Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Friday 31 October 2007

Recycler CI 6:05pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

The weather is the perfect temperature here :) I hope all the little Trick or Treaters will stay safe! :)

This morning: took one load over to the new condo. Showered at gym & got ready for work. Did projects at work, and got deadline stuff done. Lunchtime: ate at a restaurant; bought, signed & mailed thank-you card to aunt; paid another bill on-line. Accomplished some things in afternoon. After work, came home, took trash to dumpster, ate dinner, checked computer groups.

Going out soon. Not to a party, but to my support group; we are going to meet tonight anyway, I think! ;) I need a meeting, so I hope we are! It's not a costume party, but I might take my cat ears to wear :) Neighbors up the street are supposed to be having a party, so I might hear their music when I get home :( I'll try to be careful when I'm driving around.

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Saturday 8.20am Convalaria

Have been reading but not posting.
Feeling ......I am not sure how. Perhaps ambivalent. Perhaps hopless.
The consequences of years of procrastination are biting at work.
I hate the process. I hate how  facts can be misinterpeted and I hate the things I have to do to try to survive.

Plan for today:

8.30  untill 9.30   most of morning routine
9.30 untill 12,30  temple
12.30 untill 1.30 housework and quick walk with doggy
1.30 untill 3.30 haircut
3,30 untill 5.00 mother and her errands
check in when done

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

Hang onto to your truth

Hang onto to your truth Convalaria. Courage.

Hang in there, Convalaria! Hugs! nm

Hi Convalaria!

Hang in there!



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Convalalria at 4.50pm Saturday

 Thank you chickadee and recycler. I am trying to be courageous and truthful in the process that I am facing.  What I hate though is the fact that I have to be very careful in what I say as the slightest slip or information I provide is pounced upon and used in unjust ways.  I wish that I coul just say.....These are the things that I am responsible for and guilty of and this other stuff that you are accusing me of is rubbish.  The process does not work like this and I must try to keep remembering that much of this I brought on myself through my procrastination.

I guess that I must just put myself and my fate in the hands of the Eternal and hope that whatever the outcome of the process is it will be for the best.
I am hoping to see a movie this evening but first I must do some school related stuff and uploaded as promised to my students.
I have six  items to upload two of which are ready just need to be loacated. One is nearly finished and two must be prepared.

Starting now.....

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."


Hi Convalalria,

Not sure what you are going through but I sure can understand what it feels like to be at a place in life that you do not what to be at, and knowing you are there  because of procrastination.

I can also understand how it feels to be careful what you say. It gets very lonely when you can not talk to people with out them taking things the wrong way or when you talk then they turn what you say in to something totally different. I am totally guarded when I talk to my coworkers and peers and even my family. 

So good luck to you and keep the faith. Believe in yourself.


could anyone please explain

could anyone please explain me how to do cross-outs when you edit your CIs?

thanks--and thanks all for being here. :smile: 

strike, or, line-through

if you have rich text editing, click the text u want 2 cross out, then hit the little ABC icon which has the line thru the text. It's near the left side.

If you have a plain text editor, then surround your text with this:


which should render like this:


Many generic html tags work, but the standard css for this feature:

<span style="text-decoration:line-through;">text</span>

doesnt appear to; it renders plain:



Thanks Clem!

Thanks Clem!

Late check-in, but all is OK... 1 PM-Plus update

3 things to work on today before I go to my part-time night job at 3:30.

MIT#1: Project M; wrote, fact-checked, sent to editor. Ta da!!!

MIT#2: Project K; underway, trying to finish quicklyUpdate 3:30 PM. DONE

MIT#3: Project W/K; I had hoped to finish today, but might not. This is disconcerting as I had expected to be finished by end of today...I'll send him a heads-up warning now.Update 3:30 PM: Reprieve from client W; this becomes an MIT for Monday.

Update 3:30 PM

Off to my part-time job. I'll probably be back very late tonight to put my ducks in a row for next week.

Cheers everyone and have a happy Halloween and a great weekend!!


The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Journey 1 pm UPDATE 2:30

Finished easy "starter" task and then was able to get right to work on MIT #1.  This was a fairly onerous task that I should have done two weeks ago.  But anyway, it's out of the way.   I'm going to take my lunch break now and work on my November budget.   I hate facing the budget each month but, if I don't budget, I'll be broke.  So there's an incentive for you!   I don't have to spend my whole lunch break slaving away in microsoft excel, but I can get started by copying last month's expenses into this month's template, and making a list of things that need to be paid on the 1st.  I think I have already scheduled automatic payments for the critical stuff, but I need to double check that.  Eeek!  Talk about scary! 

After spending abouit 20 minutes on the budget, I'll take a real break for about half an hour then it's back to work.  First thing after lunch I need to install some new s/w on my computer and test it out.  That should be kinda fun. 

Update 2:30  Lunch break was delayed by some questions about MIT #1 which was finished this am.   So, now lunch and budget are done.  The budget wasn't that bad, once I got started.  Now the hard part will be sticking to it!  I have already warned the family that this Christmas will be lean.   No more going into debt for gifts!

I'm going to spend a few minutes looking into what needs to be done to move an application . . . this will probably become a hot topic next week, so I want to get a little ahead of the ball.   Then, back to the task I had originally planned for after lunch.


"I tell you, we are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different." - Kurt Vonnegut

chick late CI

I started work at about 7, did urgent prep for group today, was realistic (enough for two sessions is enough); meetings and stuff with colleagues (I am happy about being able to put more positive input in here and make work seem a better place). Now home after a fairly full day.

1.Commit to cleaning in kitchen DONE

2.Paper filing and sorting session STARTED still at it; resistance! Still at it. I have started bursts of this and abandoned it so often, but I know that getting stuff in order an make a huge difference and I have hope that using check-ins can mean I'll keep going forward even if it is small steps. Right now i cannot find some material I had two weeks ago.

3.practice---will do now

4.FIND STUFF FOR THE URGENT SCARY UT--haven't found, and cannot find 2 books, but I have taken a few steps.

commit to being more consisent with ci, practice keeping my word to myself

Agnus ci 12:30pm, 2:40, 5:35

Done: fessed up to sponsor. Thanked God for honesty. Continued the path of recovery, as suggested.  Scarmbled into the day and now facing some big MITs:

  • webinar Now eat my procrasinated lunch!
  • finish the invoice FINALLY - YAY!
  • project the AP budget
  • List for J incl travel
  • DL amends calls
  • cram for local elections
  • vote
  • date with J
  • pack
  • Postponed: 

  • respond to JS call and CC emailMoney
  • closeout CUMoney
  • Hi Agnes!

    Hi Agnes!

    It's wonderful to have a great sponsor, isn't it?

    Hugs! :)


    Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

    Agnus grateful

    for good sponsor, you bet! Thanks for the relate, recycler.  I'm also grateful tonight for J, for TJ the Wonder Puppy, Bear the Cranky Cat, and fun friends and neighbors. It was fun visiting with all the parents and kids doing their trick-or-treats tonight.

    I was not very productive today on my plan. I am not a realistic planner, and also I procrastinated starting today...and most days this week. Not going to beat myself up about it, just noticing it and acknowledging. I did accomplish a few things: the webinar, election-issues research, and early voting which is important because I leave tomorrow and won't be back until after the polls close on Tuesday.

    Now it's time to print my boarding passes, pack, and have that date! J brought home a great movie and we both have healthy snacks.  I'm also going to print out a small folder's worth of work to take with me, but I've decided not to bring the laptop. I told my team and clients I am not available until Wed, as I will be respite caregiver for my parents - MIT#1.

    So...I probably won't be able to check in again until Wednesday. Caregiving is not a predictable art, so there's not much sense in creating a schedule. My daily commitment will be to ask HP for the ability to stay fully present to each moment, and to treat myself and others with dignity and grace.

    Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. Thanks for sharing the journey (um, the recovery journey - but you too, jo! :-) )

    CL ci

    morning was ok, but no ci's.
    12:08 : quiet time, part 1, 20 min. here goes.
    2:19 (2h11m) : rats. spent 1 hr online reading. sad about that. regret. have to limit the self criticism tho, because otherwise i wont be free to follow HP's lead for the rest of the day. sry. back to work.

    text like that?


    Rolzup check-in

    I've already been on line a few minutes longer than I planned to, so I'll just say, no procrastinating for me today!


    re: rolz

    way to keep working at it, rolz. that's been a key part of my recovery, too. keep up the good work. (and welcome back!)


    Falcon Halloween CI

    Happy Halloween, pro buddies!  Look out for ghosties, ghoulies and long-leggity beasties!

    I have today off, and am feeling like totally zoning out & wasting the day.  So I'm putting "surf the net" as the first item on my "To Don't" list.

    Things to do today:

    • Practice 1
    • Eat something
    • Practice 2
    • Clean kitchen & run dishwasher
    • Round up books and go to library
    • Rotate mattress & change sheets (but don't look under the bed, 'cause it's Halloween and who knows what might be under there. . .)  
    • Clean toilet & take first stab at scrubbing mineral stains off tub



    "To Don't" lol

    i never heard that term, but i like it :)


    ScottK CI: 9:25

    Hi Everybody,

    Just back from Seattle, where I spent most of the week working a trade show, so no possibilities of procrastinating there!

    Anyway, lots to do today:

    1. Post release to esn
    2. Write activity wrap-up
    3. Client conference call
    4. FU with CETPA guy
    5. Get revised HP profile off
    6. EBR press release draft

    And we're off!


    Journey 10 am

    Happy Halloween! 

    I'm sleepy this morning . . . but I've been to the gym and done my mits.  I'm going to start with a non-daunting administrative task.  Coffee break first.  


    "I tell you, we are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different." - Kurt Vonnegut

    kromer 9:15 late CI

    I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning, and I slept ridiculously late...but now I'm up, dressed, and had some breakfast. Now I need to finish up my writing assignment (50 min), do some bg reading on LB's research (30 min), send an email about student seminar, go to student seminar, meet with LB, figure out some Halloween costume. I'll work in the chatbox and check in every hour.

    Today I'm pretty much just focused on getting through the minimum I need to do, tomorrow I'll try and pull myself out of reactive mode.

     Update 2:15--on track, now I need to go figure out some halloween costume. Should take an hour or two...going to store now. 

    Hope-Faith 8:44

    Checking in later that what I wonted to, but anyway here goes.

  • Check In
  • Get ready bef
  • Feed animals
  • Get kids up
  • Breakfast
  • Find shoes
  • Do not forget camera
  • Cup sons party
  • Leave
  • Coffee (Yes got to have it)
  • Turn in IGP
  • Lesson plans
  • Call about g account
  • Find recipt for beads and tattoos
  • File SGA 15 min I did it yea me.
  • Call about trick or treat
  • Take Insurance from to S  Need more information
  • Talk to A about seeds and writting
  • Money order/e-mail payment sent  
  • Trick or Treating
  • Fix moms spreadsheet 
  • Pay Bills
  • Work 1/2 hour on Intel
  • hope-faith

    e's chilly checkin

    it has been a grumpily productive morning so far: my son missed the bus and I could not find the car to take him to school (they are paving the road outside for the past 2 weeks). He got to school on time with a costume (free hugs) and then I went to find a pumpkin for tonight. Usually we pick our own, but this year has been very low key in terms of seasonal stuff. I paid a fortune for the pumpkin, but I am glad to have it. 

    I rewashed the dishes as well this morning- I must be losing my eyesight! The kitchen is still messy from G's cooking spree: I have another half and hour of cleanup to muddle through. I am sleepy this morning and will go back to bed soonish so I can get up and go earlier and continue shifting my time around. 

    today is carve pumpkins, decorate a bit, fix up living and dining room, do laundry, swish and wash bathroom, call uni re health insurance, etc, financial aid and enrollment forms, applications, errands, etc. I am dragging so I am back to bed to see if I can be up in an hour....

    Edge's CI - 2:55pm

    To Do:
    x tidy living room
    x blue pill
    - do dishes
    - shower
    - call S and ask about bios
    - check work translation
    - study
    - buy hmed
    - buy oversees calling card
    - call T
    - hmed
    - calcium

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

    Edge's CI - 4:42pm

    To Do:
    x tidy living room
    x blue pill
    x do dishes
    - shower
    x call S and ask about bios
    - edit and send one bio to S
    - call boss and ask about work
    - check work translation
    - study
    - buy hmed
    - buy oversees calling card
    - call T
    - hmed
    - calcium

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson