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Sunday, 2 November 2008

Sunday 2 November 2008

As we wake up to recovery,
there's no longer any need to fear the truth.
We move from hiding in denial
to living in reality.

meeting for sunday?

 I am trying to stay on top of the meeting: 7:30 GMT today?

yes 7:30 GMT -- that's 2:30 eastern STANDARD

starts in one minute

See meeting post at bottom of this page, has link to time clock

Hope-Faith 10:30 CI

A little late CI. I had to fight with son over computer. So I gave him the first part of the am to play ben 10 while I worked on my todo list.

  • Monkey Bread 
  • Load Dishwasher
  • Wash hang out load of clothes 1
  • Wash hang out load of clothes 2 
  • Wash hang out white sheets
  • Bills/Money Order 
  • Get ready
  • Leave 1:00
  • Take children to HS Musical 3
  • Go to mom's and fix spreadsheet
  • Take music files to S-mom
  • Lesson plans
  • Create activites for Monday created some
  • Take Insurance from to S  Need to get more information
  • Supper/Egg Project  
  • Fold and put away two loads of clothes
  • Work 1/2 hour on Intel/Review Unit Plan make plan for the week
  • Thank you notes find thank you notes
  • 1/2 hour decluttering clothes :rolleyes: did not get a round toit
  • Organize my plan
  • In Bed by 9:00 Behind will not happen tonight

9:00 CI most of my list is accomplished however 2 major items have not been completed and I have to do them before I go to bed. I keep putting them off. So after my kids go to bed I will work in chat to complete my lesson plans and work on Intel for 1/2 hour.


journey 10 am

Good Sunday morning everyone!  Thanks for the great thread starter, Moving.  Yes, that is the most awesome thing about recovery, is being able to come out of hiding. 

First, a note about yesterday.  I did not check in yesterday because . . . I went to a party!  This is unusual for me, to go do something social on my own.   I do a lot of family stuff, but I'm really not that good at making friends and hanging out.  But yesterday I went to lunch with a bunch of girls from high school . . . most of us still live around here and we've been having some get-togethers.  It was loads of fun.  But, I spent the morning deciding whether or not to go, then the afternoon was groceries and cooking!  

So, today is housework day.  I have dinner in the crock pot, and I made breakfast and organized the top of the fridge - that's where I keep stuff like flour and sugar, and other stuff gets piled up there just to get it out of the way.  

Next, sort laundry!  Frequent checkins and frequent breaks today as I have a slight cold.  Not bad, but I don't have my usual energy . . . 


"I tell you, we are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different." - Kurt Vonnegut

Journey 11:00

Hey, the time changed!  I have an hour more than I thought today . . . laundry is sorted, the dishes in the dish drainer are put away, and the pile has been reduced by 10 items.  
Break time . . .setting a timer, then make up beds, straighten dining room, THEN dog bath time . .. ugh . ..
"I tell you, we are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different." - Kurt Vonnegut

e's sunday

 It has been a lovely weekend and slightly productive as well. My birthday is stretching out with special time spent with family. My sister is going to make me the cake of my choice from the Cake Bible, which could be very dangerous except there are so many of us it is hard to overindulge. 

Yesterday was inspirational for getting things to feel nicer because family showed up unexpectedly for the weekend upstairs. So the living room feels very nice now, and I particularly like the room now that the couch faces the front windows: the whole place feels sunny now. 

I had one of those accidentally organized moments yesterday. One, I had lentils soaking on the stove and so made soup for the house full of vegetarians promptly. I also had some cookie dough in the house which meant when they walked in the door unexpectedly I was able to come up with something for everyone in 15 minutes. I really like having the dough and not the cookies in the house: it means that I don't graze through sugar unless I make a concerted effort. 

 Today I want to tackle the dining room. If I do nothing else that will feel very good. Also, I would like to file some papers in the kitchen, move some chairs and a mirror to my sister's house, pick up the dining room table and chairs and have 80 percent of the house feel better. 

MIT: rewash the chair pillows which are in the bathtub.

MIT: put away the rest of the handbags or face certain divorce. 

MIT: get someone to mow the yard or do it myself.

MWT: find a way to store the shoes neatly in the front hall so we aren't tripping all over them. 

make a healthy breakfast. 

back later!

cookie dough!

I love the cookie dough . . .sometimes I buy the premade cookie rolls and just eat the dough . . . lol.  but that's excellent, putting together a meal like that on short notice.  I'll bet you were everyone's heroine and they went home saying "How DOES she do it all?"
"I tell you, we are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different." - Kurt Vonnegut


How Did You do that? was the phrase of the afternoon, but it was pure luck. I would rather have the cookie dough in the fridge than the Oreos we have in the breadbox right now calling my name!

e checks back

 Kay, I got my son to take 4 boxes down to the basement and I have hope that with a couple of microbursts there might be another 4 to put down there. I have done a decent job staying on top of the dishes, but I will go and check that they are finished now.  Also I need (want)  to call Tags to see if the carts are in. I finally cleaned up the basement storage area and put away the remainder of the purses. There is some room for extra shoes as well which I would like to take advantage of. My sister is making me Cordon Rose Cherry Cheesecaek for me for a belated birthday present! I must say, I prefer to stretch the good times out like this!

My nephew is here playing on PS2 with my son and that feels good. I glanced at some sofas that I can't afford to buy and am thinking about going in with my sisters on a table for my mom. The yard also needs tending and it would be great to have a chance to do something with that. My neice is also upstairs and it is a good occasion to arrange to pick up my bike from her. 


kromer 9 CI internet moratorium

I'm again having a hard time getting going...I have huge amounts of stuff I should be doing, and none of it seems particularly urgent, so I've just been wasting time online.

So here's what I'm going to do...a two-day internet and PA are fine, if I need to look sth up for work that's fine, everything else is out. Seems scary, but it's just two days so I can do it, right?

Also, I've been sleeping an awful lot recently...I think I'm a bit blue, and that's causing me to want to sleep constantly. So I'm going to try and get back to my normal sleep schedule, 12-7. For the next few days I'll check in before I go to bed and just after I get up.

And here's what I need to get done today:
*Read 2 papers on math. models of gene expr
*Email CJZ
*Implement clustering
*Finish getting esr dataset
*Email PT
*Gather lit search results

Right now I'm going to clean up my room and get dressed, then email CJZ, then start reading papers, leave for church at 9:40, go to lab after church (should get to lab around 2), check in when I get to lab.

Kromer, your posts and your

Kromer, your posts and your persistence are always an inspiration. I am going to try to follow your example with a one-day net moratorium! (I actually discovered this site through googling and finding the post about leechblock, and i guess for me that was my step 1.)

kromer 2:50 CI

Just got back from church (no procrastination, just lots of people I needed to talk to).

I really want to waste some time online now! But I'm going to hold out. I'm going to let myself have 5 min to read something *offline*, then I'll spend 1 hr reading papers on math. models of gene expr, then I'll take a break and talk to a friend, then I'll work on implementing clustering, then I'll head home. 

kromer 7:20 CI

read the papers (took about 2 hrs), called my friend, then headed home, had some dinner, talked about harambee plans, wasted about 20 min.

I'm having a really hard time getting myself to focus now, but I know it's really important that I get work done today. I'm going to take 20-30 min to read my bible and have some spiritual time, then I'm going to work on getting esr dataset (important, and seems like a manageable-sized task)

Update 8:15--did bible reading and spiritual time, then goofed off a bit, now I'm settling down to work. I'm going to work on getting the esr dataset (in the chatbox). This has been on my plate for weeks, and it will feel really good to get it done. It's dull, but definitely do-able. Should be finished by 10. I'll work in the chatbox to keep myself focused.  


kromer 12:10 CO

Not a great day, but significantly better than the rest of the week...I got through most of my list, though I didn't finish implementing clustering (I made progress!) and I didn't even start gathering lit. search results. And I mostly stuck to my internet moratorium, and I stayed up until a reasonable time.

Thanks for all your support, and for being here!

Back by 7 tomorrow.  

"Good Luck

Good Luck today, hope everything goes as planned.


hang in there, kromer

It sounds like it has been a rough week for you. hugs to you while you go through this transition.

Chickadee check-in

two loads of laundry done, pet beds cleaned;

now: food-shopping then study-work/tidying

Confession: I haven't done the study-work tidying. ::sad::

I've improved a whole lot in household-chore/admin not procrastinating, but I have not made the same progress in other projects that... are scarier. And that means there's a chance that the hosehold stuff can become avoidance of the other stuff. I want to think carefully about the motivations, feelings and routines that have helped me in the first area and figure out how to translate them into the second. :-? ::puzzled:: Two thoughts for now: one is that i redefined housework as treating myself well. The other is that it is less scary because it's easier to make it finite and to be less judgmental about it. And I want to watch out for weekend surfing, when I do not use the leechblock.

Recycler CI 6:25am EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Oh, I love my smiley Wake Up today :) Thanks, movingalong :)

Today: I've carried over 1 load from 1 condo to the other, took some trash to the dumpster, and started a load of clothes to wash. Next: prepare gym/work bags for this week, tidy up the place, eat breakfast, and see what else I can get into before going to a mid-morning activity!

5:25pm. Wow, a lot of people on this board had some happy parts to their day :) Eventually, later in the day, I did, too!

This am, took the Painters Tape off on the room I painted. Um, ok, I'm going to have to do some Touch Up painting. However, the Wall Color turned out Great :D so overall I would give myself a grade of 95 :) I'll do the Touch-Ups before I move furniture into the room; so it may be next weekend when I do those. I will likely work on some other rooms in the meantime ;)

Taking off the painters tape took a little longer than I expected, so I was [somewhat] late for my mid-morning activity, so I sat in the back ;) I was feeling kind of sour, too, but probably benefitted from going. After that, went back to the new condo & was carrying out the Plastic painting Tarps to discard. Some paint in a trim cup that I thought was dry spilled on the sidewalk outside and I also got a little on my [inexpensive] coat. (Sigh) I got some cleaning products & wiped up the excess of the spill. It still left a stain that I can see. ((sigh)). Later my friend looked at it, and said it wasn't hardly noticeable, and that also it would wear off in time. I might try another product on it next weekend if I think of it. I didn't have trash bags at my new place, so I will have to take those over for the next painting project ;)

Bought Take Out lunch & other groceries. My friend came over and had lunch & we had a good time talking about our mutual hobby. My friend is so nice -- they helped me carry the twin Real Mattress over to my new place, so I don't have to sleep on the air mattress any more!!! :D In fact, they insisted on carrying over the box springs, and I carried over the bed frame, so I have a Real Bed to sleep on again! Yay! :) I've been sleeping on the air mattress for the last couple of weeks, which is ok, but it will be awesome to sleep on a real bed again!!! It will feel so posh now!!! ;)

I was sponsoring our Mensa group field trip to a local museum exhibit. My friend went with me, too! We had a great time! There weren't many people at the exhibit, so we could walk right up to the displays :) After that, we talked for a bit, and then my friend went home.

Now, the last load of clothes is drying. While waiting, I will write an email to my international friend in Singapore. Then decide what I am taking over to the new condo tonight, and also call my dad at 7pm as usual. Then early to bed re the new Fall Back time here! ;)

Have a great day! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

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DST gocha

here i am. thot i was 10 min late to the mtg, but really. 1:10 because of dst. rats. :(


hugs to clement

We're all one in spirit.