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a question about doing the new day banner


hi pro buddies!

my time zone means that I'm likely to have an earlier start than others; for practical reasons, I'd like to use the actual day to post my CI, rather than have it divided between two days.

But I don't want to be doing the new day-thingy every day--not least because others can do such lovely images! Is there a way that I could start the new day, but then leave the graphic blank for others??

time zones / new days

Hey Chickadee,

I'm in New Zealand, so I've obviously got the same problem (worse even!). I just use the day before (and sometimes label my posts with the correct CI day).

And then, a couple of times, I've actually started the day thread. It's just whoever's up and wants to first. ;)

re: question about thread starter post

Chick, if you look in the boxes on the right had side you should see a link to "graphics for forum posts" which will explain how to put the graphics in.  There are lots of graphics to choose from right here on the site (thanks to Pro).

You can edit your own posts, but no one else can (except for Pro). 

Feel free to start the day anytime though, graphics or no!  The graphics are nice, but not necessary. 


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