. I really would like to work through the anxiety I have. 



It's not about perfect results, it is about getting ANY results." - Constance


hope your day is going well, and you made your appt and mtg!

Hope-Faith CI 8:00

AM routine completed except for a few items that I will do when I get home. To cold in the garage in the am need to move task to PM routine.

At work now getting organized and ready to begin planning for the day. Look over work task list and post what I need to accomplish.

CI 8:15 Tasks have been set getting up cup of coffee and then going to it.

  • Get PO for Q
  • Send work up to PZ
  • Get work ready for student in PZ
  • Lesson plans A2
    1. email
    2. quia
    3. copies
  • Lesson plans A1
    1. email
    2. quia
    3. copies
  • Call M about blog
  • Find examples of mm presentations
  • Calander
  • 15 min classroom clutter
  • 15 min forum
  • Mrs. G and PC
  1.  CI 9:45 got the majority of my task done
  2. CI 1:45 just had lunch making small progress on list. Work in chat
  3. CI 4:10 trying to wrap up a few items I did not get to today.
  4. CI 5:35 Home for the evening and starting on my pm routine. Children have already started their homework without me making them. Yay them.




kromer 7:40 CI

Had a rough week last week, but this week I can turn things around.

I'm going to take 30-40 *calm* minutes right now to plan out what I want to accomplish this week, then I'll check back 

kromer 8:20 CI

Did 2nd and 3rd MITs, had a healthy dinner, called IA and started my laundry.

I'm tired, and both my remaining MITs require serious thinking, so I'm not going to get them both done. However, I can tackle one of them (Read over rotation choice notes, brainstorm 5 possible collaborators), and make progress on some of my other (mindless) tasks: laundry and reading sig/sys. At 9 I'll take a break and call a friend.

Heading to the chatbox now

kromer 4 CI

I've completed my 1st MIT, started my 2nd, and taken notes on 1 paper.

I also started learning to do lab work. (I'm a biology grad student, and today I started learning how to work with mice, which has been scaring me...I got through it fine, though I have to admit I'm a little woozy now).

Now I'm going to finish my 2nd MIT, then email about Harambee and compose draft email to pastor, then pick up lab nb and matlab book, then go home, start laundry and have dinner.

I'll work in the chatbox now and update when I'm done w/ 2nd MIT. 

kromer 8:20 CI

I have a plan for the week that seems do-able. Here's what I want to get done today.

*See impact of changing threshold, see if data internally consistent
*Rough comparison to Stra8 and Dazl data
*Email pastor about church issue, email about Harambee,
*Brainstorm sensible way to weight genes
*Read over rotation choice notes, brainstorm 5 possible collaborators

Other tasks (won't get all of these done, but hopefully 1 or 2:
*Read chpts 3 and 4 of sig/sys
*Get matlab book+lab nb
*List of problems w/ WM, list of files to document
*Call IA
*Finish R tutorial
*Review/notes 2 papers (one done)
*Start wet lab work

Heading to lab now, to do 1st two MITs

Chick CI


misc small nec tasks





aff: i can accept myself and do my best today even when I have procrastinated, knowing that being present willing and positive will count for most others more than whether I dotted the last i.I will recover from procrastination by giving myself credit for every step and accomplishment however imperfect.

By remaining calm even when I have procrastinated I can taste the experience of the  precious unhurried sense of time and strengthen my incentive to do things on time.

Today is the last day

Today is the last day before my final exam, and I havn't studied enough, not even 60 % of the basics I wanted to get done even while procrastinatin.

x skim read FE

x speed read O, R+J, Ham.

x super speed read Sch.f.Sc.

x revise all 3 major study topics

x do this all in 5,5 hrs Yell - the above mentioned is not doable in 5,5 hrs - I'm being sarcastic to myself now. Doesn't help, I know ... SO what's actually left for today is

x prepare for tomorrow's failure


"Study how to use the symptoms of procrastination to trigger the cure!" Neil Fiore

Me pathetic little coward

Me pathetic little coward has begged college
for another postponement of exams (my friend is making the calls, I'm
too afraid to do it myself). Waiting for her to call me back on what
they said ... They'll probably agree because I'm still on parental leave ...

I'm so fed up with myself. Postponing feels like a (short-term) victory, but I know life is gonna catch up with me and will ask me to go to that exam eventually. So I really need to stick to my daily study-routine in order not to throw the prospects of my M.A. out of the window ...

Thank you all for being there for me! Wouldn't know what to do without this site right now!


"Study how to use the symptoms of procrastination to trigger the cure!" Neil Fiore

...or bravely facing your issues

i kno it's disappointing to have asked for an extension, but if they're willing to give it, then it's probably going to be ok.

And i see you as someone who's bravely facing your very difficult issues as you work thru things here. That's the opposite of pathetic.

And i just noticed the thread starter. How insightful! an unhurried sense of time a form of wealth. How well put! Thank you for having the sensitivity to recognize that great saying and sharing it with us.

And thank everyone here for being a support to constance and me too.

Now i really got to start working today :/

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb

procrastinating by studying procrastination:

Hang in there

Take slow deep breaths as you move from task to task.

Know that you will do the best that you can

We are here for you

The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

  Thank you all so much!


Thank you all so much! I'm so glad you're all here!

"Study how to use the symptoms of procrastination to trigger the cure!" Neil Fiore


Whether or not you are able to postpone your exam, relax today....take care of yourself and your family....start again in the morning with a new schedule, and apply all you have learned this last week....that you can do lots in 15 minutes, or a half an hour...these small time allotments DO count....and keep checking in :)

go constance

Just do the best you can. We all saw you here--you gave it your best! Now just nail that exam! And let us know. we are here for you, to celebrate and/or console.

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb

procrastinating by studying procrastination:

good luck constance!

Don't beat yourself up, have a problem with procrastination (like all of us) but I've seen you make a lot of progress in the last week. Just do your best today and tomorrow and see how it goes. Best of luck, we're rooting for you!

Good Luck

Good Luck to you constance and you will not fail but prevail. Looking forward to hearing about you success.

Go get'em


Good Luck

Good Luck Constance!


We are all rooting for you!

Good luck tomorrow Constance!

"It is never too late to be what you might have been."
- George Eliot