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ChatBox "NOFLOOD" problem

I see from last night's logs that people are getting kicked out of the chatbox for "flooding" when they are not flooding. This seems to be a new problem with v1.2. I'm going to check in the phpFreeChat forum for information about this and a possible workaround. Sorry to anyone who's been inconvenienced.


"noflood" problem in Chatbox is fixed!

This took me a little longer to fix than it might because I did the "right way". (I fixed the admin panel so the value can be set properly.)

The problem was that a new "no flood" feature had been added that was too sensitive. If people typed fast, they'd get kicked out for flooding the chat. I just turned off this not-helpful feature. We don't have people who are disruptive because new members are screened - no need for this.

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Thanks pro for fixing the no-flood thing

Much appreciated !

flooding is too many

flooding is too many messages in too short a time (eg in chat).

thanks, clem

so, is it like when it feels that the elevator button has just broken and all the messages go flying by on your way to the basement?


what is flooding?