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Monday, January 5, 2009

pro's check-out - midnight

Lost what I was typing and my carpal tunnel is hurting too much to retype.

Suffice to say I'm doing well and have not been procrastinating at all! I'm in the chatbox all the time now - it really helps.

Goood night! 

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Anoter attempt at recovery! Tuesday 9.15am and checki ns

Monday was a waste. Paralysis again.
Almost nothing done. List untouched.

GETTING UP AND STARTING AGAIN! (thank you clement)


  1. morning routine  98% done
  2. walk doggy   done
  3. microburst papers on table   done
  4. pay bills
  5. 10 minutes X 9 rooms cleaning
  6. phonecalls  JH, gym, Z
  7. update palm
  8. grocery shop
  9. chemist   done
  10. spend some positive time with mother done
  11. check bedside tables  done
  12. install printer software

The list IS too long  Frown 

A much better morning.
NEXT: Lunch, phone calls and bills

ONWARDS with hope and compassion!

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

Kristen CI 5:10

Hi all! This morning I finished my English paper, which has been the big to-do for a while now. I'm very pleased to have finished that, since now I'm officially done with the fall semester! And I have almost two weeks before I go back to school, so there's plenty of time for relaxing and around-the-house stuff. :)

Today I'm rewarding myself with the afternoon and evening off, apart from a little laundry. There are a few things I could do this evening if I want to, but nothing particularly urgent. 

- hand-wash clothes under desk
- pick up stuff on bedroom floor
- tidy desk
- email M

Celebrating being DONE my first semester of college! *dances around the house*

Recycler CI 4:35pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Thanks for the threadstarter, e! :)

Checking in at the end of my workday, because my Monday evenings can get kind of busy!

Today was a super-crazy, first-real-workday of the year, with crazy meetings, and crazy Recycler, and ever increasing bunches of things to do!!! I think I surpassed adrenaline maximum around noon today, but have been coming down from the peak this afternoon.

Tonight: Do I have time to go to my 12-step meeting? No. Am I going anyway? You betcha! Catch you on the flip-flop!

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Up at 6 am

Well, I did make it up at 6 today which was my goal, so I'm very pleased with thatSmile I actually dropped my daughter's dog off at the vet, made it to two doctor's appointments, got the oil in my car changed and returned two items to the mall before noon. Definitely unusual behavior for me! My goal for tomorrow is to be up at 6  again and try to get some items on my list done. Thanks, Journey. Just knowing that you and I had talked about this was motivating to me!

yay for 6 am

I got up late today, trying again tomorrow.   In which case I better go to bed!


"It is never too late to be what you might have been."
- George Eliot

Hope tomorrow morning goes well!

Tomorow's a new day. Hope you wake up feeling rested and refreshed! I went through several draggy periods today, so I need to get to bed too. I always seem to get a second wind around 10 pm and then end up staying up way too late.

Little Wonder CI noon + updates

Going to be at 10:35!  Hooray!  I have set my alarm for 6:45 which means I will get a full 8 hours.  This is a real step forward for me. 

Rainy, dreary day - it definitely was a step back in that my to-do list was random, and I spent a lot of time not doing much.  Way too much time bumming around.  My husband stays out of town on Monday night and I have gotten in the habit of serving a light supper and being lazy.  Probaby using the night to get a lot of stuff done would be better.  I did finish the picture CD from a trip to Australia, which I have really been procrastinating on, so the good thing is I relieved my mind of the most pressing thing.

It is so heartbreaking to read posts from people in desperate circumstances, but I have felt that way - not in danger of losing my house or anything, but just feeling so stupid and having no choice but to bare my soul and admit I had lied to myself and others about what I was working on - telling people I was working on something and meaning to, but just being unable to.  I had to do that once today, but I will honor that by finishing it up tomorrow first thing and really remembering that sick feeling of being dishonest. 

Thank you all for being here - I have no idea why this is working, even though no one really is talking to me!

I came in to work and immediately finished up my annual report.  This is what goes up to the VP level, and it really should be something I spend more time on!!!  I have co-workers that keep up with everything they do and try to squeeze it all in their reports, but I am much more of a big picture person and summarize.

 As part of my morning routine, I put down to-dos on paper.  Along with beginning to post them here digitally to be more accountable, I am going to highlight everything that is end of the year reportable so that I can go through at the designated times and pull it out. 

 Part of the reason I dread the report and procrastinate is DUUUUHHH I haven't gotten enough done during the year, and I have to face up to things I couldn't get done.  Even if I met my paper goals, I always regret not doing what I could have gotten done. 

So for the rest of the day, in addition to just enjoying the report being done I am going to

[x] be 5 minutes early to take daughter to the orthodontist

[x] do some banking

[] write 2 thank you notes

[] review JMG paper

[x]download and print LBren notes

[x]picture CDs from trip

[]review and answer road example questions

This looks like a long list, but it is all easy stuff.

Journey 12:30 Whoa!

 What a morning.  I literally have not had time to check in, although I did find time to waste an hour trying to figure out how to send free SMS messages internationally :) I did not find a way, I will need to resolve the telephone number to an email address I think.  I'll do that tonight.    

Boy, you can tell the holidays are over around this place.  It's nuts around here.   I haven't even had coffee yet!  I've worked on urgent issues all morning (except for the wasted hour) and I still have one issue to resolve. 

But anyway, I've been to the gym, read email, set my MITs, planned my schedule for the day.   I did NOT get up as early as I wanted.   I was up at 5:05 which did not lead to getting to the gym at 5:15 as you can imagine.   Still I went to the gym and got to work by 9:00 which is ok.   I prefer being here by 8:30 at the latest, but 9 is fine.  

Finally going for that cup of coffee and some honey bunches of oats.  I'm taking 5 minutes quiet time, then a short break, then hitting the chatbox.


"It is never too late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot

Hope-Faith CI 11:45

First opportuinity to check in today. Frist day back at school after Holiday break. WOW it is crazy here to day. Our Seniors have a major deadline due by 12:30 today for their Senior Project. If they do not meet the deadline then they are "supposed" to fail. Anyway students are crawling out of the woodwork looking for help, trying to help them the best that I can. I know what it is like to procrastnate.

Completed task for the day: Daily am routine completed. Adminstered State test, Sent e-mail to classes, helped students with Senior Project.

Next Task:

  1. 4th lesson plans
  2. e-mail 4th
  3. work 10 min on school clutter
  4. check forum
  5. get tabs

CI 4:00 Complete the above items now to

  1. Get coupons
  2. Shut lab down
  3. Grocery Store
  4. Home 

CI 8:00 I am home, running later then what I had planned but the kids and I went to the grocery store and I spent about 1/2 to long searching for coupons on the Internet. But it was very profitable and I found some really great coupon sites. I have completed the following

  1. Maintainted Van
  2. Opend and sorted mail
  3. Cooked supper and loaded dishwasher
  4. Folded clothes in dryer
  5. Daughter has completed homework just need to read and take bath
  6. Son has bath but need to complete homework

Next on my to do list is:

  1. Help son with homework
  2. Charge and load pics on daughters keyring (show her how to do it)
  3. Play 20 min's Star Wars with son
  4. Begin plans for daughters bday party
  5. Wash load of clothes
  6. Box up 3 boxes in playroom
  7. Call Phone Company Office closed call tomorrow
  8. Get clothes out for tomorrow
  9. Put up Nativity
  10. Empty Pink Tote
  11. Sort Coupons (10 Min)
  12. Add one name to address book

 Check in when completed



tiptree 11 AM CI

to do:

- experiment w/ extjs library
- see if I can constrain an ext tooltip to the viewport (when using autoLoad)
- fix tinymce issue w/ IE
- fix breadcrumb
- exercise
- read 50 pp. AK
- clock 8 hours

GeorgeSmiley 8:30 AM + Updates

~LOVE the day-start image. I got a Calvin & Hobbes book for No. 2 son for Christmas... :-)

I'm practicing now to start my work day at 8 rather than 7. This allows

1) for me to sleep in guiltlessly til 7 on nights I work late at PT job.

2) for me and Mrs. GS to begin our program of going to the Y 3 AMs a week before she goes to work in the big city [I'll ride a bus or bike home after our workout].

I've spent the last 30 minutes reorganizing my outlook calendar schedule. We'll see how that goes.

Today's MITs consist of marching down the task pad and either doing or deferring task by task. 

I'll spend the next 30 minutes [timer] doing that and check in here after that. I'll also be in chatbox.

Update 12 Noon

A number of tasksdealt with. Biggest one was reconnecting with long-deferred Project G.

Taking lunch now then setting tasks for the afternoon. I'll be finishing early to go to PT evening job.

 Update 2:10 PM

Good conference w/ editor at Client I. several short-term projects booked.

New Project S-U calls made.

Leaving for day... errands then P-T job.

Cheers, all!




The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Rolzup CI

[X] check ins and
[X] Breakfast
[X] e-mail dash
[X] check ticklers (file, e-mail, reader, bookmarks, desktop)
[X] morning chores
[X] meditation
[X] GTD/family
[ ] 8:45 pack lunch
[ ] go to TT--G work
[ ] lunch break/piano
[ ] 1:30 GTD/watch baby
[ ] 5:15 study (personal)
[ ] 6:00 family time


Chick's CI/co/conf/

Thanks for the day starter e-it made me smile. and good luck with your application.And thanks for the inspiration of your motto clem. Fall down seven times get up eight: that's what I need to do today!

I started later than planned and had a lot of trouble settling in to work. Forgave myself and said: I can still get some things done, just start, be calm.

[x] now doing a stint on task 1-done--finished it all but will need to review. It's not so bad; I should have looked to see how short it was when I started and then I would not have left this late.

[x] task 2--starting now--after it,

[x] get outside for 10 min or so

[] microbursts of tidying

[] task 3

[1] bills

there's lots more, but if I can do these to start I will be grateful.

CO/confession: not very productive or focussed--working in the wrong chair, not focussing well, I need to focus more clearly on goals tomorrow rather than short term irritations (too cold here...). Posting this now instead of tomorrow morning in order to leave the cares of this imperfect day behind. Tomorrow: use timer and ask HP 

e too early for this checkin

Yesterday was brilliant and I would like today to go well, too. I have a phone call to make to my friend this morning, and am both looking forward to it and dreading it. Don't know why that is. I also have a deadline for submitting a job application today. So, I am turning it over to my higher power to put first things first for me.

"Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein

CL ci

hard starting this mon morn after a long break. To be this close this early is evidence of my recovery, a gift from HP.

8:15am : too much to catch up on this site now. I'll do it on designated breaks. First back to the old grind: set my MITs for today.

8:20am : chat not working for me today thru corporate firewall. rats. going to have to do it here: went thru inbox. There's nothing else there, so continue on.

8:30am (10min) : oops dozed off at desk. trying again (what else is knew?)
8:50am (20min) : been stuck, immobilized. trying again.

8:55am (5min) : still was immobilized. Thot to myself, "only HP can get me out of this." At that moment, had a knock on my door and a stray question asked of me. After that somehow i started thinking about microbursts, and got motivated enuf to post this. So now i'm going to try to microburst. For the first time today i started thinking, there must be *some* task that is small enuf that i think i can do.

10:25am (1h30m) : been doing some relatively imp tasks, but haven't set MIT yet. I'm happy to be moving, and so the day is getting better, productivity wise.

I can remember years in which the whole first week of jan was minimally productive.

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb

procrastinating with time mgmt tools: