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Technical glitch?

Pardon me if this is the wrong place for there a glitch going on? The editing option seems to be missing from posts i've written even when i am signed on.

Editing posts

Is it every post?

Because you can't edit comments that you or someone else has replied to - once they've had a reply, they lose the edit option.

I can still edit my posts. Which ones is it? 

MORE on editing posts

Actually, it's like this:
There are DIFFERENT scenarios.

ONE:  as Grail already explained ....

If you start a discussion thread, or a 12-step thread, or a daily check-in thread, you (or anyone else) can reply to it with comments.

As Grail already explained, these  "comment-replies" -- replies to discussion threads and daily activities posted on daily check-in threads -- cannot be edited if you or somebody else has replied to the "comment-reply".

But ... if nobody (including yourself) has replied to your comment-reply, then you can edit that comment-reply.

To edit your own "unreplied-to comment", click on the word "edit" at bottom of your post.



IF YOU START A THREAD, you can always edit your original thread-starter, no matter how many replies it has.   So George CAN edit  his original question -- because George started this thread.

I have found this useful when I make a thread-starter for a daily check-in thread.  I make the starter, and myself and others reply with their individual activities.   But then I notice a big typo within my thread-starter, or .. perhaps I had originally inserted a graphic into the thread-starter, and I later notice that the graphic I inserted came out strange-looking or didn't appear at all ...... And since I MYSELF started the thread, I CAN edit the thread-starter to fix it.

To edit your own thread-starter ... look for a "tab" that says "edit" -- ABOVE your thread-starter.


I didn't realize that...

I thought I could edit my own posts and did not realize they lose that option after being replied to. Thank you for clarifying that.


I'd edit my original question to reflect my new knowledge, but I can't do that ;-)

(Just a little puckish sense of humor there...)