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Pro, did you see Folding Bike on Today Show?

Hi Pro!

I think you said you may use your current bike until it is completely worn out before getting a new one.

This morning on Today, they showed various types of alternate transport. One of them was a Folding Bike. Overall, I don't know how comfortable it would be compared to a regular bike, but it was interesting to me to find out they make those.

In Google Images, I typed in Folding Bike, and it brought up pictures of a lot of different ones. Maybe by the time you are ready to Buy Again, they will have a model that you would like :) show has the clip loaded from this morning if you want to see it. Talk to you later! :)


folding bikes

I didn't see the Today show, but I know about folding bikes. Someone in my building has one. A folding bike isn't nearly as good as the one I have. I don't really want to let my bike get destroyed. I'm going to have it repaired, and I'm looking into covered shelters. I googled this, and apparently they do exist. Bike parking is a known problem in NYC - city is working on it, and actually posts a list.

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bike protection

Could you maybe, spraypaint your bike with something interesting? People might be slightly less likely to steal racks etc off it if they're painted.

A tarp might protect it, but is awkward, but might put people off stealing it?

Good luck! 

Hi Pro! Wow, that is great!

Hi Pro!

Wow, that is great! I hope the covered shelter will work out for you! Yes, I think bikes are going to continue to get more popular over the years :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)