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If you waste to much time online---TRY THIS OUT!!!




The site above has a download Called Lock and Rest that has really helped me break my hyperfocused time wasting periods while on a computer.  


Its the kind of thing that makes you periodically think about what your doing because it locks you out of your computer for a user determined amount of time.    You can tell it to make you take a break for anywhere from 1-60 mins.  I do 10 min breaks because it helps me a lot...


Ussually when the immage pops up I get out of my chair, take a break, and I will do some sort of quick burst of physical movment- like running up and down the stairs quickly or even a few jumping jacks/pushups.    - doing that also really helps my mind get into gear to stop wasting time.  So try it out and see if it helps any for you. 

Hmm... I got leechblock

Hmm... I got leechblock today but have yet to configure it. There's too many sites I can waste time on!

 This sounds interesting... might try it but if there is no way to circumvent it it could disrupt me when I'm actually working. If there is a way to circumvent it I'd probably start using it...


Ivanl, you pretty much set

Ivanl, you pretty much set it site by site, so you'll be able to leave access to what you use for work. And you can change your settings easily--only not during the time they are set to keep you off whatver sites you've blocked. It allows a very differentiated approach. (I guess where it wouldn't help is if the sites one uses for work are the same ones that lead to distractions.)

leechblock - like program for IE

I'm forced to use Internet Explorer at work, and I found that Simple-ology has a similar tool that works for IE.    I unblocked during the holidays so I could cheat and order Christmas presents online from work - but I can already tell I'm going to have to block it again! 


"It is never too late to be what you might have been."
- George Eliot


But I am afraid!!!!

Seriously, that is such a scary thought, it sends my stomach into a twisty rolly knot....

can it be used only sometimes, or everytime you turn your computer?

lock'n rest or leechblock

I used a less drastic thing called leechblock which lets you choose which sites you'll block, which days and times they're blocked. You could , say allow yourself 5  minutes per hour using amazon on weekdays. You can't adjust the blocks you;ve set during the block time, but you can afterwards.

Spelling errors = no go

Even if I weren't frightened by the fact that not even Task Manager would unlock the machine, I wouldn't trust any site that has such a poorly-worded, poorly-edited description. Sorry...that's just the editor in me.

Leechblock worked well for me...for the two hours I used it. lol

I know what you mean,

I know what you mean, Peregrine, lol, but as my English is also very poorly and I'm desperate enough, I'ver started using it today, and I kind of like it, gives me actually the time I need - and I don't need the computer all day long to get my study stuff done.


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