Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Saturday 22nd November 2008

It's and the are out in numbers..

Have a great day!

tiptree - rest of the weekend


omaha munge done
test idea related to ie issue
clean office
clean 1st floor

other tasks:

clear out 5 other bugzilla items (1075, 1254, 1436, 1376, 1438)
work in basement
read for 1-2 hrs
practice guitar
cull 10 items
clean in bedroom

Convalalria Sunday morning

Did not finish plan yesterday. Getting further behind.
Achieved so far:

  • woke up
  • surfed for 2 hours
  • got out of bed
  • breakfast and cofee
  • medicated
  • chatted in chat box

It is 10.15. The plan:

  • set up 2 class lists
  • 10 lots of first comments
  • shower to shoes in 15 minutes
  • check in

1pm check in.
Above tasks done. Also have had lunch, seen mother, picked up poo and loaded dishwasher.

  • next 10 first comments
  • deal with wet and dry laundry
  • make bed
  • check in

Not doing that well.  Have had a nap and have done 15 comments and had an early dinner. I am too slow.

  • keep going with comments again try for 10
  • do something anytging with the laundry
  • no more naps!
  • check in in 1 hour

8.20 checkin
Struggling. Still 15 first comment to go. Allowing myself to get distracted.
Have walked doggy and eaten snack. Next???

  • set timer for 30 minutes
  • try for 5 comments
  • fold laundry
  • another 5 comments
  • check in


"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

pro's CI - 2pm

I've done enough basic housekeeping - straightened up the apt, vacuumed, washed dishes, cleaned toilet.

Now I need to turn to the part I detest - the accounting. I'm going to finish watching the TV program I'm watching, then I'll get started.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

e saturday mid-day

 I fell asleep again for 3 more hours and am now finally up and not wanting to do anything again. I have a luncheon to go to at 2, my son has a friend over and they have taken over the living room and the other one just left for his 3rd day of work. 

G is at the doctors and the house is a bit of a pit. I can't seem to get the chatbox to load, but it looks like it is a great working environmnet because it is currently standing room only! Until I get in I will go back to my nowdothis page and see what I told myself I would do!

Sammy ci :: 10:30 am

Good Morning!

I don't think I've checked in at all for the last few days.... So here's an update:

Thursday (between classes) I fit in 2 photo shoots...One with the puppy (pictures came out super cute....thinking of turning them into christmas cards!), and the other was an ad shoot for lemons...haha.

Friday I worked 9-5, made a couple phone calls, dropped B off so I could have a night home alone,....rented a movie, and just hung out.

Today: I got up at 9 (didn't sleep well last night....several alarm clocks in the house went off at random times...), need to shower, get dressed, run errands, then spend some time at the library working on my Marketing paper. Waiting for the arrival of my marketing groups survey questions, at which time I will distribute at least 10 surveys via phone or email. K needs a place to crash tonight, so I need to pick up around the house before she gets here....D and L should be arriving home sometime late Sunday, so the house should be clean for that anyways. Must ask K to help me teach Sunday school....Dual purpose: 1. I really could use an extra hand, 2. Would like K to attend church more than she does now...which is never.

I'll check back after running errands. Happy weekend!

pro's CI - 11am

I vacuumed - a bit more thoroughly than usual (moved some stuff), though still basically a mediocre job. My housekeeping is basically preventing total disgustingness, not positive cleanliness.

I'll water the plants now (since I didn't last week).

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

pro's CI - 10:20am

I made the bed and I want to vacuum now. I'm moving a little slowly because I'm watching something on TV.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

pro's CI - 9:45am

I'm dressed and I've washed most of the dishes. I want to pick up my apartment a little, and vacuum and water the plants (which I didn't do last week).

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Hope Faith 9:30 CI

Rose, thanks for the funny day starter.

Today I have hopes and plans of accomplishing alot on my Chritmas Eve Project.

Clean House

  • Wash clothes 3 load 1 load done two more to go
  • Put 2 loads away from last night
  • Lunch
  • Clean bathroom
  • Load dishwasher


  • Take clothes to L - L was not home
  • Check on student working on Graduaction Project
  • Box up stuff in my bedroom
    • 4:45 Working in bedroom boxing up stuff check back in in 30 min
  • Kids remove 5 boxes of toys from playroom

Work in chat today.



kromer 9:30 CI

Busy day today!

MITs (try to get all of these done)
*Review lecture notes and do 1/2 of problem set
*Go shopping+make pies for church potluck
*miniprep of B141 plasmid
*order phone charger
*1 hr thinking about project/studying sig. and sys, list of Qs for lab members
*Make hybrid interactome, get list of seq-specific TFs

Other tasks: (try to get at least one of thse done
*New pair of pants
*Write 1 pg about how coregulators were chosen
*make deposit
*predict nucleosome position
*Figure out how to transfer data between partitions
*Organize papers
*Go over 2 genetics lect.

I'm going to start by ordering a phone charger. Then I'll go shopping, then review lect. notes & start pset, then head to lab for miniprep

Update 11:10--ordered phone charger, went shopping

Update 3:20--went over 1/2 of lecture notes, and did 2 problem set problems, did miniprep. Now I'm going to go to the library and spend 1 hr thinking about project/studying signals. Then I'll go buy a new pair of pants and walk home, then I'll come up with a list of Qs for lab members, then I'll finish reviewing lect. notes and doing 1/2 pset, then I'll have dinner and check in again. 


kromer 10:50 CI

Mad some progress, but not as much as I'd hoped...I spent 1 hr thinking about project, bought a new pair of pants, had dinner and made pies. Now I'm going to finish the 1/2 pset, then I'll go to bed.

pro's first check-in - 8:40am (chatroom day)

Good morning. And thanks to chickadee and e for the messages they left for me this morning!

I need to work this weekend - need to more urgently than ever. I'm going to be checking in all day. I must get my expense records together and send them to my accountant so he can file my tax returns, and so I can get started on my business ventures (since I'm soon-to-be-jobless - we're still negotiating last day, etc.).

I'm finishing breakfast now, and I should get dressed.

I think I'll head to the chatroom for frequent check-ins today.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

rolzup CI

Good morning everyone. Here's to life!

[X] morning chores
[X] meditation
[X] e-mail dash
[X] G work (45-60 min)
[] pack lunch
[ ] GTD/family time
[ ] 10:00 go to campus
[ ] 10:00 take baby for a walk / read D
[ ] 12:00 lunch
[ ] go to campus--study D


e's saturday

 Good morning and thanks for the mice, Roses! Today would be a good day to get things organized. As i type that I can feel a bit of dread sneak into my feeling, but I would really like to get some things done to prepare for Thanksgiving, which I am hosting. I can tell I am not estimating how long things should take. 

water, meds are done, feeling a bit dehydrated today: need to think about a humidifier in the bedroom. 

dishes, laundry, clear off couch, file papers in kitchen, make breakfast for C and his friend, get ready for lunch with Steve, clear up bedroom, hang more pictures, dust, vacuum and wash wooden floors, lay rugs, set up table for Thanksgiving. 

A major bedroom overhaul needs to occur, as well as a thorough detailing of the bathroom. The front porch must be cleared off this weekend. extra seating should be borrowed from upstairs. Plead with G for the microwave to be properly installed! 

the chatbox continues to work its magic, so I will head there to get inspired. Have a lovely day, everyone.

Journey 6:45

Good Saturday morning!   It's my grandson's 2nd birthday so we have a party at noon.  I need to leave here at 10:45, pick up my parents at 11:00, and be at the other grandparents house at 11:30.  

Before 10:45, I need to:

  • get dressed
  • wrap the present
  • get directions
  • communicate directions to dd and dh
  • look at the grocery ads online and make a grocery list


After the party

  • buy groceries
  • put groceries away
  • make dinner
  • do the dishes
  • that'll do, pig  



"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye." - Miss Piggy

Journey 10:30

The present is wrapped, I'm dressed, and we all have directions to the party.  I need to put on some make up.   I made a start on a grocery list, looked at the ads and made a list of sale items, but haven't made menus yet.   I can sit at a coffee shop or something after the party and finish up.  

Going now to put on makeup and load my grocery list starter in the car and let it warm up.   It's 17 degrees here.   Where the heck is global warming when you need it?  



"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye." - Miss Piggy

Recycler CI 6:35am EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

It's a cold day here, so that Warm Sunshine threadstarter is helping me, Roses -- thank you! :)

This morning PA helped me to remember to start the bathroom swishies, bag up the trash to take out, start a load in the clothes washer, and say prayers for Pro. Next I want to buy groceries & other items. After returning from that, I want to do an errand at another store before it gets too busy. During mid-day or in the afternoon I need to do some paint touch-ups, and also ready the new condo for a company visit next week ;) I may update my CI later.

1:10pm. This morning I finished Part 1 of the bathroom swishies. Took the trash to the dumpster. Bought provisions for the week and put gas in car. Returned item to the store, and paid off credit card. Window-shopped through stores, making a mental Wish List ;) Ate lunch, put clothes in dryer, and started another load to wash. Next it is time to do the paint touch-ups. Do I want to do those? Yes. OK, then why I am somewhat trying to procrastinate? Ummm. Well, I want to take a little break. OK, how about if my little break is changing clothes, carrying over a few more things to the new condo, and having a glass of milk? I'll give it a try, and then hope to edit my CI with an update later ;)

4:45pm. Exhausted! lol. A more positive way of saying it: I got a lot done :) While I was doing the paint touch-ups, I also tried the new washer & dryer at the new condo. I started with clothes that it doesn't matter if they get messed up: pajamas ;) They turned out ok. Then I washed towels & a hoodie. They turned out ok, too. I guess each weekend I will try washing a few more types of clothes & see how they turn out. In the meantime I am still washing my office clothes at the rental condo ;)

Next: eat something. Hang out at the rental condo for another 45 minutes or so, until current load of clothes dries. Then go over to new condo for the evening.

Have a great day, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

chick CI

Roses thanks for the day-starter-- :D --nice to start with a chuckle.

Starting my Saturday check-in.

I need to get groceries, and wash up in
the kitchen and do a load of laundry, but most important is to time binge on
paper 2. I'm going to get dressed and spend about an hour getting
immersed in the topic before I even think of the household round.
That way I can trust myself to focus again when I get back.

Now I am back, back working; I worked during lunch in a restaurant, it was good to treat myself and get a few ideas 

roses CI

now them pesky cats have something to do!

* get up before 09:00
* eat breakfast away from the pc
* CI, check emails
* practice songs for an hour and a half
* exercise
* meditate - didn't have time! doing now instead.
* shower, clean teeth and dress
* eat good lunch
* catch 12:08 bus to town
* restring guitars
* work on project
* eat good dinner
* relax

peace to everyone