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Hi Abel  here.

I have been a procrastinator for as long as I can remember.  I remember struggling with homework since grade 4.  It was the bane of my existence.

I was always told I was bright, and put into advanced classes.  I always did well at things at the beginning but it would always eventually degrade to a kind of bland mediocrity and everyone around me (parents, teachers, etc) would be disappointed.  I  tried various sports and the result was similar.

I studied computers in university, and barely scraped by with a degree.  In fact I failed many courses and was on the brink of getting the boot but got by with the bare minimum of credits.  It took me five years, I floundered along the entire time.  It was truly hell.

I became a programmer and that is what I have been doing.  My work performance has been mediocre.  I've always been operating at a level where I am sometimes threatened with being fired but manage to stay on somehow.  But being a mediocre performer doesn't get you much respect, so I'm often subjected to veiled verbal abuse by bosses (and I can't blame them), and eventually quit.  I guess you can call it an indirect form of firing.  I've been through a number of jobs.  I am currently working as a freelance contractor.  Things are the same.  Projects take forever to get done so I can't bill on time, I'm constantly struggling to pay the bills.

I have always found it difficult to concentrate.  The internet makes it all much MUCH worse.

There seems to be something deep inside of me that just loses motivation.  I've never been very driven or ambitious but certainly don't want to sink into poverty either.

As for other aspects of my life, I am actually a pretty cheerful outgoing guy.  I am socially adept and have always had a lot of friends.  I've been happily married for nearly 10 years.

However my work/acheivement story is a depressing one.  In a capitalist society it affects greatly one's quality of life, and I feel like I'm sinking into the working poor because of my work habits.


Welcome, abel

 You'll find a lot of company here--and opportunities to learn new ways of doing things.



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Thanks for the welcome

Thanks for the warm welcome guys!  Smile

hi abel

Your story sounds like many here. In fact, think you have something to be grateful for--for many people here their procras has affected their social lives drastically as well.

For many people here, their first post was the beginning of their recovery. It's important to post after you fail, which is very, very hard for me. quite unpleasant. dont want to do it. But accepting our failures and trying agian seems to be key for me and many here.

Ok i have limited time; i'd like to say more; I hope you feel very welcome it's a great fellowship of co-recover-ers; but i have to be true to my own recovery now and do the right next thing for me.

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Hi abel_thames

Hi abel_thames,


I recommend looking through the articles here -- sometimes getting a little insight on procrastination can help you tackle it, plus it can be helpful just to know you're not alone.

You might also like to try "bookending" on the check-in board.  A lot of us find that to be a really helpful way to increase mindfulness and accountability.

Best wishes, 


Welcome Abel

You will find support here.   I struggle with focus and concentration as you do.   The articles, forums and chatbox help a lot.

Keep coming back!


"Hard work must have killed someone." - Charles Gregory