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Internet moratorium

Hi pro amigos,

It seems I go through spells when I can get online and get off again with no trouble, and other spells where I succumb to the lure of surfing for hours.  Lately I seem to be in one of the succumbing spells.

So, I'm committing to an internet moratorium for the next couple of months, until the end of October.  I can use email, Procrastinator's Anonymous (of course!) and personal ad sites (because dating is a goal for me.)  If I need to look something up, I'll make a note of what site I'm going to and the time I start/stop.

I've done that in the past, and it's hard and frustrating, like coming off of an addiction, but it's been an effective way to "detox."

Just making a note of my commitment here, so that I'll stay with it.


internet moratorium *gasp*

Good luck, Falcon!  I've toyed with the idea of staying off the personal computer completely on certain days of the week, but so far I've only done it for one day.  It was hard!


"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." 

You can do it!

And let us know how we can help!

Courage, and compassion both to you...


Re: Internet moratorium

That sounds hard, yet worthwhile.

I'd do that, but it feels like the internet is some tangled symbiote I'm all caught up in. I guess I'd have to start making a list of what sites I'd really need, and what are just surfing...

There's email, and google calendar, and google docs, and this, and the weather report, and the bus timetables, and I catch up with what my RL friends are doing via LiveJournal & Facebook etc, and limiting my access to them would limit the RL activities I know about and can go to since they all post about events to those sites (and I'd like to build, maintain that). But urgggh, then I'm so tempted to go look at the stupid links friends send me or post to their journals.

I guess I should schedule a time to read the New Scientist website, because if I don't, I just spend more time at the supermarket reading it. :rolleyes:
Same for the social sites? *sigh*

Guess I better get back to getting offline...

Hi Falcon! You can do it! :)

Hi Falcon!

You can do it! Let us know know how it goes! :) Talk to you later! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)