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Wednesday October 29, 2008



Goodmorning and have a super day!

m 12:30 AM EST

stuff to get done by EOB next Wednesday:
- omaha munge
- IE issue resolved
- revisit grid - demoable
- UPenn thang
- mayo/vcu thang
- image size bug
- test user delete
- 1408 fixed
- date as patient id
- clean office
- purge magazines/newspapers - recycling
- health insurance thang
- finish ACD
- finish FB
- read 3 chs in work-related book
- start reorganizing basement
- clean in bedroom
- exercise
x R&D thang
- pdf thang that was bumped up in priority

Recycler CI 7:55pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Oh, I so want to have a Gold Star day! :) Thanks, Hope-Faith! :)

This morning: took 1 box to new condo. Showered at gym & got ready for work. Did projects. Got deadline stuff ready. Paid bills during lunchtime. Projects in afternoon. After work did volunteer newsletter. Ate dinner. Went to class. Next: take one more box to new condo. Get ready to sleep and go to bed early.

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Ag's belated check-in

It's 6pm and I'm just getting here. At first I headlined this post "Ag's been bad." But I remembered what I learned here: recovery comes more easily if I don't waste time examining my falls but just get up and move on. So, I'm just here admitting that it's been a tough PA day, but also that I'm OK anyway.  I have a HP, family, friends and pets who love me and accept me - and a few clients who still tolerate me! - so it's really all good.

I didn't begin working until 11:30 am, never really did a full Step 11 or a plan for the day, and sort of drifted from one task to another.  Amazingly I managed to actually get some billable hours in there someplace. But I'm still leaving a client waiting for an invoice, for the second day in a row.  Errrgh. Feels really bad.

Actually I'm going to try a microburst and just OPEN the invoice form.


Ag's microburst worked

I was able to do 15 minutes on the invoice which is progress. About another hours should do it but I have to stop and eat dinner and then leave in 25 minutes for a meeting commitment.  Not sure I can make myself come back to it tonight, honestly. But I do commit to asking HP to help me do a better job with the next 24 hours than I did today. Thanks to everyone for sharing here - it was awful when I felt alone with this struggle.

good example ag

thanks for this good example. it will help me next time i'm in that situation.


GeorgeSmiley 10 am; Updated 4:30 PM

I've actually been working since before 8, but wanted to get some specific tasks on their way. 

MIT#1: Update edited version of Project L, submit fact-checking questions.  Done; waiting to hear back on fact-checks.

MIT#2: Formatting on Project K. Underway


Update, 4:30 PM

Progress on Projedt K, finished all the tweaks on Project L.

Distractions, and several other small projects showed a small amount of progress.

Leaving for the day.




The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Journey 10:15 UPDATE 1 pm

MITs are set, some admin work done, and a small bit of progress made on MIT #1.   I have discovered that planning is key when working from home.  If I put down a broad item on my list, like "work on P", I have trouble sitting down to do it.  But if I spend an extra 5 minutes on planning and write down something like "review 5 procedures in library P and determine action to take for each item"  it's much more doable.  This would probably help even on days when I'm in the office, but at home it's necessary.   

And I still haven't had that shower, why in the world do I procrastinate about this?? lol  I have a meeting in 5 minutes and the MOMENT it's over I'm putting color on my hair, then I will have to get in the shower 15 minutes later or my  hair will be purple. 


Update 1 pm MIT #1 is done, but no shower or pet care.  scheduling lunch on my calendar so I will appear unavailabe at work . . .and taking care of the pets and shower now!




"Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?"-Henry Ward Beecher

so Jo: is your hair purple?


You are SO right about the need for planning more acutely at home than in other environments. I'm going to apply that beginning NOW!  Been forgetting that I need to break things down even at the to-do level.

I wonder if it's because "at work," everyone has a job but at home, spouse-kids-pets just want to have fun...and so do I!  Anything that "feels" difficult is likely to get procrastinated while I do something that "feels" like an easier/faster win - helping the dog play in the backyard, for example.Embarassed

re: purple hair

No purple hair!  That would be a bad thing to procrastinate about . . . lol
I'm finding it works better to plan to work in short bursts - 1/2 hour to an hour, then take half an hour to do one of those other things like play outside with the dog!   It makes the "work day" longer but, then, it's not really longer is it?  It's hard to end the breaks though. . . I find myself forgetting to go back to work. 
"Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?"-Henry Ward Beecher

scarlett CI 9:15 am EDT

I feel like I'm finally getting a system in place that works for me, which is nice.

To do:
Reviews; MP backchecks, BB - plan rm, type up, enter
Outreach; Choose visits, review, prep mtg
Plan; Start proj/task list, update master to-do
Get cart info to BC for MP
Conf; reg for vol, e

Announce Fri. (blogs)
Reminder - workshop, link to YT
Email SC re: volunteer
Email EB re: visit
Resched appt w/ MS @ HRC
HG; Check to-do, find MC contact, start g-doc (me, JH, DT), minutes to JH, call DT, email AM & TVS, call MM
& JH
JF re: caricature
contact MC, TCF

The adrenaline you've been living on only leaves you wanting.

scarlett CI 4:46 pm EDT

Pretty good, solid day of work today.

Ta da:
Morning routine
Announce Fri. (blogs)
Get cart info to BC for MP, MP backchecks, BB - no backchecks, FSRC - backchecks done and printed
Choose visits, look for #, pull folders, do visits, do f/u
Reminder - workshop, link to YT
Plan; Start proj/task list, update master to-do

Conf; reg for vol, email coordinators
Reviews; BB - plan rm, type up, enter
Outreach; review, prep mtg

Email EB re: visit
Resched appt w/ MS @ HRC
HG; Check to-do, find MC contact, start g-doc (me, JH, DT), minutes to JH, call DT, email AM & TVS, call MM
& JH
JF re: caricature
contact MC, TCF

The adrenaline you've been living on only leaves you wanting.

e's wednesday

yesterday was a lovely birthday, thank you everyone. I was able to see family, which was a treat, and my son made me a wire sculpture for my birthday which I love. My husband made a delectable dinner and I had lots of rest. I also found myself motivated to do some paperwork which had been getting me down. There is more to do, but the dread of it is not as present as it has been lately. Sunshine and colder weather seem to help!

water, meds, done. bed stripped.  breakfast done. C to school. library books returned. coffee made. I made oatmeal today and it really seems to make a difference in how I feel. 

mit; financial aid

laundry, lentil soup, dishes, swish and wipe, put stuff in car to return to professor and old tenant, set up shredder in bedroom. put extra artwork away. shelf some books. continue on ridiculously long attempt at taking care of office supplies. sort and shred. hto spot living room cradenza. move tv. look over bills. 5 minute tidy per room. vacuum again. 

lets go!

CL ci

feels like a day i have the power.
8:57: go set MITs
9:47 (50min) : MITs set. easy. got off track tho. steering back.
10:57 (70min) : MIT 1 was obvious and have been working on it non stop. but check in here every 30 min anyway
11:46 (49min) : MIT 1 going well. just checking in. 14 min til quiet time.
12:42 (56min) : MIT 1 overflowed a bit. now starting quiet time. 42 min late. could be (has been) worse. i still feel bad about it, tho. trying to acknowledge, but not feel horrible.
1:43 (61min) : quiet time 2x as long as i planned, but could have been (has been) worse. Resulted in a sense of profound gratitude for the life and blessings HP has given me. Check in every 1/2 hr to revisit that gratitude. I never want to lose sight of that.
3:00 (73min) : dang. trying again to check-in every 1/2 hr.
3:38 (38min) : yea! Waiting on MIT1 starting MIT2. happy. grateful.
9:53 : after dinner out. didnt check in from 3:38-5. was productive, but still not with the level of awareness (and thus balance) that i am aiming for.
-- now bookend task S of MIT 3
10:10 (17min) : task S : got distracted. back now.
12:30 (80min) : wish i had checked in, but pretty focused anyway. Aborted task S cause it was going to take too long (a rare decision for me ;). And finished MIT 3. Now bed.


kromer 8:25 CI

This is going to be a tough day, so I'm going to be gentle on myself and take my work one step at a time.

Right now I need to:
*Write out a plan for making tough decision
*Balance checkbook
*Tidy room
*Bible reading
*Get to campus by 10, check over pset w/CE

I'm going to work in the chatbox to get this done. Back by noon today.  

kromer 11:30 CI

I wrote out plan, tidied room, and checked over pset...didn't get to balance checkbook or do bible reading.

The plan for the rest of the day is:
Scheduled: class 2:30-3:30,  faculty talks 3:30-6

*Finish reading over genetics notes
*1 hr research on sg
*balance checkbook
*email about youth group and Harambee

Other tasks:
*Finish implementing  clustering
*Finish genetics pset
*Bible reading

I'm going to go read over genetics notes now...will work on this until 1 (away from the computer), then I'll check back in.  

kromer 9:45 CI

I had a relationship end today, so I didn't get much work done. And that's OK.

However, I have a genetics exam tomorrow, and being single+failed genetics is clearly worse than being single+passed genetics. So I should probably do a  bit of studying. I'm going to read through my notes with some peppy music on, and get through as much as I can. I'm going to stop at 11:30 and go to bed. 

another hug to kromer

 It sounds like you are in a good place despite your relationship ending.  Hang in there.

Hugs to kromer

 I have been wondering about the tough decision.....
You are absolutely right though, we should not make things worse for studying is a good idea.  Just make sure that if you need time to recover or grieve that you make that possible. 

Just a bit of unasked for  and gratitious advice....

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

Journey 7:50

Good morning all!  Working from home again today.  meh . . .Tuesday was . .. okay . .. not great, but better than the last few Tuesdays.  It does work better to allow myself a longer work day with longer breaks, but still breaks are getting out of hand.  I had trouble focusing for long periods of time, but I got a good bit done in short bursts.   I'll have to continue to refine this, as my work does require some extended periods of serious concentration.   And I still don't understand why Wednesdays are so much easier than Tuesdays.  They are both work-from-home days. 

But I do know this:  it helps to talk these things through with you guys, it helps to journal about it, and it helps to take quiet time with HP. 

I have been to the gym and had breakfast.  Now, set MITs and plan for the day.  Then, take a shower and medicate the animals.  I may color my hair.  I'm not really in the mood, but it needs to be done.  bah.   

"Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?"-Henry Ward Beecher

chick's CI

starting on C


one a.m. meeting-material assembled

list of small tasks:
done s1-email; done s2e-mail

now I will set timer for a microburst on C; done. it is good to have gotten started on this and stayed on track. now to meeting. Back from meeting and back at work on C. I lost a bit of time and focus in between. C is now done!

Because I started work at 7, i have now been working or at a meeting for 8 hours, with a lunch break. I want a productive late afternoon and evening, but I think I need an active break now, time outdoors moving around... Goal is to come back with energy, plan, and then do big MIT.

Didn't get back to work. too tired? Or did I feel overwhelmed, therefore chose to be too tired? WIll try again tomorrow on big MIT. 


big MIT


Hope Faith 2:24 am 10/29/08

Getting started very early this am. I have a project to finish by 8:00 am so I went to bed early so that I could rest my mind and body and Now I am ready to get at it.

  • Unit Plan (already started)
  • Complete publication used to present project to class
  • Complete assessmenty to gage student needs
  • Complete Unit Portfolio Presentation
  • Complete Works Cited document
  • Student Sample
  • Student assessment
  • Self-direction and metacognition assessment
    • project plans, checklist, conference questions, and reflective prompts
  • Facilitation Material
  • Management Resources
  • Portfolio for Showcase

Some of the task listed above have been started I just need to complete them or tweak them. Moved this task list to my project post.

6:10 Worked very diligently on project not yet done but have come along way.

  • Update project forum 
  • Get ready
  • Eat Breakfast
  • Leave 7:00
  • Get a cup of coffee  Drinking a cup now.
  • Tidy classroom and review sub plans, set sync-eyes for sub
  • 7:50 Intel Workshop
  • Plan for tomorrow move to 10/30/08
  • Get SGA applications out 10/30/08
  • Grade Papers 10/30/08
  • Cook supper
  • Unload van -- clutter control
  • Put away clothes in basket
  • Load Dishwasher
  • Kids homework
  • Clothes for tomorrow
  • Intel project 15 min
  • Clean out e-mail 10 min
  • Upload Pics from camera/ put in folders
  • Go to bed

Time to get started


Cheers for hope-faith!!!!!

 I recognise your lists and the fact that you wake up at ungodly hours to do school work related tasks.   Sometimes getting up early is a strategy I use.  Sometimes I am not sure if it is my procrastination or the nature of the teaching job that makes it overwhelming. I think tat it is probably a mixture of both combined with trying to lead a life that includes, children, pets and possibly a partner.  I am finding that breaking down tasks into tiny steps (such as grade 3 papers out of 30) can be helpful.  But the real question for me and I susupect others in the teaching profession is how to achieve a balance between work and other aspects of my life and still get  everything that  needs to be done done.

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."


Finding that balance is hard and I have not yet found it. I love to develop and plan great lesson so I enjoy it when I make myself do it. I find when I work late or wake up early I can focus better. I also focus much better when I am tired. My mind does not wonder or drift and I am all about business. Kinda strange but it works for now any way.

Now it is 9:05 and I have been up almost 20 hours so off to bed I go.

Good seeing you on-line.