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Should we each bookend in our own threads?

I notice that today's check-in thread got kind of long because more than one or two people were contributing. Since our goal here is to have dozens of people checking in, maybe we should each have our own daily threads (e.g. "pro's check-ins, Monday 7th August"). That is, put your username and the date in the thread subject, then check in there. We can still visit each other's check-ins, of course - I'm just trying to keep things organized.

I'm going to do it this way starting tomorrow.


if we do it that way, we would have to go to each person's thread to give encouragement or get feedback?


That's how we did it when we first started and it was pretty lonely because in practice other people didn't visit.

I think part of the problem is the way Drupal threads posts because you can't just come in and look at the most recent posts - you've got to scroll down the whole thing, and I think it puts people off going to the bottom. I'm often at or near the bottom because of the time zones, and I don't get much feedback there :(

I was wondering if it would be better to post not in our own sections at all - everyone just posting as a response to the first post of the day so the most recent is on top. It would still make for a long thread, but then it would be easy to find the most recent, and it would encourage us to look at each other's posts.
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new bookending organization idea

That's a good idea. Should we try that tomorrow, or start a day thread right now? I guess at any given time it's "tomorrow" somewhere.

I agree

I agree - but I'll go w/Pro's advice/request. He's the webmaster here and also is utilizing the book ending very well.
I guess we'll see which way seems to work for most.
Or maybe if someone wants their own - they can say "Pro's BE" etc. If others want a combined section we can just write the date and specify 'anyone' or something to that effect?


> He's the webmaster here and also is utilizing the book ending very well.

I've been very careful not to post anything that indicates whether I'm a he or a she. I'm paranoid about my anonymity being blown. I want to be like Pat on Saturday Night Live. :P

If we had a poll I'd go for 'she'

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Yeah, I'd go for 'she' as well


I'd post a poll, but...

...I don't really want people to focus on it that much. I probably shouldn't even have replied to Teri's message with the "he" pronoun, but I've been wondering what people thought I was and it was the first pronoun I'd seen.

I wasn't serious...

.. about the poll, BTW ;)

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