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Saturday, December 20, 2008

tiptree 8:07 PM CI

today was mostly lost b/c of a stomach ache and chills which kicked in early in the morning. I'm feeling much better now.


- plan tomorrow
- clean office
- clean kitchen (+ feed the dog)
- find all CDs for OS reinstall
- organize and backup files
- read 1 comic
- read 20 pp of ACD
- purge 5 items

GeorgeSmiley 5:30 PM

I'm working on a Saturday in my home office (nicely cleaned yesterday--yay!) 

I need to work on Project V and also Project E-N, which is what I'm doing first.

And I'm eating and also listening to Prairie Home Companion.

Going to chatbox to stay at least somehwat focused.

9 PM:
Done w' project E-N. Will do Project V Sunday




The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Convalaria's recovery Sunday 10.25am and updates

 Having trouble sleeping.
Woke up a few times at hourly intervals but finally slept between 3am and 8am.
Hope tha this settles down as I tend to snack when I wake up.


  1. bills   1st step done
  2. laundry, mending and ironing   1 load done and on line. 2nd load washiing
  3. deal with books on kithcen bench done


  • morning routine (including a long doggy walk)  started
  • cook Breakfast for son  done and kitchen and dishes tidied
  • microburst bills box  boxes are out
  • check in later

12.25 Next

  • continue with morning routine
  • cook something
  • continue with laundry
  • continue with bills

3.15 losing focus but want to keep going, have made progress with laundry and cooking, also sampled cooking and called an early dinner, have not done anthing about bills, not showered or dressed etc...

    • continue with morning routine and get it done!!
    • cook something
    • continue with laundry
    • continue with bills or at keast start!!

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

Cl ci

did i not ci here yet?

completed 6 tasks so far today. One more big one left. 6 is a nice number, but they were small tasks. Still i can not forget that it could easily be 0.

Merry Christmas.

God bless us, every one.

10:55pm : have a task to do that i dont want to do. what shd i do? i guess i shd do it.

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb

procrastinating with time mgmt tools:

Journey 4 pm

I;ve been back from the grocery store for 1/2 hour but the groceries are still in the car!  I need to put groceries away and get lasgna in the oven in the next hour!


"Hard work must have killed someone." - Charles Gregory

groceries in car

 Definately something I would procrastinate on!

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." - William Penn

e on saturday

C is fifteen today and so I want to make him a cake. He is with friends for the day, and so I won't pick him up until midnight, but then I want to have him come home to something fun. 

There is lovely snow outside and I am enjoying being warm in the house. 

plan and bake cake. plan and make big breakfast brunch for birthday people. plan menu for xmas. wrap presents. move boxes downstairs. guilt creeping in because there is stuff sitting on the porch in the snow that was for donations! argh! 

laundry: get detergent. get papertowels and place in bathroom and swish and wipe. 

hit chatbox to get motivated!

Thanks for the lovely starter, recycler!

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." - William Penn

Kristen CI 2:30

Today is my first day on break, and I have a couple of papers to work on, which I really don't feel like doing. I've disregarded so many deadlines this semester that I have trouble even thinking they're important now! That's something I'll have to work on next semester. :) But this acting paper was due yesterday, and it's almost done, and I just want to get it in today. I have a vaguely-defined extension on my English paper, too, but I want to finish it this weekend or at least before Christmas so I'll be officially done with the semester. :)

So: for today
- finish acting paper
- put in a few solid hours on English paper (try sitting in B&N)
- bday present for Gran

For the next few days:
- write English paper
- finish xmas shopping
- resist my mother's procratinatory influences! I'm starting to learn where I got my habits from. ;)

9:10 update: I did some work on English and some on acting, but I'm not done either yet. Sitting in B&N did help (the fact that there was no internet probably helped!). I'm definitely in the vacation mode—am having trouble convincing myself that any of this really matters enough to put a lot of time into. 


i have the same problem w/ deadlines. I pushed them later and later til i had to pull an all nighter to finish. then farther than that, so i was handing things in late. And by then the day it's actually due starts to become less important. I wish this didnt happen. Altho i do think that recovery from procrastination can include doing things that aren't due right away. Just because it's a good thing to do them.

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb

procrastinating with time mgmt tools:

kromer 9:45 CI (PT)

I'm visiting my parents for a couple weeks :)

I've got a lot to do today. There's a fair amount of work that I promised to do over winter break (partly because of procrastination, partly because I was really busy during the semester. I still have *all* my christmas shopping to do (eek!). And my parents are incredibly busy this month, and have asked me to make sure the Christmas shopping/decorating gets done.


Household tasks:
*Get a christmas tree and a wreath MIT
*Bake sugar cookies MIT
*Make fudge
*Check laundry situation, do laundry if necessary
*Go grocery shopping and cook dinner MIT

Friends and family:
*Call AG MIT
*Email about tea MIT
*Email ED

Presents (eek!)
*Make bday card for mom, buy her bday present
*Brainstorm xmas presents for mom, dad, P, M, grandpa, A, I MIT
*Brainstorm bday gifts for A and P (why do so many people have to have birthdays around christmas :P )

*Email PT MIT
*Finish reading Page lab papers
*Come up with to-do list for WM doc MIT
*Fix interactome

Wow, this feels pretty overwhelming. But if I go one step at a time I know I can make progress. I can take care of a couple MITs right off the bat by emailing about tea and calling AG. Then, I can microburst a couple of scary to PT is stressful, but I can write it quickly now, without worrying about proofreading or sending, and then come back to it later this afternoon. Trying to think of xmas presents is stressful, but I can set a time limit (20 min) for my brainstorming. After I've taken care of these 2 MITs and 2 bursts, I'll talk w/ my brothers about when they want to get xmas tree and bake cookies. I'll work in the chatbox to stay on track. 

kromer 11 CI

Made some progress today. but not as much as I would have liked.

I did get xmas tree and wreath, go grocery shopping (didn't have to make dinner as some nice friends had me and brothers over), make cookies and fudge, compose draft email to PT, email about tea, and call AG.  And I figured out what present I want to get my youngest brother.

Now I'm going to spend 10 min with the site e suggesting, looking for presents. Then I'll go to bed. (And I want to be up by 7 tomorrow, so I can get some work done before xmas madness starts :) ) 

suggested xmas present planning

 I have similar problems yesterday and stumbled on a site that helped me look at suggested ideas based on people's personalities. I came up with lots of good ideas in no time and those spun off into other ideas. The following link is for women, but they also have profiles for kids, etc.


"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." - William Penn

Journey noon

worked in chatbox to plan menus and make grocery list.  /me loves chatbox! 

Now I'm heading out to the grocery store.   I will check in when I get back, cause I'm making lasagna and having kids over for dinner so I don't have any time for slacking when I get home with provisions. 



"Hard work must have killed someone." - Charles Gregory

Journey 11 am

Recycler did you sneak over to my house and take a picture of my cat staring at the bird feeder lol?

I went to bed at 8 pm and slept until 8 am!  Guess I was tired lol.  

Anyway, now I need to get my a$$ in gear and get some groceries so that I can make dinner tonight.   I'm on vacation from work for a week and feeling lazy :) Heded to the chatbox.


"Hard work must have killed someone." - Charles Gregory

Hi Jo! It sounds like your

Hi Jo!

It sounds like your cat is having plenty of entertainment :) I'm glad you got some rest, and good luck with your projects! :) Talk to you later! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Falcon CI Saturday

Hi pro amigos,

I have approximately 40 billion things to do this weekend. . . better get cracking.

To do now:  Tidy up so that I at least won't be mortally embarrassed by the state of my place when the cat sitter comes over.  Let's see how much I can get done in the next 30 minutes.  Ready. . . set. . . go!


Falcon noon CI

The snow guys came and shoveled me out.  They did in 40 minutes what would have taken me all weekend to do, and charged a reasonable rate, too!

I got a little tidying done, and finally unpacked the gifts I ordered.  

The human brain is really weird, you know?  I know that if I walk to the library and back, I'll boost my mood with fresh air and exercise and productivity and will probably feel pretty good.  And I know that if I sit and watch T.V. instead, I'll feel depressed and sluggish and stressed. 

And yet I feel a strong desire to sit & watch T.V. and a reluctance to go walk to the library. Hello-o-o-o?  What's your deal, brain?  This makes about as much sense as a desire to stick a fork in my eye!  How about a little sense of self-preservation, here?

Next up: gather up library books, bundle up (it's cold & wet out!) and walk to the library, for crying out loud.


Falcon update

The cat sitter called to say she could come over early.  I'm pleased to say that while waiting for her I did NOT goof off, but actually tidied the kitchen.

Now that she has come & gone, it is really, truly time to trudge to the library.  I'm going to go do the hard part (getting bundled up & ready) then will check in & edit this post before I go.


Edited to add:

Jeez, you'd think I was going to Siberia.  Got kleenex, took ibuprofen for shoulder, have got coat, walking shoes, wallet w/library card, tunes & earphones, glasses, keys. Gonna round up the sled dogs & head out onto the tundra. . .

Falcon afternoon CI

O.k., back from the library, ate, called G., used my sun lamp for a few extra minutes ('cause it's almost the solstice, and my body keeps telling me to hibernate.)

Now. . . off to get prescription filled & get stuff from store.


pro's first check-in - 8:40am (heading to chatbox)

I woke up around 8am with a migraine (again). I took meds immediately and took a shower (helps my head). So I'm showered and dressed. I also emptied the dish drain and washed the last pot, which had been soaking. Now I'm eating breakfast.

I want to do laundry today (way overdue) and I need to go to the grocery store and pick up my mail. Some friends are having a winter solstice party tomorrow, and I want to bake cookies for that.

Before I go out, I want to finish what I was working on last night.

I'm heading to the chatbox. I hope I have company today. I know a lot of people are leaving for holiday vacations.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Migraines suck rocks!

Migraines are crummy!  Cry

Hope you feel better soon!


I hope you are feeling better :)

Hi Pro!

I hope you will be feeling better. Be good to yourself!



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Recycler CI 6:20am EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

It's an errand-marathon weekend here, which is ok :) It's just I need 2-3 of me today, instead of just one ;) ha ha!

This morning I have already started some chores. Took Cloth Shopping Bags to car for when I buy provisions, put library book in there to return, and Cooler Bag so I can buy frozen turkey first & keep it cold while I drive around. I've bagged up the trash to take out, and put new liners in the baskets. I've done bathroom swishies in the new condo, and am starting on bathroom swishies for the rental condo ;) Started loads in the dishwasher & clothes washer.

Next: finish bathroom swishies for rental condo, see if I need to run dishwasher here. If I remember to take the Goodwill things, that will be a miracle, but it could happen ;) Take trash to dumpster. Put gas in car. Buy provisions for the week. I will try to update my CI later.

10:30am. Finished bathroom swishies, ate breakfast, took high blood pressure medicine. Took trash bags to dumpster. Bought provisions, put gas in car, returned book to library. Dropped off box at Goodwill. Had bought a salad for lunch, but ate it early when I got back from errands lol. Dried clean dishes & put away. Put wet clothes in clothes dryer.

Next: several things; I feel tired just thinking about it, lol. I want to rest for a little while, before doing some service projects. Everything is easy to do; I just want to veg for a while. If I get a chance I will update my CI later.

12 noon. OK, I've been moving my body around, lol! Even though I haven't gotten much done, I'm still stirring about!

Tonight I am going to a party. It has already taken me three walks to the car just to put in minor stuff: gift for the swap, item for display, snack tray. I've got at least one extra gift to take to someone that I also have to still put in the car, so that will be one more walk. lol How many walks to the car to get ready can it possibly take me, to go to one casual party? lol.

Also, I moved around items for two service projects. Even after laying down for 15 minutes, and making this other minor efforts, I still wasn't feeling motivated. So I am drinking a drink with caffeine in it. It's starting to kick in. I try to not drink much caffeine, but evidently today's the day for it lol! OK, let me see what else I can get into!

2pm. A liberal amount of puttering around was involvd (lol), but I eventually got the first Service Project done & delivered. Here's a "thanks, HP" part: If I had done it earlier & taken it over, the residents wouldn't have been there. This way, I could take it inside, so it didn't get rained on or anything.

Having tooled throughout the day, I've gotten a little sticky/sweaty. I have just enough time to go to the gym to shower, before driving to the party. I feel very lucky to have a party to go to! Anyway, this is my last update for today -- extra things got accomplished & other things got finished thanks to PA! :) Thanks, guys & gals! :) Talk to you later! :)

Have a great day, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)