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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Journey 8 pm CO

Night all!

This was a pretty good day for a first day back to work after vacation.   I worked from home, and stayed in the chatbox all day.  That helps a lot . ..

See you guys tomorrow!


"It is never too late to be what you might have been."
- George Eliot

tiptree 4:23 PM CI

rest of the day:

4:30 - 6:30: reinstall OS
6:30 - 7: dinner
7:00 - 9:00: play with daughter
9:00 - 12:00 2 hours of work + some reading

Recycler CI 3:45pm EST


I'm waiting for my coworker to return from an errand, so that gives me a quick moment to do my CI ;)

This morning I went to the gym, showered & got dressed for work. Carried 2 small loads of things to the new condo. At work I've done some projects today. Usually there is a long line at the noodle place at lunchtime but no line today when I was walking by, so I got noodles :) [A long line formed immediately after I ordered, so it was just a matter of lucky timing ;) Still knocking out some projects this afternoon.

Next: when my coworker gets back, it will be time for my break & I can eat the rest of my noodles, lol ;) Preferred projects after that will be ones that clear off my desk for the end of the day ;) Tonight: I will have some time between work and my 12-step meeting at 7:30pm. I'm feeling some energy now, so I hope I will be feeling it when I get home -- maybe I can do a couple things in the rental condo.

Have a great evening, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

CL ci

10:35am : got caught up in reading this site. "Something" shook me out of it :)

Time to have quite time with Something. And set timer.

10:50 (15min) : got distracted waiting for computer to start timer. This is probably one of my vulnerable points. Also did another task ironically running on another timer.

11:10 (20min) : tried to start, then my other task timer interrupted. That timer is now on 1/2 hr so i'm ok for a while.

11:30 (20min) : i have been at this now for for 55 min. I feel the urge to get overwhelmed at my problem and feel like i'm never going to solve it. But by the grace of god i have the vision to rebel against this urge, and, like so many other times, to just...try again.

12:15 (45min) : done w/ quiet time. And what a WONDERFUL time it was. God comes down here and meets me and puts these wonderful ideas in my head. They're so beautiful. Today was about an experience blowing out a christmas candle, and how it requires the oxygen in the air for fuel, but we extinguish it by providing that fuel too fast. Likewise god knows how many new ideas (fuel) i can take and presents them to me at a pace i can digest them. God could disintegrate us with the awesome enormity of simply his essence, but he doesnt.

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb

procrastinating with time mgmt tools:

CL c.i.

Back. Time to re-start (like i'm always doing) that task from before.

This time, if i feel pulls of distraction, i'll write them down for later.

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb

procrastinating with time mgmt tools:

CL b.e.

bookend task to not get distracted: 6:39pm

gotta go. did something else,also imp, bu tprobably shd have stuck to my orig task. 6:46==7 min good.

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb

procrastinating with time mgmt tools:

GeorgeSmiley 7:50 AM + updates

Ideally I like to start about 7 AM, but I fell a bit behind today.

I've had my breakfast bagel and am just about to get a warmup of coffee. 

I've taken a short time to read my Buddhist book and be quiet for a minute.

I've reviewed my day's email and deleted most stuff, read a concliatory note from an editor who was prolly pretty unhappy w/ me last week and yesterday (and I w/ him). So the world (and that contract) hasn't ended.

Today will be interrrupted mid-day by errands. 

This morning's MIT#1: Transcribe interview for project M-A. Update 9:30 AM: Finished

MIT#2: Outline Project M-A Update 11:05 AM: Outline finished. Drafting begun.

MIT#3: Set up plans for Project P-3 Update 9:30 AM: Jumping to this task now Update 10:25 AM: Finished

MIT#4: Set up plans for Project E Change: Write Project M-A.
Update, 6:40 PM:FINISHED!

And on personal time, sand the boards for the kitchen project. Gotta do that tonight.
Update, 6:40 PM: WILL DO THAT TONIGHT!!!!

Going to Chatbox

Update, 11:05 AM: Breaking for lunch, several errands. Back later.

Update, 3:15 PM: Back from errands. Headed to Chatbox 

Update, 6:40 PM: Finished for the night. Completed Project MA, plus sent 3 invoices.



The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Journey 8:45

 First day back at work after vacation! 

I'm glad to be back, I was getting bored :)  Not that there isn't plenty of stuff that needs to be done around the house, but it's all boring stuff.  

I've been to the gym, booted up the work laptop and reviewed new email and calendar.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do today, which is not a good situation for me, I can easily dither around all day and end up doing nothing but busy work.  

So, first thing on the agenda is: breakfast, and make a reasonable doable todo list.  


"It is never too late to be what you might have been."
- George Eliot

pro's first check-in - 8:45am (heading to chatbox)

Just rolled out of bed (too late - staying up too late). And the first thing I must do is ... something I'll post in the chatbox. :D

I might to go a coffee shop to work today, but I also need to talk to my landlord about my radiator problem, so I may have to stay here to wait for a repair person.

Heading to chatbox...

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

e on Tuesday

Good morning, everyone. Thanks for starting us off today, Rolzup.  Today has been a very good beginning for an otherwise lackluster week. My alarm went off accidentally this morning at 6:30 am (son does not have school this week) and I found myself awake and suddenly willing to go to a 7 am 12 step meeting. It has been a couple weeks of isolating, so I am grateful to have gotten up, found a parking space, been on time, and found a great community that meets daily. I am now back and have taken a bit of water and some of my medicine, made up the futon and straightened the courch. There are several things I would like to accomplish today. 

call g about reference. apply for post. laundry shift, fold and away. swish and wash (don't want to do this, but will enjoy the results). sweep kitchen. breakfast and dine. pick up meds from pharmacy. handwashing: start. complete paying bills.

i can feel my willingness slip away as I sit here on the couch, so i am heading to the chatroom. 


"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." - William Penn

Hope-Faith CI 8:05

Good Morning all, today is a good day.

Looking forward to a very productive day. I will begin my day by checking e-mail.

CI 8:35 Finished checking e-mail and ready to start on my today.

Today I have several household chors to accomplish.

  1. Clean bathroom - had this on my list yesterday but did not do it. (It is all good)
  2. Wash fold and put away 2 loads of clothes load one is in the wash now.
  3. Pick up livingroom and Christmas room.

Again today I will be working on my 20 min list with hopefully the same success as yesterday. Here goes today......

For my first 20 min task today I will clip coupons while I watch cartoons with my son and of course I am in the process of washing clothes. CI in a bit setting timer in 5 min.

CI 10:55 I have completed my first 20 min task, put 1st load of clothes in the dryer and the second load is in the washer. I had a load in the dryer that I forgot about so I have folded that load. Now on to my next 20 min task. Which will be my bills. I also need to fix brunch for my children. CI in a little bit

CI 11:10 I have completed two 20 min task, fixed the children brunch. Now I have to fold load 1 of clothes in dryer and put load 2 in the dryer. Not sure what my next 20 min task maybe. I am thinking that I need to spend structured time with the children the keep fighting so I need to redirect their attention. I will think about what to do next as I fold clothes.

CI 12:05 Clothes fold and childrens attention has been redirected. I have just lost the mother of the year award. I set up my son's gaming chairs and he is now rocking and playing Playstation with sound and my daughter is watching TV. I will let them be for about an hour and then we will make some peanut butter balls together. Currently I am adding music to my MP3 player since I am sitting at the computer loading songs I will work my next 20 min's on some work for school. 

CI 1:30 worked on school work for more than 20 min which is fine because I needed to. I have developed a challenge board for the students to use as a recap of what was covered before we had Christmas Break. I am almost finished loading songs on to my MP3 player and next I will be updating my childrens MP3 players with their new songs.  I am going to fold the last load of clothes and put them away while the MP3 players are syncing.

CI 3:30 Finsihed loading MP3 players, put away clothes and fixed lunch. Put away some items I had unearthed yesterday.  I am going to work the next 40 to 60 min. outside.

CI 4:30 worked 20 min each on van and down stairs garage, also took in outside Christmas lights. Next I will read 20 min with my son and then play his Star Wars game for 20 min.

CI 5:30 Time to cook supper, will multitask and pick up utility room while preparing supper. We have a family outting to night, we are going on our annual trip to visit "The Trains". An older couple in the next county over have a small two story house set up with all kinds of trains and old toys. It is quite a site to see and my children enjoy it so much. So off to get supper and kids ready for our outting.

CO 12:20 Went to vist the trains, when returned home my son and husband where going to play Playstation and TV died so had to run to the store and buy a new one. Did not get to accomplish anything else on my 7 day task list. I still had a very good and productive day and I am pleased with my accomplishments and can begin to see faint results from my 20 min 7 day task list. Off to bed and looking forward to tomorrow.

Rolzup CI

[X] check ins and
[X] Breakfast
[X] morning chores
[X] meditation
[X] writing
[X] e-mail dash
[X] check ticklers (file, e-mail, reader, bookmarks, desktop)
[X] pack lunch
[X] 7:50 GTD
[ ] 9:40 study
[ ] lunch break/piano
[ ] (time TBA) I's party
[ ] G work?
[ ] 6:00 family time